Ole: Aye Carumba!

HA HA, look at the stupid yellow eared dog on his t-shirt. What a disaster. Oh yeah, and that other thing.PSD on T-shirt
Thanks Leandro for sending this in. You can see the original here.

Reader Captions:

You must understand soccer to realize that those players are from Argentina so it must be the famed God-s hand. by Boludo

So the guy has a third (and apparently unfriendly) arm growing out of his back…
So what’s the big deal???
(Maybe he grew up near a nuclear power plant.)
No PSD here. by DonnaG

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_37SPQ6YRIFMP4TLVYAMKUMYP6U Gabriel

    Oh, my! “Parra and Fredes scored the goals (…)”, but they did not have a single picture ONLY with Parra and Fredes and had to “gently” remove the other player who was ruining the caption.

    Now I’m starting to think about photographers shouting to the players on the field “You all, leave that guy (the one who scored) alone! You’re ruining my picture!”

  • Deus

    Clearly not a disaster. The guy just got a spare arm.

  • sauronbloom

    It’s said “Ay, caramba”. “Aye Carumba” it means nothing in Spanish :p

    • Nina

      Not to mention that neither “Ay, caramba” nor “Aye Carumba” means anything in German! I am Austrian with a Czech surname, French neighbors and a Chinese wristwatch, I therefore do not understand this joke.

      • Waldobaby

        Give the watch to your neighbors. All will come clear. Trust me.

    • Waldobaby

      @Sauron Bloom: What if that’s your captain’s name?

    • dale rojo

      te lo agradezco, sauron. estoy harto de “carumba.” (boludazos son los yanquis, ¿no?)

  • Bob

    It is not impossible that the slimmest player on the planet, dragged sideways by his friend as he hangs on to his neck, could possibly be hidden completely behind his body.
    Is it realistic? heck no!

  • Doctor Hispanico

    Diego Maradona and his “hand of God” would have nothing on this guy.

  • Louis Melledy

    Not a disaster, That is the father of the girl on the chocolate box from the phttp://www.psdisasters.com/2010/12/ole-aye-carumba.html#revious post

    • http://twitter.com/arnoen Arno Enzo

      I was just about to say that.
      Clearly also a Tchernobyl case…

  • Roo

    Holy crap my NoScript goes crazy when I open this site now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000333840515 David Vonrelem

    There’s clearly another guy behind him. You can even see the top of his head.

    • betty


    • http://bkkquilt.wordpress.com/ Jill

      A toupee!

  • some dude

    Lame caption. Clearly misspelled title. Fail.

  • markduane

    Yep, the guy on the left is calling a foul!

  • Bertie Wooster

    My conjoined twin sister can do that.

  • adrianoconnor

    Are the incorrect labels part of the joke now? This is not baroque anatomy, it’s spooky body parts. Why are the labels always wrong now? Does somebody need a guide to the PSD classification system?

    • Kiz

      True, the new folks have been overusing the “baroque anatomy” tag. But nothing about the current tag system is really *wrong*. It’s just different from the way it was under Cosmo. Same for the captions, and the titles, and whatever else people have been complaining about.

    • Prikolist

      The tag is correct, the photoshop “artist” intended the neck arm to belong to the guy on the left, which would make it a few feet longer than normal. I wish the picture was better resolution though, can’t judge from here whether the grass and lines on the field are drawn/stamped.
      Seriously, if you don’t like the site, don’t visit it. Nobody’s forcing you to come here and troll.

      • Cosmouppenflaut

        Think your name should read ‘PRICKolist’
        Go fuck yourself cunt.

        • mokkori

          I appreciate a good troll as much as anyone. You, sir, are the Detroit Lions of trolling.

          • Cosmouppenflaut

            You’re the Anne Frank of blog comments. Shave your nose, eat the pork & fuck off bender cunt.

  • tundra pineapple

    There’s obviously a guy behind him — see the top of his head. He doesn’t have to be “the world’s slimmest guy”, just the angle of the photograph

    compare to this


    Either way, lame caption

    • Sacke

      Ehmmm Isnt that why it IS a PsD? If they had left the guy instead of trying to remove him then the pic would have been perfectly normal.

      But for God knows what reasons they HAD to remove the guy behind, creating a perfect disaster….

      • tundra pineapple

        do you know how to READ?

        • guest

          Obviously my reading capabilities are far better than yours…

  • Email

    OMG I want that shirt!

  • Luuukkee

    What are some of you talking about??? There’s no guy behind him; it’s just his arm. There is no top of anyone’s head, that’s the main guys hair. Duh duh duh. It’s hard for the blind or the stupid to appreciate visual humour.

  • luke again

    They clearly photoshopped out something between the main guy and the guy in the red shirt who need to shave. If you look at the paint lines that indicate the boundaries of the playing area, you can see the angle of the line between the two guys doesn’t match its continuation to the right of the main guy.

    • Waldobaby

      @Luuukkee [Moderator] 7 hours ago: “…indicate the boundaries of the playing area, you can see the angle of the line between the two guys doesn’t match its continuation to the right of the main guy.”1: wrong. 2: in Google, type ” DEFINE: SHILL ”

  • Paris_giovanni

    This is not a PSD, it is a dumb picture. There is obviously another guy behind him who is shorter and turned to the side.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gabi.garcez Gabriela Garcez

    I have nothing to say other than: Argentina.

  • Sacke

    You people don’t get it! It’s sooo obvious!

    We are of course talking about Thing’s long lost older brother Arm, who is an enthusiastic sportsman. He’s clearly hugging this player for his over-achievement it this fine sport…

    Now the Addams Family can rest assured that Arm is still out there creating havoc!

    (ref: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0101272/)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GNUKLA572SVBXORNYBCG42CFW4 DonnaG

    So the guy has a third (and apparently unfriendly) arm growing out of his back…
    So what’s the big deal???
    (Maybe he grew up near a nuclear power plant.)
    No PSD here.

  • JamesA

    It’s not a PSD. The guy on the left just has an extendible arm.

  • Cosmouppenflaut

    Shit post. Shit caption. Shit blog.

    • mokkori

      Eat a bowl of dicks.

      • Cosmouppenflaut

        You sad pathetic fucking cunt. ‘Eat a bowl of dicks’
        Inspired. A true original. F Scott Fitzgerald had nothing on you.
        Go fuck yourself, you virgin faggot cunt big boy queer-mongering loser.

        • Doug_B

          Please go die.

          • sackese

            He obviously found the Urban Dictionary of swearwords…

        • mokkori

          I guarantee that Cosmouppenflaut is going to spend the rest of the week parroting “Eat a bowl of dicks” to all his friends and pretending he thought of it.

          Ahahahahahaha, “friends”.

    • Cosmouppenflaut_eats_Shit

      Why don’t you crawl back to the latrine hole you came up from?

  • Leslie

    Why is everyone who follows this blog such a bitch?

    • JoJo the Dogfaced Boy

      Not everyone. Just the peoples who posts here.

  • pootpoot

    It has probably been said before, but … there’s a guy behind the guy, you can even see part of his head.

    • JoJo the Dogfaced Boy

      You call that a head? Yo head must be the same size.

  • Cosmouppenflaut

    Shit post. Shit caption. Shit comments. Shit blog.

  • disappointed

    “Ay Carumba”?? Congrats, not only can’t you spell English words, you can’t spell Spanish ones, either.
    Came back after a few weeks to see if things had improved…..I see they haven’t. Mis-used tags, bad spelling, lack of sophisticated humor. And from the comments, I see that the readership has deteriorated to match the blog itself. How sad!

  • http://www.filecabi.net/video/japgross.html Itchy

    ¡ ¡ ¡ M a r i c o n e s ! ! !

  • DaFeBa

    Actually there are two guys hugging the one who made the goal. You can see it from another angle:


  • Galileo

    A true psd, and a really funny comment also :)
    Good work lads.

  • http://www.facebook.com/smappdooda Bizzaro Galore

    The Dark Backwards!

  • Boludo

    You must understand soccer to realize that those players are from argentina so it must be the famed God-s hand.

  • Waldobaby


  • tripfog

    Not Psd, the guy can fit for a moment perfectly behind the guy with black t-shirt:
    look here, and notice the “angular image zoom” of original picture (picture in the post)