GAP: Indeed!


“Call me slitty one more time bud, you’ll be walking home..”

Thanks Shannon. You can see the original here . If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our red image gallery to see the marked up version.

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  • Kaipu

    Her thigh isn’t the only PSD. Look at her right collarbone, or where it should be. :-)

    • Leif Beaver


    • Morgan Harris

      jesus, once you see it, you can’t unsee it

  • Henke

    Nope, can’t see it.

  • BoBo

    Some of these are a stretch. This is one of those.

    • Molly

      I have to agree. It’s not a DISASTER. It’s just a few mistakes that are only found if you’re looking for them. Yeah, her legs look weird, but there are some skinny girls out there that have this problem. Lol

      • yo momma

        Oh, good. We can now parse the term “disaster” and come to an agreement regarding what is a disaster and what is merely a catastrophe.

        • Commie

          You could fuel the world on the energy already expended on doing just that. Here’s a better idea. What’s an Aster? Because if you can have a dis-aster, I’d really like to see one.

  • Mordecai

    I notice that some of the readers of this blog have a very limited understanding of female anatomy. Things are definitely not as they should be in the thigh and groin area.

  • Anellia Stefcheva

    The clipping lines are quite distorted idd, but having a gap there is not uncommon for women 😉
    The (our) left clavicle though…

  • Arrow

    I actually think they stuck someone else’s head on a different body. Different color, different texture. Also, look at her arms and hands. Imagine the fingers of her right hand fully extended. How much longer her right arm would be than her left. Lots of minor manipulations here. Not all heinous but the one at the neck is pretty bad.

    • jim

      Her right arm wouldn’t be so different her considering her shoulders are roughly on the same angle

  • Mirja

    looks weird but there really are women with gaps like that

  • Peenjay32

    Neck and the whole shoulder area. Left and right arm? Maybe

  • Simon Hagleitner


  • Leenie Smith

    That’s a head stuck on someone else’s body, look closely.

    • Cgo01

      Yes, this is the real disaster. Otherwise, the photo is fine.

  • Robertbidon314-all

    How the space between her legs can be rectangular ???

    • Mike

      I’d have to go with the inseam of her very stiff jeans.

  • Ladyluck2787


  • RichardWagner

    What kind of bicycle does she ride?

  • Holabgeorge

    The people that run this site are complete idiots, finally have a PSD and they missed it totally to point out a non-PSD. I’m helping pay their bills by coming back here once a week to see how stupid they are. Guess I’m an idiot too.

    • yo momma

      I guess you are.

      • Holabgeorge

        So’s yo momma.

    • Commie

      By day you’re a millionaire playboy philanthropist, helping people pay their bills. But at night you’re the Photoshop Batman! POW. ZAP.

      • Holabgeorge

        Yes I am.

    • Guest

      How do you exactly pay their bill by coming here? Actually you’re just using their bandwidth…

      • Holabgeorge

        No I have been using yours.

    • Holabgeorge

      The more traffic a site has the more people pay for ads, just like TV kids, and it’s ‘The’ Photoshop Batman, thank you very much.

  • Ipfriely
  • clare

    I know a few girls, including my sister that have a gap like that in between their legs, I think the new jeans she’s wearing would be rather stiff and could create that sharp rectangular shape.

  • Magdalena Monzerrat Ontiveros

    i don’t know what is going on with this site, i send them a truly photoshop disaster and they haven’t post it, and this is just absurd!!!
    This is what i’m talking about, an advertising of michael kors, a girl with the head like exorcist!

    • Gabriela Garcez

      Yeah well, welcome to the club.

  • Ann

    Her boobs are also coming out of her armpits – quite a gap between those also.

  • Gabriela Garcez

    I’m a skinny bitch, I have a gap between my legs too. So yea, no PSD.

    BTW, I’m offended by how many thin features you take as unnatural therefore a PSD, such as weird looking necks, gap between the legs, etc.

    • An On65

      Is the space between your thighs a different color than the background too?

  • Yudonse

    I’d hit that.

  • Bah

    For God’s sake… for once there is a photo of a nice looking girl, who doesn’t look like she got out from a plastic factory. People are so used to photoshopped photos that they cannot even recognize a real one when they see it. And that is definitely her head.

    • Fredrule

      It’s not a disaster but someone did mess up her right (your left) collar bone. Looks like they were trying to clone out a blemish or something. I agree everything else is normal.

    • Elissa

      I disagree. I really don’t think it is her head (and if it is, it was pasted from a different shot). I do some photo retouching, including “switching heads,” and my eye can see without question the “line” where the head and neck were pasted onto another torso. It also appears that the resolution of the head and neck portion is higher than the torso. It almost appears as a sheer collar of panty hose at the decolletage. Like someone else said, once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Incidentally, I can see why a company like the Gap would paste a head onto a body. Perhaps they didn’t get a model release for the owner of that body in the yellow shirt, or maybe the rights expired, so they took a different girl’s head for whose image they have permission to use. Just sayin’.

  • Deb

    looks like the girl was wearing a skirt and some savvy geeko just used MSpaint’s eraser in between the legs to make it pants.

  • Leenie Smith

    People, you can CLEARLY see that the head was placed on another body. Look at the neck, there is a clear line where the head and neck was plopped on another body. Are you guys blind?

  • Pen Tool 2 Your Face

    This site used to be cool & now it’s gay. Just a bunch of people over-analyzing an otherwise non-offensive photo to make their lack of retouching skills feel more inflated. I mean, what’s the big deal w/this photo?! Not a disaster. Never met a group of photoshop elitist hipster fucks that love to hate on images as much as half the people on here, who probably suck at Retouching anyway. But, it’s okay, just sit back and critique it if it makes you feel better you bunch of petty fucks.

    • Figure.10


    • Monkadsasdf

      This site fucking sucks now. Try posting funny obvious images like you used to instead of the over-analyzed garbage that is here now. “Waaah, I don’t look like like a model so it must be PS!” Get some understanding of what models and the human body before you go one about some minor thing that NO ONE notices. Fuck watch an episode of Top Model would give you a basic understanding that models are hired because they have freaky features and bodies!

  • Ren

    People can have a gap between their thighs, but you can it’s been photoshopped (likely with the liquify tool) near the crotch to make it look more “even.”

    • Junrey Sarahina

      not a PSD for me… i saw many girls in the gym wearing skinny pants and
      some of them really have gaps between their legs, and it’s very sexy to
      look at. Even Miley Cyrus do have that.

  • Nikola Tesla

    Did u see the left arm is longer than right?

    • Junrey Sarahina

      because her shoulders are not in same levels… you failed.

  • conie

    funny story:
    my body IS looking like hers. my right sholder is even worse than hers ; )

    this may be a psd but it could’ve been real too..