Dysplasia — It’s what’s Hip.

Magazine PSD

We already spent a fortune having one of these foo-foo graphic designer people to cut and paste oranges, flowers, and trees, get this done. I mean can you believe paying $15 an hour? What a ripoff! Now the magazine says we have to cover her up some more. Hey I got an idea. Jimmy, you got a pair of scissors and that other photo we took?

Thanks Chris and everyone else who sent this in. You can see the original here.

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  • armadillo_in_furs

    it’s called creative license… and a metaphor… surely you don’t think they’re suggesting ACTUAL pieces of orange would come out of the bodywash bottle?

    • Nina

      So, you mean the metaphor (which is actually just a saying) “break a leg”? Looks more like she not only broke one but ripped one off and is now proudly clutching to it.

      • armadillo_in_furs

        there’s nothing wrong with the leg; spend less time in photoshop and more time seeing real people

        • Goldie

          Agreed, nothing wrong with that leg… why does everyone assume a leg has to be attached to the body?

        • Mishap

          Seems like you spent far too much time on here……

        • Waldobaby

          @armadillo_in_furs: of course. But the whole thing is an awkward jarring mess, so since PS has been used to make something bad, it’s a PSD. In the end, it’s not the leg. Wait! Reverse that.

  • Lorem Ipsum

    It’s clearly her pet limb…

  • AcemanJones

    OMG, look at that FOREARM!!!

  • i-lancer

    That body wash stuff look like a beer.

  • JStass

    Looks more to me like this should have been a warning against their body wash as it is apparently filled with snakes that are perfectly camouflaged for hiding in a bowl of fruit salad. Just look at the way that snake is constricting her left arm, cutting off the blood flow and causing it shrink. No wonder she’s desperately holding on for dear life to the leg of someone else that was brought low by one of these terrifying fruit snakes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=619586555 Leif Beaver

    The leg looks a bit weird, like its been cut off and shes just holding it to her body.
    Shes also extremely pleased with getting covered in mangoes, mandarins and little green plants.

    Yep PSDisaster / crappy unfinished ad

    • armadillo_in_furs

      have you ever seen a real woman??

      • Zardoz

        No, but some guy on acid described one to him once.

      • dum-dum

        Yeah I seen yo big fat momma.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=619586555 Leif Beaver

        @armadillo_in_furs – Actually yes I have, I am married to one and I wish she could do that :P (To quote one of the people on this site who loves to post about his girlfriend)

        • armadillo_in_furs

          you need to sign your wife up for a fitness class!

        • armadillo_in_furs

          you need to sign your wife up for a fitness class!

  • Guest

    lol at first I thought she’s grabbing her boob. Then I scrolled down and was happy to see it’s her leg. Oh my oh my

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_37SPQ6YRIFMP4TLVYAMKUMYP6U Gabriel

    It’s like there’s someone beneath her, grabing her with the legs. This is so… not right.
    Her forearm does like weird also, but it COULD be an optical illusion caused by the line of oranges that’s “squeezing” her arm a little.

    Anyway, we should take that scissors and cut the person(s) who did that.

    • armadillo_in_furs

      maybe it’s an awkward looking pose and bad idea for an ad, but are you saying that it’s anatomically impossible to hold your leg like that? if you can’t lift your leg like that, you need to see a fitness professional; where’s the PSD?

      • davidikus

        In order to hold her leg like that, she needs to be severely disjointed at the hip, or have a very low and very wide hip. Hold your leg like she does, and most likely your knee will be above your collarbone rather than inches below, and in the same line as your body, not completely to the side, further away from the body than the arm!


      • Acemanjones

        Trace the upper line of her FOREARM from her wrist to ELBOW…that’s not a PSD to you?

    • ewaffle

      “Anyway, we should take that scissors and cut the person(s) who did that.”

      Ultra Perfecto

    • ewaffle

      “Anyway, we should take that scissors and cut the person(s) who did that.”


  • Gast

    She should better wrap herself up as Xmas present than in that manga-mandarin stuff. But without the weird leg please :P

  • davidikus

    What I do not really understand: is why bother photoshopping? If this is the idea that the creative has, it’s far easier to organise a photoshoot where the girl is holding that position & the fruits are really on her body.

    Confused. Much.

    • Waldobaby

      @davidikus: if they did, the awkwardness of the fruit couldn’t possibly be worse.Pretty much all of it looks painted-on.

  • soft

    first I thought that what she’s doing with her face is pleasure
    imagine: keep your leg up. higher. higher! thighter! damn you! HIGHER! THIGHTER!
    now hold it for a minute. wait. can sb please slice the oranges? DON’T LET GO! we almost have it

  • needschocolate

    Hey, I saw this ad in a magazine. Pointed it out to all my family – and after they looked for a few minutes, I had to say “her leg, look at her leg” – they just don’t have my trained eye (thanks PSD for the training). No, I didn’t send it in, because I thought it had already been posted on the site. This is my first saw-it-in-real-life PSD (I thought I was going to have to started subscribering to German magazines).

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5A22OJ3VYJGAM7TT4IP62CUEMU melissa

    this site would be a million times better if the comments section allowed people to post photos of themselves trying to recreate these poses :)

    • cycles

      That is a **fantastic** idea!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_37SPQ6YRIFMP4TLVYAMKUMYP6U Gabriel

      That’d be epic!

  • Nirdgirl

    I just recreated that pose… I ripped the ass of my jeans. I’m not kidding. :(

  • tomtubbs

    Why is it a PSD? What’s to not stop this being real, and her holding her leg? She’s on her back let’s say, and she’s holding her left leg. You’d naturally curve your spine away from the held leg so as to reach it more easily.

    • Kiz

      What’s stopping this from being real is, thighs do not look like that!

    • internette

      What is not stopping this being real is that her hip would have to be displaced for her kneecap to be so close to her upper chest. Also, the foot which should be attached to that leg has disappeared.

      • Jordanschulz

        I can touch my kneecap to my upper chest both sitting and standing. The pose she is in is 100% able to be replicated by almost anyone. I just tried. Also, there is nowhere that a foot should be shown in that pic. Where would it go? The PSD here is that they cloned her right thigh to fill in space in the bottom left corner, and made it look huge.

  • http://twitter.com/arnoen Arno Enzo

    I have a leg lying around to cover my boobs too, in case I go naked… No PsD!
    Seriously, this blog is getting worse and worse. If nowadays you end up on PsD by covering your boobs… Tsk tsk tsk…


  • http://www.facebook.com/gabi.garcez Gabriela Garcez

    My T-Rex’s arms look exactly like hers.

    No PSD on this one!

    • http://www.facebook.com/annette.mcpherson1 Annette McPherson

      … you mean apart from the missing foot? lol

      • http://www.facebook.com/gabi.garcez Gabriela Garcez

        Of all the problems on this photo, I don’t think a missing foot is one of them.

        Where would you attach one?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1835428616 John Riley

    Obviously, none of you have ever seen a lesbian porn scene of “scissoring”. She and her lover are rubbing together (take two “peace signs” and push them together if you have trouble visualizing) and she is clutching the leg of her lover in orgasmic bliss. Of course, they had to chop out most of it for the advertisement (for the sake of the kids!), but we all should know what is going on.

  • aleksy

    i’m sitting on my bed doing this pose, i dont see anything wrong, yes fruits and all that are photoshoped, but i can’t see whats wrong with the pose, i can do it just as she does, my knee goes even higher than hers (i have long legs, maybe she does too) i think there’s some paranoia looking everything as its photoshop

    • The Wright Kid

      Are you kidding me? Look at her thigh and try to picture where her butt would start. Now picture what it would look like if she stood up straight. You have to be blind not to see it!

    • The Wright Kid

      Are you kidding me? First of all, her knee should come up higher than that. Secondly, look at her thigh! Try to imagine where her butt would start. Then imagine what it would look like if she stood up straight. She’d have the world’s longest torso!

    • http://www.facebook.com/annette.mcpherson1 Annette McPherson

      In a sitting pose your spine is already curved forwards, giving your hips more room to allow the knee/leg position shown in the photo … but she’s not sitting – she’s standing up. Try it again standing up.

  • Bob

    Sicne cosmo left every comment that isn’t beating up the new guys is either “not a PSD” (ironic or not) or “of course it is a PSD”.
    I kinda miss the offended people, that threw in a bit more variety… (get the germans back)

    • Amberoni

      Oh, come on, we made fun of the Germans not that long ago. They had the weird glowing Christmas child chocolates.

      Now, what we need more of is the scary lingerie models. Where did they go?

  • http://www.facebook.com/annette.mcpherson1 Annette McPherson

    oops … I meant, what IS stopping this being real …

  • Firewall

    OK.. It’s a PSD but for a different reason. She is sitting down and clutching her own leg. Nothing wrong or difficult with that. After all, if she is not, you give the PSer too much credit for getting the top end (her clutching her leg infront of her chest) look fairly ok.
    What is actually showing is the posterior part of her thigh. The reason it looks wrong is because the medial aspect of that, ie the bottom left part of the picture has been covered over by ‘extending’ the thigh skin tone, thus making the thigh seem the wrong size and angle. Look at how slim her distal thigh looks just above the knee and how it seems 3 times larger just below her left arm.

    Maybe she was wearing the wrong color bikini that was showing there….

    • armadillo_in_furs

      best post in this whole thread!

  • Cosmouppenflaut

    Shit caption on a shit post by a shit blog.

  • Cosmouppenflaut

    Shit caption on a shit post by a shit blog.

    • PersonNumber1

      Shit comment on a shit post by a shit blog.

  • manu

    ahahahah the position of the leg is totally impossible! WHERE THE FUCK ARE HIPS!? :D

  • sfradas

    No no no no way, the leg has something wrong

  • Snowwhitequeen

    everytime I see this frickin ad, I think the “leg” she’s clutching is her boob.

    • Returd

      Lol same

      • Knob_Goblin

        Me three. I seriously was like, what the hell was up with her boob.

  • Anthrenz

    “Wrap yourself in the new MANGO Mandarin body wash…”

    I didnt even see a mango there…all I see are oranges

    • Angel

      You guys do know that mandarins are a type of orange, yes? And those are mango peels on the model as well. Not that the fruit is what’s wrong with this picture, of course.