Extra: Nom nom nom

Well, I guess that’s one way to lose weight.

Thanks for the submission Brian. Original was a scanned image. You can see the PSD by checking our our red image gallery for the marked version. 
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  • gofastmonkey

    I don’t think this is a PSD… his hand is probably just in his back pocket… which positions the arm out of view. In fact he does this all the time on the Biggest Loser show.

    • Greg

      As usual, the PSD is just an awkward photograph. :/

      • http://vercingetorix.myopenid.com/ Tor

        Right. Everyone has their head put in a vice prior to the shoot.

    • Ambiguous

      That’s probably what the designer of this ad thought, too. But if he would position his arm “out of view” THAT way, he would be in constant pain… but that could account for his expanding skull…

      • Ambiguous

        BEsides, as you can see from the drop shadow along his left side, he is leaning against a wall. His arm would be crushed. Which, again, would contribute to his expression…

  • Bob

    Starting to wonder if whoever posts these has ever encountered humans beings.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TwinklelilStarr Emerald Starr

    The only PSD here is the actual DESIGN of this advert … It makes me sad :(

  • Ethyl Mormon


    • amberoni13

      And his left elbow/partial arm! Holy smokes!

    • armadillo_in_furs

      Ethyl, you win the Internets. The funniest thing I’ve read on this blog in weeks.

      • Susan69

        I am laughing so hard at Ethyl’s comment, I’m crying. Definitely the funniest thing on here in a long time.

    • kelseigh

      For that matter, all I see are words on a screen. That means YOU don’t exist!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=521502057 Jillian Jordan

    Yeah…awkward pose maybe, but that is it.

  • http://twitter.com/arnoen Arno Enzo

    Wow, 3D drop shadow… I want one!

  • http://www.facebook.com/gabi.garcez Gabriela Garcez

    he could be scratching his buttcrack… eh, no way you can prove this is a psd

  • Alex808

    Doesnt anybody got a good PSD to make the comment section our own PSD website????

    • Mordecai

      Congratulations Alex, your grammar is perfect – the sense utterly clear, you should be writing for this blog.

  • Synthprax

    Not really a PSD other than the fact they simply decided to take off his right arm, the posterization, and the specular teeth, and the fifty-dozen-eleven fonts. Not really a PSD; it’s a craptastrophy.

    • davidikus

      I love the idea of craptastrophy. The man may have his arm behind his back: that would not be a PSD; just a crap photograph. Crap is the keyword, though!

  • http://thelanima.blogspot.com/ elanima

    What the hell is that about his forehead??? Am I the only one who see it?

    • armadillo_in_furs

      Are you the only one who can see his forehead? No.

      But, if I can’t see it, does it exist?

    • Jackrabbit


      I totally see it, and it looks like somebody tried to make him look like Megamind by means of a broken eyeliner and some smudge stick. Why anyone would want to make his forehead even taller is beyond me.

      But, maybe it’s a cultural thing– you know. like those nice ladies from India or Montreal or wherever who stretch their necks with brass rings. Maybe in his culture, the gents squash their foreheads with bungee cords…

  • Croy

    I’d say HE is the biggest loser of them all…

  • Celebarazzi Dot Com

    That’s the shape of his skull. No joke.

    • Javed Shah

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  • http://arenacreative.com/ ArenaCreative.com Stock Photos

    Losing an arm is always the quickest way of losing 15-20 pounds

  • Tcuvillier

    Plus it’s common knowledge that chewing gums get you hungry…