Gulliver’s Travels: Swift & Loose


Oh, those pesky Lilliputians, always tying someone down for one reason or another with their magical semi-invisible ropes. Is there no end to their mischief?

Thanks Marc and everyone else who sent this in. You can see the original here.

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  • Tom

    Shadow anyone?

  • Johnny Magrippis

    The “semi-invisible ropes” could be grappling hooks, but good God, Jack Black’s head is so creepy / weird / wrong.

    And in the poster too.

  • David Vonrelem

    He looks ten years younger, twenty pounds thinner and has no penis (nor scrotum).

  • Guest

    The head is more interesting than the ropes…

  • JStass

    They chopped poor Jack Black’s right hand in half too, those mean little people. Although he does appear to be a masochist given the look on his face after receiving such a traumatic injury…

    And who thought it would be a good idea to make a movie poster that is basically just one giant picture of Jack Black’s crotch? No one is reading the words on his shoes when they’re grimacing in horror at the natural center that your eyes are dragged (not drawn, mind you, but dragged violently) to.

    • Waldobaby

      @JStass: …aaaaaand it’s a WET crotch, too.

  • Asdf

    This also appears to be a movie called “Jack Black”

    • Acemanjones

      look at the sole of his shoe.

    • MiaMia

      That’s what I thought too! I was so so busy looking at these ropes that I didn’t see the movie title on the soles at first ^^

  • Waldobaby

    So the site is branching out from shopped photos to cartoon drawings? I thought the term “Photoshop” sort of implied photos. I’m such a sucker.

    Are there standards of realism or accuracy that can be applied to drawings that are shopped versus the toon before being shopped, especially since there has been no attempt by the original artist to accede to realism?

    By definition: not a PSD.

    • Morgan Harris

      It’s the ropes around his feet. It’s really baroque physics.

    • Hellgee

      I think that this site is here to show some photoshop work (you know, the piece of software named photoshop, not a shop that sells photos … okay) that can be considered as disaster.

      Here is clearly a disaster made by someone who worked, and was paid for that, on photoshop (or other graphic software) and has no clue of how to do it, even about the simpliest things like “draw the fucking other part of the ropes man !!”.

      So it’s clearly a disaster.

      This is not the real issue here.
      The real issue is that you are a real hard sucker yes. Sucker at beeing gentle.
      Please respect people. Respect this website.
      If you don’t, just leave.
      Why are you so mean ?


      • Gabriela Garcez

        Ohhh so the homeschooled is easily offended. Whatever happened to the politically incorrect humor that used to make this website so cool? When did we become so effin dull????

        • Gabriel

          Let’s make a video for YT: LEAVE WALDO ALONE!!

        • Hellgee

          So funny to say to someone every fucking day that his work is lame or failure etc…

          • Gabriela Garcez

            You’re obviously not familiar with what we consider funny. For some reason, people whining and bitching (hey you! :D) is particularly funny to us. So yea, we’re going to say new guy is lame and so is his work cuz we’re that bitch!

            Btw, this blog is so FAIL that I’m unsubscribeifbiebering!

          • Hellgee

            (miss my reply … it should be here)

            Sorry if y was mistaken here.
            I was only familiar with the kind : “my girlfriend can do that” , or “not a psd + [obvious jokes]”

            Didn’t get this “you suck” thing.

            My bad :-

            But it’s a relief that all those hatred comments I read those last weeks were ironic :)
            (my bad english is may be at stake here)

          • Slowpoke24

            What “we” consider funny? Do you have a mouse in your pocket or (being Brazilian) a rat in your vag? Why do you feel the need to speak for us?

          • Slowpoke24

            Oops! That rat in vag was meant for Columbians. You southern hemisphere kind of all look alike, you know?

        • Hellgee

          Sorry if y was mistaken here.
          I was only familiar with the kind : “my girlfriend can do that” , or “not a psd + [obvious jokes]”

          Didn’t get this “you suck” thing.

          My bad :-

          But it’s a relief that all those hatred comments I read those last weeks were ironic :)
          (my bad english is may be at stake here)

      • Waldobaby

        The problem is simple. The King is dead. Long live the King. Let’s bury him and move on. You would be wrong to suppose I don’t support these guys. They seem like they will make a go of it. You would also be wrong to assume that they are doing a job someone could be proud of. And thirdly, you would be really most sincerely dead wrong to think I’m attacking them personally.

  • Gabriel

    So now, EVERYthing is baroque anatomy.
    Also, dunno wheter Waldo was being tongue in cheek or not (because I agree with him), but this poster is so cartoony (as it is intended to be) that you can’t really say it’s a PHOTOshop Disaster.

  • tkbrdly

    this is basically art… not intended to be a real photograph. A lot of things on this site recently have been artistic license. The artists did not intend for this poster to look real. lame.

    • Tyler Durden

      I disagree, I think the poster designers should have made the effort to photograph 20 miniscule men tying up Jack Black. There’s no excuse for laziness.

      • JStass

        Not to mention the minuscule men are apparently hovering over the grass.

        Yeah, there really is no excuse for laziness when it comes to multi-million dollar projects. If you have enough money to pay for Jack Black to be in your film, you have enough to pay some poor starving photoshopper for a week to make a poster that isn’t stupid.

        • adrianoconnor

          You say that, but the sheer amount of movie art work PSDs that turn up here astounds me. I think it must be some kind of game that the studios are playing – trying to outdo each other, seeing who can get away with the most ridiculous ‘shops. Either that, or they run out of budget by the time they get to the dvd cover.

          • The P

            “Wait, what do you mean we need a COVER??? We’ve already used all our budget for that party at the completion of the movie”

            Rinse, repeat.

    • Morgan Harris

      Yeah this one took me a while too… it’s the ropes around his feet. They don’t go off the other side…

  • Nina

    Well, I do my comics also in PHOTOshop, since it’s not renamed CARTOONshop just for my purposes. Works still quite well.

  • Some Dude

    And…we’re back to tagging everything “baroque anatomy”.

    • BenD

      It should really be ‘spooky body parts’ since the ropes are disembodied.

  • Phoreal


    • Max403


  • cycles

    The body is actually a separate person. It’s laying on a table covered in grass and little elves, and Jack Black is sitting at the head. He has just chewed through the scalp and is about to start gnawing on the yummy yummy skull, when he catches your eye and smiles hungrily.

  • Bart Reardon

    Am I blind or am I missing something?

    I see ropes, I see shadow’s of ropes, but I can’t see semi-invisible ropes. What’s the disaster (apart from the overly photoshopped but par for the course movie poster)?

    • Nel

      The ropes that are meant to be “around” his feet don’t have a second end. They end somewhere in his shoes.

      • lynn

        Thanks, I missed it too.

        • lynn

          And btw, why are so many people so rude? I appreciate the effort made to keep this site running so thanks to whoever is in charge.

          • Waldobaby

            It’s hard to do snark without doing rude too. Dad gum hard. Ad hominum might be going too far, though, but if a nerd walks into a biker bar and disses Harleys, what should s/he expect?

            Seventeenth century Hessians in blue jump suits? Lines (big ropes) twisted in opposite directions? Where’s that gimormous wad of gum come from, the Red Queen?

            I’d better start explaining my lame references…

          • betty

            Please spell check your Latin. Thank you.

  • Dannysaysnoo

    His head looks like Jack Nicolson.

  • Gabriela Garcez

    Failure after failure after failure…

  • kirviinci

    Honestly, I assumed they were just using hooks mostly from seeing other versions of this movie before where they used hooks.

    • Tyler Durden

      Saw the trailer in the cinema today, they are using hooks.

  • DonnaG

    Gee. The whole picture looks fake to me.

    Why couldn’t they just use a REAL giant and REAL miniature people for the photo shoot – and all at the same time?

    But luckily it is not bad enough to consider unsubscribering.

    • PersonNumber1

      They would only need either a giant OR miniature people — not both.

  • Crazy

    To me, the ropes aren’t the disaster, it’s the pasted-on head, which does not look at all like it’s attached to the body.

  • Imayellowparachute

    Er…. hooks are these amazing things that mean ropes don’t have to go all the way around. =D

    Less of a disaster on their part…

  • Returd

    I saw the movie, they used hooks to pull down Jack Black’s pants and he got a little guy shoved up his ass. They’re probably meant to be using hooks in the picture too.