Max & Co: Head Job

bobble head

Max & Co go all out to distort teenage girls perceptions of what an ideal body looks like. Social Q&A sites are already flooded with “my head is too small for my body” posts from young girls. Get some social responsibility! Idiots.

Thanks Alessandro! You can see the original here. If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our red image gallery to see the marked up version.

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  • brettmaxwell

    That’s possibly, and quite probably, typical wide-angle lens distortion. Not photoshop.

  • Flavio Freitas


  • OmegaMom

    Y’know, there are PSDs and then there are arguably bad but still consciously made photographic and design decisions. This is not a PSD; they obviously did this on purpose, to look “edgy” or “kicky” or whatever. I think the end result is ugly and silly, but I don’t think they did it by mistake.

    • hesus

      the other pics on their site are like that too

      • Guest

        Its seems that they are going for a close up head perspective, which is a bit distorted usually. However, they missed it, by a long shot. If you don’t understand perspective, you shouldn’t mess with it. They butchered this picture trying to be edgy. It looks awful and is for sure without a doubt a PsD.

        • Holabgeorge

          How is it a PSD if it was done in camera and not in Photoshop?

          • Guest

            Wow, really? Typically, PsD start out as photos taken from, yes, a camera. Good job detective. But then some not so highly intelligent individual, much like yourself, will take that photo and destroy it, hence what we call a PHOTOshop disaster.

    • Henrik Dahl

      Agreed. It’s an intentional (albeit ugly) attempt to be “edgy”

    • kdilkington

      Yeah, they’re kinda going for a Twiggy look here. This is intentional.

  • markduane

    She could palm a basket ball!

  • Andi.

    Yes, definitely a wide-angle lens. And a home-schooled Photoshop artist, too.

    • davidikus

      Imvho, it is indeed a mix of wide angle distortion & bad photoshopping. Truly awful art direction.

  • Pilgrimchick

    I think this phenomenon could count as evidence that we are indeed descended from aliens. Enough designers and editors seem to think that this is normal for me to be suspicious.

  • Mordecai

    It is commercial and it is awful. Whether it was their intention to make the distortion is not the point, the result is a disaster. The other photos on the site follow a similar vein.

  • Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin

    what? I can’t see the PSD. I only see that bratz bubble head doll. Where the psd?

  • Geoffrey Palomino

    MAX &Co.
    Giving making the new teenage girl into the term “airhead”.

  • Gabriela Garcez

    Every single photo of this campaign is bobbleheaded, so I’m guessing it was intentional.

  • yo momma

    I told her I wanted some head and look what I got.

  • enochjohnson

    This isnt so much a “Photoshop Disaster” as much as it is “Bad Art Direction” …just ask Steve Madden.

  • Seraphim2000

    Always “maxin'” the head is boring. Why didn’t they max her boobs 😀

    • Chmoatfb

      Ten times zero is still zero!

  • Anellia Stefcheva

    I guess they were trying to take the attention away from the awful clothes 😀

  • Zerop

    I want to say that they’re going for perspective or a fish-eye look, but they just didn’t pull it off.

  • Keaton Andrew

    yeah…. unless I’m mistaken somehow, I see ZERO photoshop disaster in this. That’s just what happens when you shoot someone up close from above somewhat with a wide-angle lens. I usually hate it, but I will say it’s an interesting look here, although probably one better suited for a personal photo series or something.

    • jim

      I agree – it is interesting. Either way, if it has been photoshopped then it is far from a disaster, it is actually an excellent job. I’d use this person

    • Bargonzo

      Keaton, look at her body. No perspective distortion there that would match any wide angle or fish-eye lense. This is definitely a bobble head. The question is whether it is intentional or not. However I can see no indication from the other photos that they went for that look intentionally…

      • Bargonzo

        EDIT: I stand corrected. They all look like this. Still a questionable decision by the art director.

        • Bargonzo

          Still, not possible with a wide-angle lense WITHOUT blowing up the head in Photoshop.

  • melissa

    Don’t tell me those arms aren’t whittled down though, compounding the camera effect.

    • davidikus

      Sadly, many models have such scary arms…

    • Miwa Edge

      nothing wrong with the arms…mine´s looks more slim…i dont know what would you think about those )=

  • Tm

    but… she is CUTE

  • Nick

    I don’t think it’s a mistake at all, or an odd camera angle. It’s just how Kit Hoover looks.

  • urbandon

    Not a disaster. Intentional bubble head. More likely poking fun at overuse of Photoshop in distorting bodies. Geez, lighten up.

  • ANTI-D


  • booble

    Does this dress make my head look fat?

  • David Lincoln Brooks

    Yeah,  no disaster here.     Photog deliberately wanted to create a warped silhouette for dramatic purposes.   It actually looks like the sort of thing they used to do for Twiggy or Penelope Tree in the 60’s.