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PSD about Vidya Balan's Fitness
PSD about Vidya Balan's Fitness

With Vidya Balan’s new 12 week intensive yoga course offered by Tsi Croxe Fitness, we can’t promise you’ll be able to check out your own derriere unaided by a mirror, but we are certain you’ll be a slimmer, toned, more limber You, or your money back.

Thanks Filmi Girl

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  • Yannick Anckaer

    ok try to bend your neck like hers, You CAN’T? well thats just to bad

    • Gabriel

      I have to admit that I was going to ask “Ok, so what’s the disaster herer”, but after reading your comment I just went “OUCH!”.

      ‘Once you see, you cannot unsee’.

      • Andy James

        Does anyone here know how to spell?

        • Angel_of_theNight

          Yes. You need help?

    • Nico

      I admint it is unconfortable but I can. To be honest I don’t find that picture so shocking.

  • Gabriel

    Also: “my small owl can do that”

  • Bdmitrich

    what is that floating design that looks like an infinity symbol in the bottom right corner?

  • Waldobaby

    “sexy, single, and good with a souffle” That’s right, bitch. If you can also open beers with your teeth you can stay. “We turn 3 but refuse to grow up!” No shit. Does FHM stand for Female Hating Men? Crap like this just plain pisses me off. I’m not off topic. Since there is no PSD there’s no topic.

    • Jonn W.

      So saying that an attractive single woman can also cook and making a self-depreciating joke about their maturity is misogynist?

      Frankly, I’m loathe to judge the mores of this particular cover, considering that it’s FHM India. If it were America, the UK, or the Bahamas, I’d have a fair idea of the cultural context, but I don’t know enough about India.

      Also, that pose is pretty much impossible without dislocating your neck.

    • Bob

      FHM india is who turns 3 (I guess), not her. Ever seen multiple topic on a single cover?
      I’m waiting for a pic of your neck in that pose, too.

      What happened to you? You used to make some of the best comments, ‘before’.

  • AK

    that’s a pity, really, the girl in the bottom wear ear-rings, it made the whole neck unusable!!
    and, wow!, the hairs on/around the right shoulder!

  • Bug

    You think you can do that? Think about where the back of her neck ends up when her head turns like that…

  • Saurio

    No PSD? Are you serious? Leaving aside the anatomical impossibility, it’s obvious that is the same torso in BOTH pictures. Look at the lines at the back and the hanging drape, they are identical. The rest was PSed to “fit”.

    • Waldobaby

      So? Just because, with two pictures in front of your face, you can see what the guy did? The answer is: he did not do that. The head stuck on the other body theory is bogus. They are NOT the same body pics. Look closer. Whoever put these two pics side by side was being careless as the pics are from the same shoot and that’s all.

      Now that you’ve looked closer, please explain to us all how this clean pic is a DISASTER. Because she listened to the photog and let her hair go and turned her head a little more without shifting her other arm, back and butt? There’s nothing here to say someone did a bad job. No PSD. Period. Because I said so. So there! Nya nya nya nya.

      (the artiste did fool around with the wrap’s drape across her butt.)

      • Someguy

        You’re an idiot

      • Synthprax

        It must be terrible to get your panties in such a knot that you can’t think or see straight.

      • Jugstopper

        Has a really cranky person stolen Waldobaby’s ID? Seriously: follow the lines of her spine and shoulder blade upwards to her neck on the lower pic. Now, do the same thing on the top pic. That doesn’t look so good, now does it? Now, imagine her touching the base of her skull in each picture and running her finger down her spine. Looks possible in the bottom pic, but there is no way you can do mental gymnastics to imagine the connection in the top pic.

        It looks like someone ripped her head off of her shoulders, turned it waaay around, and is holding it up against her headless torso.

        I think Waldobaby has either been the victim of identity theft or decided to become a troll.

        • Bob

          Well, ‘she’ was very smart under Cosmo, and very angry against new guy…
          Just starting rumors here…

  • Anellia Stefcheva

    I want that yoga course! :D

  • Guest

    Not a PSD.

    Her neck is actually broken. It’s very sad. :(

  • Jonn W.

    My girlfriend can do this.

    Of course, that means it’s time to call a priest again.

  • Gabriela Garcez

    This blog is becoming reaaally boring. But I’m gonna give it a thumbs up, cause of the Oasis reference on this mag cover

  • Shkaev

    God, this is weird

  • Guest

    That floating design is the corporate logo of MaXposure Media Group which apparently publishes FHM in India.

  • tatertot67

    Sorry Waldo, you are wrong. This is clearly a PSD.

  • where’s waldo?

    I’d be more concerned wondering where they repositioned the foot they cut off…..

  • Shugon

    I’m a chiropractic doctor, I see this all the time. Not a PSD. It’s called Cervical Reversibility Attachment Polymyositis. If anyone wants to make a sizable donation to the CRAP foundation, please, get in touch with me.

  • Guest

    The pic below (which obviously the pic above was taken from, the fabrics where PS’d around) represents the full extent to which the neck (cervical vertebrae) can turn. The Pic above is an obvious case of swapped heads. Yes, there are 1 in a million cases of people being able to turn their heads 180 degrees, but I highly doubt that is happening here.

  • Mermansora

    I tried to do that with my head , i think i heard my neck crack