Novo: Unicycle

Novo: Unicycle PSD
Click image to magnify.

Not wearing a helmet isn’t the only way to risk having a serious bicycle accident.

Thanks Laura for sending this into us.
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  • Vernon

    New Feature.

    You can now click on images and have them magnify. Hopefully this will enhance the site a little more and make spotting the PSD’s a little easier.

    If you have any other feature requests, feel free to reply and add them to this comment.

    • John Doe

      Doesn’t work.

      • Waldobaby

        Dear anonymous dude: the problem is on your end.

      • Quizzling2

        Yes it does.

    • Tyler Durden

      It’s just stretching a low resolution image bigger, thus making it even less clear. Do you people actually understand, you know, pictures?

      • Morgan Harris

        Yeah it’s a pretty silly feature. It doesn’t actually help at all. Lightbox or something would be better.

    • Clark Cox

      Wow, it’s just like on CSI, when they say “magnify and enhance”, except, since this is the real world, there is no enhancement.

  • Someone

    “Novo” means “new” in Portuguese. It’s not a brand.

    • Andreas

      o.b. is a brand, so it means “new o.b.’s”

      • anon

        better than used o.b.’s

  • Yannick Anckaer

    how dare you to make fun of her having only 1,5 leg

  • Andreas

    Thanks for the bigger version,

    It’s difficult to ride a bike with one hand too 😉

    So she might not be laughing, she might be screaming

    • soft

      I think she’s got another hand, but it’s still too thin and too smooth;]

  • markduane

    Actually, that take a great deal of talent.

  • Valid

    I’m deleting PSD RSS today. It used to be fun.

    • Waldobaby

      Oh boo-hoo. Since this dump has so tragically failed to entertain your jaded ass, I’m sure they’re feeling totally miserable that you’re taking your ball and going home. Fucking homeschooled third grade whiner! When you peek in again, are you going to announce that too?

      • Re

        nothing wrong with homeschooling. Better grades and a whole lot less shooting and stabbings – not all bad

    • Quizzling2

      Now however will we feel validated again?

    • Shadowsun

      do so, PSD is good as is, you should appreciate is, not complaint, saying you unsub., then sneak back.

  • Bob

    Product stinks. She obviously still needs to try to cross her legs while biking.

    How does one have two reflections on the same ground?

    • Waldobaby

      One’s a reflection. One’s a shadow. Either way, this is a PhotoShop nit-pick. Not a disaster.

      • anon

        Are U on acid?

  • soft

    hmm, maybe the string was too long…?

  • Gabriela Garcez

    Still… Tampons’ ads make me horny, even if the chick doesn’t have half of a leg.

  • Bubbles27_82

    Wtf O___o

  • Archpope Däch

    In the real world, things never are behind other things.

  • Gabriel

    I’m glad most of you can’t read portuguese. The text that goes along with the ad is more embarassing than the PsD itself IMHO.

    • Generic Person

      What does it say?

      • Gabriel

        It goes something like this:

        “You didn’t even log in and it already appeared
        a novelty that fits
        perfectly with you.

        IT’S ARRIVED
        o.b. Pro Comfort.
        a novelty that
        pretty well
        with a sunny weekend at the

        Not very sutile, is it? Ugh!

  • Comekaka

    I dont see the obvious problem… this is a real reach… you dumbasses prolly dont even use photoshop for a living. really… I wouldnt call this a disaster.

    • Arno Enzo

      Let me explain TWO of the fails in this image:People biking have one leg on this side of the bike, and one leg on the other side of the bike. See, the one leg which is on the OTHER side of the bike doesn’t typically cast a shadow on THIS side of the bike.The other thing is, that there ARE people with such a big ass that they’d cover the entire saddle, but this pretty girl is somuch bigger overall than the bike that it now looks like she’s having anal sex with the saddle tube. That’s not quite pleasant, I think.

      • Ithildyn

        She also is missing a hand and the bike handle it should have rested on, but pheh, it’s not like it’s important or something.

    • Becca Collins

      Her hand is there; her skinny arm just follows the arc of the handlebars, and the brightness of the image makes it unclear.

      Her other leg/foot is there; The center bar of the bike makes her leg -appear- to bend at a more extreme angle than it actually is. Look slightly below and you see the front of her shin. Follow that position and you get to where her foot is obscured by the gears and the brightness of the image, again, makes it hard to see.

      No PsD. I mean there is photoshop going down, but not disastrous. The semi-disaster is in position and lighting.

  • Jonn W.

    I’m still trying to figure out how people are not seeing that most of her leg is missing. In fact, because of all the idiots saying they’re leaving forever, I’m leaving forever. and by “forever” I mean until the next update.

  • Richard Samul

    I wonder who had a HAND in the game that’s AFOOT.

    • Waldobaby

      I like you. A lot.

  • Mizzchaon

    yeah, her left foot is missing….i noticed dat too. why r some ppl saying they’re leaving..? just bcoz they’re not focused enuff? dis page is great!! =))

  • Evelyn Marques

    it says something like “you havent even logged in and you already found something that fits you perfectly… new OB yatah yatah yatah ”
    it’s a tampon add… so when it says fit… it means you can insert it right into the vagina and wouldnt even notice… yeah kinda rude… if i may say.

  • Not that Carrie, the other one

    I sent in an awesome PSD that is truly horrible and terrible and extremely obvious, but you’ve ignored it for this drivvel.

    • Waldobaby

      They do that, don’t they…THESE GUYS WANT THREE PICS A DAY? THIS IS THE KIND OF POINTLESS VAPID CRAP THEY’RE GOING TO GET. I love all caps, don’ you?To Everyone Else: Seriously, why do you all have the idea that these new German owners have the obligation to find total crap and use it to entertain you? You know what it is? It’s your laziness that you’re seeing. You know it’s true! You never look at a piece of contemporary advertising art with anything even close to a critical eye. You want someone to TELL you it’s screwed up before you even look at it with more than a cursory glance. Look around you. Admit that today’s entry is plebian and totally unremarkable by anyone who isn’t a professional. If the hoi-polloi see no disaster then there is no disaster. If you see a disaster out there in the world, send the damned thing in! Twice!

      Here’s their quote: “Here at Photoshop Disasters (PSD) we strive to present the best of the worst Photoshop. How does this happen? It starts with having a meticulous community of readers who endeavor to catch and find these disasters. Every day countless disasters are emailed to PSD but only a few go on to become true Photoshop Disasters.” “Countless”, eh? It’s easy to see they have not yet reached that high goal.

      And for God’s sake, don’t whine and say you’re leaving because these PSD people failed to amuse you. Nobody cares.

    • The real Kerry

      I’ve sent in a couple of good ones too and they were never used.

  • JoMomma

    The “missing” leg is actually there. It has been cut off at mid-calf and for some reason the surgeon attached a hoof to the stub. The “missing” arm has been grafted onto the bicycle handlebars, so even though it isn’t there it also isn’t missing.

  • Tyler Durden

    Not even an attempt at any humour in this caption/title?

    And why is the word accident hyperlinked to a random entry that has nothing to do with the word accident?

  • anon

    I hope Laura didn’t really send it into you. Ouch. Maybe she sent it in to you, though. |-(

  • Mushroom

    Of course she’s got both legs on one side. She’d leave a red spot if they were apart. Maybe if she had one of these here devices she’s advertising…

  • Damon Blackheart

    I really wouldn’t want to be on the PSD team nowadays. Too much of this, too little of that, this is not funny, this is useless, bla bla bla… Seriously these guys try to entertain you and they do it for free, at least YOU don’t pay for them – and not even ads. If you don’t like something, just tell it, politely, provide advice, or quit, silently, but pleeease stop whining! As I understand it PSD is mostly what people make it but sending pics. I’ve only sent one ever and it hasn’t been accepted but that’s not a big deal for me, I keep coming and try to enjoy it even if it’s not always right on the spot, these guys are surely not perfect, are you yourself? As for today’s pic it was obvious at first time, and one of the reasons I keep coming. Please people at PSD, thank you and keep the good work! (and to whoever might complain english is not my mother tongue)

    • JoMomma

      Our benevolent PSD overlords should ignore the content of whiny complaints–all that counts is page views.

  • Nuri

    The advertised tampons are wonderful, though 😆

  • Clogman

    My impression is that a lot of people forget why this site exists: all kind of designers who make really silly mistakes because of interest, discipline, commitment, etc. So maybe people should stop blaming the messenger (PSD) and focus more on the how many mistakes are still being made in graphic design. I am still utterly surprised by the photos I see here. Big or small mistakes, it doesn’t matter. It’s just that so many people see will have a look at a design before it goes to print and still these stupid mistakes are unseen. Now, that is shocking and not the ‘quality’ of mistakes PSD put up here.
    So people, please get the picture right here (sorry for the pun) and ask yourselves: why does this woman has one foot?

  • Tulip

    Hey, she might have only 1.5 legs and one hand but she can ride a bike with no chain. That’s really something

    • Tyler Durden

      You can clearly see the chain right there. Seriously people.

  • AnonymousCoward23


  • Lol

    But seriously… Usually you put those scenery panels behind the object of photo shooting and cut the image so that their borders, string or whatever DON’T show? I kind of find it hard to believe tha she is biking at Hawaii…

  • Laura

    This piece of great artwork just landed on my Yahoo login page. As you can see, the model’s smile shows great joie de vivre, once despite of her polio she can ride a bike on the sea shore. That’s all because she’s using a revolutionary tampon from OB. And not only this great product enables great moves, it turns you into an invisible shadow. You wont have to worry when you suffer of menstruation leak wearing white shorts. Your reflection on the shiny tiles is automaticaly erased and no one will see that big red stain! It’s oh-so-magic!

    • Thorkel

      It looks like she has only her left cheek on the bike seat and her left leg is propped on top of the top bar, with her foot under her butt. It’s clearly impossible for her to have her left foot on a pedal. The handlebars are on an angle that clearly is not aligned with the plane of the body of the bike. And where the hell are her left forearm and hand? How in hell is it possible for them to simply disappear like that? Apparently this bike has its own built-in transdimensional portals that warp people out of this plane of existence.