Scarlett Johannson: Let’s Blow Disjoint

PSD on Scarlett Johansson
Click image to magnify
For sale: Pre-loved Scarlett Johannson barbie, original box with silk packaging. Slightly used with minor scuff marks. Comes with several outfits, but only one facial expression.

Thanks to doug!

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  • AngryBroomstick

    that doesn’t even look like her at all.

  • melissa

    who needs shoulders?

  • Arno Enzo

    That’s gotta hurt…

  • Gabriel

    What the….? Is that a prosthetic arm that fits into her…… neck?!?

  • WTF

    What about the “Apple gets it wrong with the Beatles” post, it’s disappeared, have you guys had issues with Apple by far?

    • BenFromOakland

      They realized it wasn’t a PSD, just a guy standing on his back leg with his front leg tucked back…

      • kdilkington

        Haha, first time I’ve heard Lennon referred to as “just a guy”. Then again, he has referred to himself as “just a jealous guy”, so…

  • Vitch

    A stretched neck, arrn nearer to her chin than her shoulder! Doesn’t anyone check the PS work before it hits the media? Who passed this for publication, David Blunkett?

  • Richard Samul

    “Bob, I’m beginning to think that our supervisor, Vlad, is a vampire.”
    “Why do you say that?”
    “He keeps telling me, ‘More neck!’”

  • Beth

    ok what’s this the guys arm/shoulder above her? is it a fold of fabric or is his hand not connected to his arm and what it with the arm?

  • Robert

    she is not “shouldering responsibility”!

  • Gabriela Garcez

    Like her vacant stare and plumped lips weren’t enough to make us think she is a walking blow up doll…

  • Luuuke

    I’ve always thought that the most flattering pose for a beautiful woman, or for anyone, for that matter, is one in which you can see up the nostrils.

    • Tome

      The suit guy is looking in them for boogers.

  • Guest

    I’m going to assume this shot is for an ad campaign of some sort (sadly, no mention is made of where this photo appeared) and as such is a big fail. If you’re going to feature someone who is mainly famous for having big bosoms (à la Katy Perry) DO NOT pose that person so no one will recognize their face and definitely don’t HIDE said bosoms. On the other hand, they did wonders for her complexion!

    Here’s an article about that campaign (for high fashion make-up) featuring the complete photo:

    I guess it is no wonder that her complexion looks so good in the picture. And more to the point, from the last picture, this MIGHT be an apparent but not an actual PSD, due to her posture and the camera angle. But my main criticism still stands. This doesn’t LOOK like Scarlett Johannson, and while a make-up ad might be faulted for focusing on her face rather than on her bosom, I ask WHY NOT?

  • JamesA

    Come on, that’s not much of a disaster. I hear the ‘incorrectly assembled mannequin’ look is in this season.

  • soft

    hmm, just 1 comment with ‘no PSD!’, ‘weird angle!’, ‘I can do that!’ ???
    what’s wrong with you?? can’t you see this hand is attached to Scarlet properly? and probably it’s her own photo made with cell phone. definetly no PSD
    unfortunately I can’t do that (but my mum does)

  • Astridmoon

    Ricky Martin fish-tie guy seems to be over her, and next to her.. I think we’ve discovered the 4th dimension.This is not a PDS, but more of a physics triumph.

  • doctor mario

    The shoulder bone’s connected to the…center of the ribcage bone…dem bones…dem bones.
    Utterly embarrassing.

  • Mofling

    The dudes left arm is invisible from the wrist up to his elbow almost. See for yourself

    • Estelle

      Yes…probably because it’s under the pillow, the outlines of which are clearly visible. The part where the pillow blends seamlessly into the sheet is genuinely clumsy – but not super egregious.

  • MacGabhain

    Ummm… Scarlett Johannson has moles. Lots of adorable, sexy little moles. Also, her body is covered with skin. Containing moles. Lots of cute little moles.

  • Luls

    Let’s just take this fake arm and put into her NECK