Heartbreakers: Art breakers

Looks like someone isn’t very good at hands! Or heads!

Edit: For those of you who like less terseness, here’s the blow-by-blow!

  1. Surely statuesque Sigourney would have a head on top of her neck, rather than next to it.
  2. Ewww! Web hands!
  3. This is just awful. It’s as if the designer, exhausted from airbrushing the fake arm in had no idea how to end it and just gave up.
  4. What’s with the huge hand?

I would have put in #5 Sigourney’s blurred-out shoulder, but the
other blunders kind of crowded it out.

Sorry for the small size; this
is the largest image I could find.

  • Ka Lo

    If u google “the heartbreakers” u will see that they used here Weaver picture in short dress, just reflecting it…
    On other pics she got short black dress, same hand job that u can actually see. It looks like Ms Weaver got tired of shooting or something as all she did was just 1 pic that was photoshopped into all the other pics advertising this movie. J.L.Hewitt was posing to all of them. Guess fitting the same pics into all sorts of different photos is already a hard thing to do, even harder when u want to match actresses height, weight, young look… And all that so we can at least think they both were posing to this photo… NOT. ;P