Top 20 Photoshop Disasters of 2010

Take a look at some of our favorite PSDs from 2010. Thanks to everyone who submitted photos over the last year.

Best PSD
Original PSD
Original PSD
 Original PSD
Best PSD
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 Original PSD
Best PSD
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 Original PSD
Best PSD
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 Original PSD
Best PSD
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 Original PSD
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  • Tyler Durden

    Way to fill out the back end of list entirely with posts since the changeover.

    • Steamboat

      Apparently 11 of the 20 best PSDs from the entire year came in the last 8 weeks.

      • Lilith

        Top 20 PSD of last week.

    • Your Name Goes Where

      Yeah…I noticed that, too. Not saying that they aren’t decent ones, but surely 10 months of material had more than 9…right?

    • barrelofkek

      I can’t help but feel you’ve been trolled sir

  • Arno Enzo

    Not much happening over Christmas, is there?
    I’m sure you were entirely out of material…

  • Me

    I don’t see the disaster in many of these

  • Roo

    Wow. Just wow.

  • Mel Bourne

    It’s bad when I’m struggling to see the PSDs in some of the top ten PSDs.

    • Durrrrrrr

      Yeah stuff like three hands and people floating above the bed – really hard to work out. It must be a struggle to figure out light switches as well.

      • Jay Stephens

        I have to agree with Mel – they fall into 3 categories; “obviously wrong at first glance”, “ahhh yeah, the knees are 180 degrees out” after a good few seconds’ staring, and 2 or 3 of the 20 where I genuinely can’t see what’s wrong (e.g. the “Happy” magazine cover – are the girl’s legs stretched that long for effect? Probably by design…. am I missing something else? not sure…)

        • Hmue1968

          Look at her enormous face 😀


    That guitar book with 6 fingers wasn’t a PSD, right? Wasn’t that a photo of a guitar player who actually had 6 fingers?

    • moby

      Bizarrely, yes.

    • Gabriela Garcez

      Yea, that’s the only explanation I could find. I can’t imagine how someone could just accidently add an extra finger on a photo as plain simple as this one.

    • Mr. Fingers

      Yes, he is (was?) a fairly well known 6 fingered guitarist. PSD has trotted this out before and had the error pointed out to them by several people, but the keep using it. As lazy as the examples they ridicule

  • optionsninja

    Great work!

  • Blah

    I feel like I had to try a little too hard to figure out what was wrong in some of these… so yeeeeah

  • Gjbc

    I actually worked on the Mango Wash one…. what’s wrong with that one? Is it that her thigh looks like it could be her lower body, on the right? It doesn’t jump out as wrong, although I agree it was heavily shopped. Much easier than sticking mango peels on her body.

    • Pablo

      @ Gjbc: the way she is hugging her knee to her body makes her look very odd, almost like the leg is not part of her body. I think it has more to do with a peculiar original more than the shopping itself.

      • Gjbc

        I see what you’re saying. I guess I was too close to it! 😉

  • Notolls

    I’m afraid the disasters will continue in the coming year!

  • virtualdespot

    No Victoria’s Secret!?

  • Mr. Fingers

    I don’t get the “Truth is the first casualty of war” one. Some conflicting lighting, but very possible with lighting below and above. Is it just disbelief that such a crumpled poster would be up?

    • Alican Toprak

      Its the “Lorem Ipsum” part.

      • Mr. Fingers

        Thanks. The phrase was familiar, but I didn’t recognize it. As to the overall crappy quality – it is a question whether a real photo of a theater frame was ‘shopped with this or if it is a real, and pathetically bad, poster. Wouldn’t believe it in the wealthier nations, but in some corners of the earth, yes.

    • Thomas Haugen

      I take it you didn’t see the Lorem Ipsum on the poster?

      • Hey Now

        How is that a _photoshop_ disaster though?  It’s just bad proofing by someone.

    • Billy_G_Ronson

      Do not overlook the poor font and abysmal typography overall. It looks like grammar school newsletter work.

    • Gjbc

      Mr. Fingers-
      “Lorem Ipso…” is a nonsense string of words used by typographers as filler until the actual text is written/approved. It’s mock Latin. Apparently someone sent it to the printer before it was finished- also see the generic word “magazine”. Usually you don’t see those words outside of a ad agency.

  • Morgan

    Do people really need spoilers to get the PSD in all of these? Am I going to ruin it for anyone by posting this? If so, avert your eye…

    — SPOILERS —

    Mubarak — Step aside, Obama, I’m in front
    Whitney — She needs 3 hands to hold all those snacks
    Shisheido — Giant legs, tiny head, leg passing through solid concrete?
    Ruse movie poster — Lorem Ipsum
    Jennifer — Moved breasts to left, forgot to resize right side of body to match (inset — she has no neck, just a triangle of flesh)
    Photo collage — people’s heads cut and pasted in
    Pregnant woman — more of a photo illustration, but a woman being held by oversize hands
    Victoria’s Secret — her right leg is halfway down the beach
    Loudmouth — a random collection of body parts
    Janusz Poplawski — this guitarist doesn’t have six fingers
    Scarlett Johannson — Her shoulders shouldn’t be growing out of her neck
    Kellogg’s — Sylvester Stallone neck, and that left arm is suspect
    Suave Mango Wash — Nobody is that flexible, and it just looks like a smoothed out lump of flesh, not the back of her leg
    Betsey’s Gift Guide — original photo cut off at her dress, so cut and pasted different pieces that look vaguely like legs
    Estraba de Parranda — we can’t see the guy behind whose arm is around Fredes
    Tragic model — giant model pasted onto a tiny kid in the background (left) and complete mockery of a right arm (right)
    Sean Lennon — he’s been pasted onto the bed; no displacement of covers, also the right arm looks is quite bendy
    Heindl — Smile bigger!
    Happy — Nobody has these body dimensions, it’s impossible.
    Cuddy & House — How is she supporting House? And there is no way her arm is that long. She could touch her knees standing up.

    • Tyler Durden

      In the time it took you to type that up, I got laid.

      • Roo

        In the time it took you to type that up, I got laid.

        • Tyler Durden

          Hopefully you posted mid-coitus, for your partner’s sake.

      • Matt

        Must’ve been pretty fast, minute man.

    • WarEagle

      Heindl is about her 3 hands don’t you think?

    • Designermagallon

      Heidi — is her hands

    • Threinhardt

      ‘Loudmouth — a random collection of body parts’

      Not photoshopped, his right leg is bent, it’s only the pattern, that irritates you.

      ‘Suave Mango Wash’

      Not photoshopped, it’s only the back of her leg, because she sits.

      ‘Happy — Nobody has these body dimensions, it’s impossible.’

      Looks like a foto from Michelle Ferrara, it’s not impossible.

  • Roo

    “Jennifer — Moved breasts to left, forgot to resize right side of body to match (inset — she has no neck, just a triangle of flesh)”

    Not to mention it’s Alicia Silverstone’s head grafted onto another body.

  • 腐ォトショッピー

    これはひどいwwwwwwwwwwww #Photoshop

    • Yuki T


  • superpjotr

    The Poplawski book is not a Photoshop goof for two reasons: it was done long before Photoshop, and it’s a deliberate visual play. The book is a well known Polish book about guitar chords.

  • P H

    Many of these have no business being on this list. The owner of this site doesn’t seem to research these images.

    Pregnant woman — the PS work here is intentional, it’s just a lame concept
    Victoria’s Secret — just an odd stance on uneven ground, not retouched
    Janusz Poplawski — the extra finger is intentional
    Scarlett Johannson — airbrushed like crazy, but nothing wrong with her posture. Just a combination of the way she is laying and the angle. Easy to replicate by lying down – try it.
    Kellogg’s — Not retouched. Just a bad photo that makes her already big neck look bigger. Anyone who takes many photos of people gets ones like they every so often.
    Suave Mango Wash — She it sitting, with her legs propped up close to her belly. The strange hips that the commenters go on about is the underside of her thigh. No problems here.
    Estraba de Parranda — Just the angle hiding the guy behind. In other photos taken at the same time you can see the guy behind. Really, really lazy to be including this one. Not retouched at all, and with dozens of other photos of the same scene taken at the same time to prove it.
    Sean Lennon — The commenters all note that it looks like he’s floating. He’s supposed to be floating. It’s supposed to be a picture of a ghost. It’s not a disaster if it’s intentional. Again, lazy to include this one – do a bit of research people.
    Heindl — Airbrushed, but that’s it.
    Cuddy & House — It’s probably a prop holding him up, or a wire. It’s true that she can’t be holding him. But it may not be photoshop, just staged.

    • Dan

      Victoria’s Secret – her right leg doesn’t line up. I really doubt that this is just an awkward angle. The distance from her right hand to right elbow is off as well, matching with the odd distance between the legs.

      Kellogg’s – There are a lot of blurry areas on her huge neck. I don’t think that they are photographing the elephant mans sister for the front of a cereal box. It’s most likely just a bad photoshop.

      Sean Lennon – his right arm is really spaghetti looking with a lot of blurred areas. Its poor work if it was supposed to be a floating effect. The girl looks fine.

      Heindl – Her fingers on her right hand look crazy. It doesnt seem to fit unless the girl has huge long hands. Just a little too weird to be airbrushing.

      Overall, even if your’e right, why be so negative, nothing was that poor to consider them to be lazy for posting these. Nothing seems to be as cut and dry as you’re making it out to be.

      • Tyler Durden

        “Overall, even if your’e right, why be so negative, nothing was that poor to consider them to be lazy for posting these.”

        Considering this is supposedly the 20 best disasters of the entire year, of course people will be critical about the inclusion of questionable material. The blog owners had 250+ posts to choose from, many of which were proper unarguguable photoshop disasters, and it’s nothing but pure laziness on their part to just browse back a few pages and choose the ones that they themselves posted. It’s lazy, and it’s a terrible advert for the blog itself.

        • Roo

          It’s difficult to argugue against an unarguguable argugument.

          • Tyler Durden

            Oops. And I wasn’t even posting mid-coitus.

          • Roo0

            Indeed. I thought your reply seemed half-cocked.

          • seela

            very clear to me roo, then thats me

    • Gandalf

      PH probably also believes hobbits, wizards and the Shire are real too!

  • Kai Haswell

    Actually, I think the photo on the cover of the guitar book is of jazz guitarist Hound Dog Taylor, who did indeed have six fingers on his left hand. (And also on his right, but he got drunk and cut one off.)

    • Nickwelsh02

      Yep, you’re right. A quick google search shows that he does have six fingers…on both hands.

  • franklin

    these are dumb, half of the things are “trying to hard” and lame ass losers thinking they are better than proffesionals

  • Clipping Path Service

    These are seems like commercial disasters as well as photoshop disasters.

  •ławecki/100001459514882 Mariusz Sławecki

    Sorry to disappoint you but PH is right – the extra finger is intentional in Janusz Poplawski ‘Chwyty Gitarowe’ :) Happen to know the story of this book and its cover.

  • Peter Shen

    What were some of these people thinking??? It’s so blatantly obvious for most of these that you would think they would have someone telling them it’s fake. Unbelievable.

  • Rain

    Scarlett Johanson looks like a 3 foot neck with arms attached directly to it. The Suave picture is so bad, she has no hips, just a thigh that was disconnected and dragged over. Others are stretched to monstrous proportions, others look as if their legs were dismembered and glued back on the page in the wrong place. I never realized how bad photo shopped photos were, how much they distorted images. It’s bad.

  • Al3awni1


    • iRandomBlog


  • ROcky

    Just some noobs who think that Photoshop does everything (including creativity)… You can have the best tool in the world, if you can’t use it, it is useless… Maybe they should start with MS Paint and learn some basics in graphic work!