Shiseido: We Say Don’t

Shiseido cosmetic


Thanks to Kjell P!

Reader Captions:

This is some of the best Photoshop work I have seen. You cannot tell that they cleaned up the blood after all the dismemberment that took place. By Martyn

The graphic designers responsible for this shouldn’t be fired. They should be barred from computers for life. By Richard

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  • Lankin

    Honestly, this is the worst I’ve ever seen; Before, I thought some of my own works — finished in a hurry at night — were the worst, but this beats it. Thank you for sharing — you made my day!

  • charring

    somebody reviewed and approved this… thats whats the worst.. a bad artist is whatever but a team of people that are paid to review and ok items like this all thinking “yup yup this look good send to print” is whats sad