Gucci:Mutant mutatis

Gucci Mutant

Mutant model, Sarah Sidebottom, to sue after leg graft goes horribly wrong. “Can’t you photoshop the darn thing out!” she was heard to scream.

Thanks Jen and Kathleen. You can see the Gucci spring ad campaign here. If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our red image gallery to see the marked up version.

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  • kleenex

    Mutant Models are extra special that is why we have no PSD…

  • Anellia Stefcheva

    How to make a “hi end” fashion photo:
    1. Shoot random body parts
    2. Throw them together into human look-a-likes (make sure you do a sloppy job)
    3. …

    Oh well, at least the colors are pleasant 😀

  • Bob

    My octopus can do that

  • David Vonrelem

    At least the reflection on that golden thing is perfect…

  • Tyler

    There’s nothing wrong. She was sitting cross legged, then she leant to the side and lifted her arse up (possibly to release bum gas, but that’s just speculation).

    • Oh Faerie Nuff

      The human body can’t do that. Imagine how her skeleton would have to be constructed to make that happen.

  • Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin

    you know… i cant see the guy’s body.

    • circularfile00

      Hmm, I think that is a mannequin head stuck to her shoulder – must be in style this year.

      • Alx de Casa

        Didn’t you recognize the famous Mr No-body ?

  • Geoffrey Palomino

    Why would somebody even pay to have someone do this. The colors are so NASTY.

    • Circularfile00

      Why would somebody ever buy those clothes? I thought harem pants went out with MC Hammer. and what a stupid was to show them – you too can have pants that make your calf look slender by makig your thigh look enormous.

      • Seriously

        “Out” is the new “In”. Or something like that.

  • Mordecai

    Zaphod Beeblebrox’ new girlfriend can do that.

  • Murgatroyd

    My girlfriend did that.

    You should have seen the expression on the coroner’s face …

  • Commie

    She’s riding him side saddle.

    I’m amused at how a whole bunch of our most active commenters have disappeared at once. I wonder if ‘they’ will simultaneously re-appear again at some point.

    Oh and I just want to say “Grasping At Straws Are We?” coz it seems to be the new meme.

    • Tyler

      They’ve been banned from commenting because they dared to question the Leader,

      • ConscientiousObserver


      • Commie

        There’s a leader?

        “Take me to your leader.”

      • Mishap

        It’s about time to ban those tossers!!!

    • Leif Beaver

      I am here! It was the weekend, and im not on here on the weekend 😛
      Post only on Monday to Friday.

    • JStass

      Good. I can actually enjoy this site again and read it for the hilarious comments people make rather than become annoyed at life.

  • BeWilder

    Umm… the reflections on that… thing the harem model is resting her foot on… do they make sense in tri-dimensional space? Is that thing a concievable shape in our space-time continuum? Looking at that object for a while makes me feel woozy…

  • Bargonzo

    Not a PSD! What you think is her left leg is in fact a leg-shaped pillow she is sitting on. Grasping at straws again, are we? This site has gone so downhill. Hope I can come back for the next non-PSD to mope more since I have no life outside this comment section. My owl took a photo of my girlfriend and now the camera is broken.

    • Bob

      shouda used the wide angle. That’s what you get with homeschooled german owls.

  • Gabriela Garcez

    i can do that

  • met

    all that mess to sell an ugly purse.

  • Emily Mckenzie

    Yay a real PSD :)

  • Roo0

    My girlfriend has double-jointed hips too.

    • Figure.10

      I have double-jointed fingers, too.

  • Debrah0827