Decathlon: Sasquatch

Decathlon PSD

High in the snow-capped mountains of Hungary, something is terribly wrong.

Thanks Balu for the great submission. You can find the original here.

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  • Waldobaby

    Those feet. Hugely different sizes. Hugely. Lotion. Hot towels. Rolfing. I have to go lie down now. Alone.

  • Martin Grüning

    Oh my goooooood!!! What the heck is THAT??? What idiot must have done this? And what second idiot must have approved it?

  • erneff

    wow, one of the best ones ever.

  • Valaki

    That’s a hungarian ad. Hungarians have a phrase, literally “living in big feet”, which means living like a rich man, even if have no money. So this advertisement means… you know :-)

  • soft

    I hope it means ‘feel like a child again’ in hungarian
    otherwise.. jesus christ!
    it’s terrible!

  • Arno Enzo

    This is shot with a wide angle, which distorts the perspective. It’s done on purpose in the photography stage.
    Aside from that the package looks a tad bit two-dimensional there really isn’t any disaster that I can see in this one, sorry to say.

    • Dee

      Obviously shooting with a wide angle also makes faces look like children are descending from The Joker.

    • Bird2E411

      Arno, Start off on your left foot.

    • Damon Blackheart

      A wide angle photograph would have distorted the feet differently.
      Maybe the distortion is in the eyes of the photoshoper.
      Or the little girl can wear my shoes (I’m 46 european style go figure :))

    • jdm8

      OK then, where are the knees?  Why aren’t the legs and floorboards curved with ridiculous barrel distortion?

  • Dave

    i liked your blog better when you used to discribe what’s wrong in the picture….there is nothing wrong with her feet here…it’s just the angle

    • Hannah

      Well, her face isn’t exactly normal…

    • Ssnake

      There IS, however, something wrong with everything else.

    • Dee

      And the angle explains the length of the ski poles too, right?

  • Gabriela Garcez


  • Nodisaster

    Wheres The disaster? Less is more guys.

  • Saurio

    My guess: The girl is coming from inside the box (look, she is skiing standing straight inside it) while a male adult (we only see his feet and legs) is lying on the floor after he had a heart attack from the scare of having a skiing girl jumping out of the box.
    Meanwhile, the Christmas Tree Monster is going to attack them from behind.

    As you can see, not a PSD. Not at all. No, sir, no.

  • Astridmoon

    My feet look exactly like that.

  • Jonn W.

    So when they have long jokes, you lot complain. When they have short jokes, you lot complain that you can’t see the disaster.

    • armadillo_in_furs

      It’s not the length, it’s what you do with it.

  • Caphar

    I have to disagree with hungarian body specificities. I saw this ad (and was horrified then) in the French subway 2 weeks ago and Decathlon is a well-known French brand for sport equipment. I guess this comp was created for France and then they were so proud of it they decided to decline it abroad.

    It is universal nonsense, not Hungarian or French specific.

  • David Vonrelem
  • greennotGreen

    Maybe there should be a new category for submissions that are questionable about Photoshop, but if they haven’t been ‘shopped, are such horrendous examples of photography or art direction that they can be honorary PSD’s.

  • Dave

    i liked your blog better when you sais what wrong in the picture…there is nothing wrong with her feet…it’s just the angle

    • yo momma

      Ha Ha

  • kleenex

    I swear I see two different people in this ad, I swear.

  • Otter

    It’s good to see something, from my country 😀 I wanted to send something in too, but changed my mind.

    Hehe, na ki volt az aki ezt beküldte? 😀 Jó, hogy nem én vagyok az egyetlen magyar itt, már Dobó Katát is megtaláltam a képek között korábban 😀

  • Molix

    I agree with Saurio, it’s a skiing girl springing out of the box, with a (probable) male sitting behind it. It’s just so poorly done (one could even say ‘disastrously’), that it looks like a chick with an unfortunately large pair of feet and crotch box being menaced by a Christmas Tree Monster.

  • Gsveda

    Those feet are clearly from an adult male, and no amount of camera angle is going to be the cause of it.

    Seriously, next time you’re near a small child, have a look at the shape of their feet. They’re quite different in shape from those of an adult (of either sex).

    I would say originally the full adult was in the shot, and they’ve photoshopped him out from behind the girl for some bizarre reason. Maybe the pose combined with her facial expression gave it a dodgy slant?

  • Swingboy3

    I’m sorry miss, but our ski boot sizes do not include gargantuan.

  • Cobab

    Nothing wrong. Female hobbit children always have bald feet.

  • KJ Abbott

    i think most of you people actually sit in front of your computer, looking at this site with your face in your hand, TRYING to think of something to complain about. If you only complain every single time you visit- then STOP. I hardly ever see any comments about the actual post, other than griping about how lame it is, or how they couldn’t get find better disaster, or how lame the title is. Do you people have nothing better to do? Sheesh!!

    • Cobab

      Actually, _you_ found something to complain about — we were just laughing

  • guest

    Bad comp of 2 images with man-feet. What else is there to say?

  • Keksz

    Haha, great!

  • Stock Photos

    This ad is just retarded on so many levels. First off what little girl has a 40 yr old’s feet?