Cosmopolitan: Shouldering Responsibility

Nicole PSD

As Nicole steps out on the town, she hasn’t let her glamour and fame make her unapproachable. She’s someone you just want to hang out with and put your arm around her… erm, I think I better put my résumé out there. They’re training monkeys to do Photoshop.

Thanks Anna.

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  • Bertie Wooster

    First Post! Woohoo!

    • Bertie Wooster

      Now can someone explain the disaster?

      • Tome

        Idiotically yelling ‘First Post!’

        • Frank

          stupidly biting

          Trace a line up the outer aspect of her right arm from the elbow, through the hair, to her shoulder/neck line. Anything missing 😉

          • Anellia Stefcheva

            And after you do that, compare the length of her arms (hint: look above the elbows).

          • David

            Generally, when people let their arms fall to their sides … they reach their sides. In this case, someone buffoon insisted on some white space between her waist and her arm (“C’mon, make her look slimmer or youre fired”). If her forearm were away from her waist, would not her elbow be bent? Voila.

            I didn’t even notice the oopsie white space where her shoulder would be until later.

        • Bertie Wooster

          Your words make baby jebus cry

          • Tyler Durden

            Your face looks like it lost a fight with a bear trap.

          • Bertie Wooster

            Hey careful, dont make me make out that maybe there is a chance that I might unsubscribe

  • Nina Suluh

    That’s gotta hurt!

  • deverill

    You should not make fun of the poor girl. That freak accident with the meat cleaver, bowling ball and the “Rockets” roller derby team could have happened to anyone. Do you know how hard it is to reattach an entire arm? And to get it looking right is just near impossible!

  • Ricardo_Ribeiro

    is it me or there is like a gap where there should have been meat? Maybe Nicole Got in a (Pussy)cat fight LOL.Im confused ;-;

  • Martin


  • Bertie Wooster

    Not being familiar with the lady and her accomplishments I had assumed that she was some famous amputee who employed a puppeteer to stand behind her and be her right arm thus enabling her to be a positive contribution to society.

  • Jonny Dade

    Wow, there’s like, no negative comments at the moment (that’ll surely change)

  • Gabriel

    Editor: Ok, guys, make that lady fit between the lettering.
    Person X: But… can’t we make the lettering a bit smaller so the picture will fit in naturally?
    Editor: No! You make HER fit in there!
    Person X: Ok… *chopps her arm off, resize it then put it on again*

    And there you go!

  • Miss Silver

    That arm is attached to her hair as an extension. Or at least that’s what it looks like.

  • Shugon

    Y’know, this blog used to be good, when you used to publish real PSDs and stuff. Now you’re just making fun of disabled models. I unsubscribed yesterday, but just came back here to make sure my unsubscribe worked.

  • DonnaG

    Possibly magic cloaking hair extensions?

  • Sandy

    I love that the irony of the magazine itself shouting “Style alert” to anyone who looks.

    And shouldn’t there be a man on the cover of the “The Man Issue”. Or maybe that is a man…

  • Benovite

    “She’s someone you just want to hang out with and put your arm around her… erm, I think I better put my résumé out there. They’re training monkeys to do Photoshop.”
    Stop trying to be funny. It. Doesn’t. Work.

    • Jonny Dade

      Drop the attitude, unless you provide me with a link to your own superior, more popular website which you don’t have.

      • Meli

        I agree Jonny no one in the internet can ever comment on whether they find something funny or not unless they have a website. NEVER EVER EVER. That wouldn’t make sense.

  • Waldobaby

    copy this thing and just draw a line that would have her arm and shoulder make sense. You can do it very easily and be entirely within the hair. The hair screws up the arm’s flow, but it’s still there. No PSD!

    • Ren

      But if you look at the outside edge of the arm, there’s no way it could line up with the shoulder.

      • John

        The current arm line could be explained by a bulging right bicep, the kind she’d get curling 75 pound weights, 4 sets of 10 reps daily for about a year, with only her right arm, although there’s no evidence that she lifts more than about 8 pounds with her left. Or a broken right collarbone could have shifted that shoulder down and over a few inches, and she bravely wears her hair long to cover it up.

        Or photoshop. But that just seems too easy.

        • RavynSkye

          Occam just took his razor to his wrist, after reading the first part of your comment. XD;;;

          For Lurkers who may not get the joke, “Occam’s Razor” is the theory that states that the simplest explanation is USUALLY the correct one.

  • Arno Enzo

    My girlfriend can do that…

    (sorry, someone had to say it…)

    • Dhyde201

      yeah, my girlfriend said it…

  • QuicksilverLady

    hm, I was thinking this wasn’t tooooo bad, maybe just a bit missing in the hair and the clavicles look drawn on, not a BIG deal (although I’m not one of those people who whines about it), until I started looking at how her fingertips and elbows line up. Or rather don’t. aaaaaugh!

  • Kat

    This isn’t that bad… It’s not disgraceful and therefore boring.

  • Wobmel

    So that’s where Cosmo went, he’s busy ramping up your wardrobe!

  • RavynSkye

    I’m really afraid they should be getting her to a hospital to reattach that arm, rather than taking ugly pictures… Jezuz effing Christmas…

    If you are going to do a cutout, can we please make certain that we get all the islands, and if we have a model whose hips and shoulders are cocked to one side, can we recognize that both of her arms will not fall to the same place on her thighs on either side? (Her right arm would be up higher than her left if her arms hung naturally, while standing in this position.)

    While we’re at it, can we stop inadvertently amputating limbs from people just because someone doesn’t know anatomy enough to figure out where stuff is supposed to go BEHIND the hair to line up properly?

    Don’t PS people have to like… actually know about things like art… and artists who draw or sculpt or paint people generally have to have a decent grip of anatomy.

    Yes. Monkeys. ‘Tis the only explanation that makes any sense.

  • Mikaela

    What about that her whole body has an X-pattern all over it? O_o

  • Han Der Gutten


    I work with photoshop as a conceptartist.

    Nobody see that the entire layer is set with opacity with no background solid fill?
    What a bunch of homeschool retards you are!

    • Thorkel

      The poor woman’s right arm is growing out of her hair. If she tosses her head right she can use her right hand to scratch her left elbow.

  • Anchesson

    am i the only one who sees the weird pattern all over her skin?