Megan Fox in Full-Frontal Shocker

Megan Fox in Full-Frontal Shocker PSD
Click image to magnify
This season, sexy lingerie – topped off with a clip-on trenchcoat – is definitely the last word in high fashion. Don’t get left behind – order yours today!
Thanks Tessa.
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  • Zawarudomudamudamuda

    Pretty sure I can see the back of the coat.

    • Nhopkins

      I’m pretty sure I SHOULD be able to see the back of the coat.

    • bob

      Yes, it goes up but can be seen between the legs.
      But I’m pretty sure she didn’t get to see it at the shoot, unless she likes wearing cardboard props over her lingerie.

  • Rodrigo Folks

    my girlfriend can do that

  • rs6116

    I guess they don’t expect anyone to be looking that low

    • Waldobaby

      Uh, that’s the first place some people look.

      Maybe it’s a duster? They’re slit up the back a whole lot.

  • Dai

    Maybe she tucked the coat in her thong

  • TychaBrahe

    That’s some pretty weird shadowing in the cleavage as well.

  • Jeremy Wilson

    Yeah, I can see the back of the coat. I’m not seeing the problem here.

  • guest

    June 09? Only took 18 months but I’m glad someone noticed this…

  • Mofling

    Back of her coat is crammed into her ahole…. no doubt about it not a PS-disaster.

    • reegello

      coat in da ahole is fine, seems so. i’d be rather worried about her left leg. it has spent some time in da a-hole as well, apparently.

  • whereswaldo

    You think an oversized trench fits like that?

    They put her in it, arranged the front and then clipped the back tight in those silly spring clamps. The coat is slit up the back so you can walk in it. and the one side drapes normally as seen by the lining showing between her legs. The other side is pulled up and back in a clamp.

    This is a really good (bad) example of a photographer going for a “mood” not reality…. but I don’t see a photoshop disaster here…

    • kelseigh

      It’s a bad shot anyway, really, since the back of the coat creates a tangent with her stocking. Which really isn’t a flattering effect.

  • Gabriel

    I really don’t think the coat is the problem here… what the hell is going on with her boobs?!

    • bob

      From this evidence, the court concludes that she’s either not 100% organic, or she needs to see an oncologist stat.

    • Rob T Firefly

      Her career.

  • melissa

    is her left boob on upside down? Not to mention the peg leg on the left. And missing parts of the coat, split up the back or not.

  • Tome

    They have pinned up the coat at the back so that you will look at her bumping bits. The breasts are circled so that you will look at those as well. ‘Truly’, you will say, ‘this is a great actress’.

  • Carol Ann

    The only way I can see that trench coat material could drape like that is if it were *taped* to the back of her leg; otherwise, the curve of the fabric just won’t get from here to there.

    I don’t know anything about Ms. Fox’s acting talent, but I’m appreciative of her ability to hold negative space between her arm and her side.

  • Galileo

    This is not a photographic disaster as some says, but a true PSD since she is not wearing that coat in the first place.

    • kelseigh

      In fact, she’s not even on the cover at all!

  • MacGabhain

    The back of the coat runs right by the top of her stocking. It’s up a bit for the same reason that the right side (from her perspective) of the coat is pulled back along her right leg and her hair looks like it does. She’s being hit with a wind machine from below and in front.
    Other than being pasted into the magazine’s cover, I see no overt PSing here at all.

  • Shugon

    It’s not the coat. She’s got boobal issues.

  • Psdspam

    No fashion-savvy at all. You guys are so unhip it’s a wonder your bums don’t fall off. (Thanks ZB). Surely you know that backless coats are this seaon’s Hot Thing?

    Oh yeah. My girlfriend’s coat can do that, etc.

  • nix

    You should see some part of the coat. They cut it out when they made her legs not touch in the middle. And you could think more about her legs spread apart.

    • kelseigh

      Dunno about you, but I can see part of the coat at the back. But as others have said, it’s been pinned up in the back to give a clear silhouette to her legs.

  • Gabriela Garcez

    Ugh, you people. You know nothing about fashion! Of course it’s an open-back coat! Totally haute couture.

    • Brian P. Anderson

      I’d call it “coat hauteur” instead

  • Moe ThePhotographer

    No back of the coat between her legs.

  • Nospam

    I’d still hit it…!!!

  • bluetoo

    Can we please forgo the coat and redirect our focus on that wonky left leg? No aount of wind/safety pinning can explain what they did to the other third of her thigh.

  • castingcouch

    they should have fixed her dead doll eyes

  • Madison

    is anyone noticing her right index finger???

  • WhatTheHolyHeck

    It’s ironic the only thing they didn’t shop in this picture was her toethumb. Go toethumbs!

    • Dickblik

      none of its “shopped” thats just the way the coat is made….okay maybe its filtered.

  • Sara

    a piece of her her is also missing. haha, i wonder what this guy/girl had in mind, he/she might be a photoshop addicted!

  • Sara

    piece of her hair*