Discount Dance: Dance Dance Revulsion

To paraphrase Jennifer Tyler, “My mind tells me to give up, but my deadline won’t let me.”

Thanks to Amanda!

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  • Anonymous

    I used to work for this company and know the graphic designer. The only part that is photoshopped is the color of the leotard and the belt. The old owner of the magazine liked to change shit up like that and didn’t care what it looked like (so it wasn’t the graphic designers fault-just bad planning at the photoshoots). Ballerina’s tend to have odd proportions, and I can guarantee you that the  fore mentioned items are all that are photoshopped – not her arm or anything else.

  • Anonymous

    These girls are super skinny ballerinas…and there is only one graphic designer that works there and has 100’s of images each catalog to silo. Trust me, it’s not as “photoshopped” as you think.