Passionata: Yo Momma So Strong

Bar Raffaeli

The hand that rocks the cradle rules with an iron wrist.

Thanks Ruth! You can see the original here. If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our red image gallery to see the marked up image.
“Wow what a cute baby! I love the scarf!”
“Well, if you like the scarf, you’ll love this!” *zip*  by Roo

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  • Gabriela Garcez

    Bitch please don’t throw you baby inside the washing machine

  • Adlerski

    i don’t see anything wrong with her boobs.

  • Martin Grüning


  • mb..


  • Bob

    Not PSD. That baby is sooooo cuuuuuuuuute that the light bends around to avoid bruising the delicate skin.

  • Commie

    “I will NOT share the studio with THAT BABY!”

  • Anellia Stefcheva

    Using a baby in a sexy lingerie campaign is just illogical – what a mood killer :/
    But matching the pattern of its headpiece to the pattern of the mom’s underwear…what the hell.

    At least Bar Refaeli is hot and the lingerie is acceptable. A mere chopped forearm can’t screw that ;)

    • Roo0

      Jeez I didn’t notice the matching underwear/scarf. That just makes it creepy.

      “Wow what a cute baby! I love the scarf!”

      “Well, if you like the scarf, you’ll love this!” *zip*

  • Zeta Aurigae

    Is her right arm broken? Her elbow is in the basket, her forearm is not.

    • jim

      I think her forearm is OK. In the time that it has taken me to write this email I opened up the file in PS and traced off the part of her arm that is obscured by the baby’s head and proportionally, all looks OK

      • Bird

        Maybe they had some gel left over from her boob job to put above her wrist to allow her arm to bend at the odd angle it needs to make it “OK.”

        • jim

          As I said, I traced it off and it looked OK. This is all very subjective – but I assume you bothered to gather a bit of empirical evidence to back up your post.

          • Anellia Stefcheva
          • 40envelopes

            what he is saying is that the baby’s head scarf creates an optical illusion
            the dark brown basket-coloured shade just under the line of the headscarf is actually part of her forearm

          • Tor

            I can guarantee you anyone coming in my office like that would be leaving with a cast. And probably more clothing. Hell, probably better clothing. I’ve got exam gowns that are more fashion-forward than that little ensemble.

          • Anellia Stefcheva

            Look guys, it’s simple.

            The lengths shoulder-elbow and elbow-wrist are roughly equal. You can check that by bending your arm upwards – the wrist comes at the lever of your armpit, right?

            If we put 3 dots on the visible arm in this photo – one on the shoulder, one on the elbow and one on the wrist – and connect them with lines, we will get the proportions of the arm. Then we just transfer them to the other arm.

            It looks like this:

            There’s no perspective shortening, as the girl is facing the camera straight. And before you think about it – no, the elbow is not going out and her arm is not warped around the basket. We can see her elbow and it’s in the basket, meaning the entire arm is in it. If the elbow wasn’t in the basket or if her arm was closer to her body, the photo would be saved. But that’s not the case.

            So, look at the lines and dots. Even if there is a scarf hiding part of the forearm, even if magical shadows are giving the wrong impression, even if the human wrist could bend in such way, that,forearm would still be too short.

          • jim

            No it doesn’t – that is my point. What I am saying is that I have seen many photos from photo shoots that look strange – especially when “part of the body is obscured by an object eg a baby, another person or a piece of clothing etc” but I know that the photos are OK because I art directed them. What I am saying is “I traced hist off and the proportions look OK”.

          • Arno Enzo

            No, how you drew it it doesn’t look ok, but you drew it wrong.


          • jim

            I just saw your drawing Anellia – it is a shocker!

          • jim

            I just looked at it again – I fear i am going to keep looking at it out of perverse curiosity. I assume you were taking the piss, but if not, you probably shouldn’t be posting here.

      • Leif Beaver

        I agree with you, not a PSD.

        Her forearm is twisted and the shadow that is cast is vey dark and gives the impression of the colour of the basket. Thus this makes her arm look to be disjointed. The head scarf on the baby also helps accentuate the hand position to look dis-jointed.

        If you draw a line like Jim says you can clearly see its in the correct position.

        I think the PSD is the incredible amount of airbrushing of her entire body had been given.

  • Hoozon

    How can she hold the basket like that and NOT have it touch her body?

  • Fred

    The only thing wrong with that photo is that the lady has too many clothes on!!!

  • Havi

    Who even watches her arm? It’s Bar Refaeli, i don’t care about her arms :P

  • Mostlyharmless

    This reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting where Grandma holds an impossibly huge-and-perfect turkey in the same manner. I’m the same size and shape as that Grandma: if I were doing what SHE is doing, my arm would break or I’d fall over sideways or both.

  • Luuke

    Lord, she is gorgeous.

    • Arno Enzo

      The baby, you mean?

  • Luuke

    Ah, come on! Obviously the basket was moved or comp’d in. It isn’t a shadow, her arm deflects up behind the baby’s head and it doesn’t match up to her arm. Her right forefinger is chopped of, of chrissakes. Shadows on the basket and the baby don’t match up with the shadows on the incredibly gorgeous woman. Just look.

  • Bargonzo

    This was my reaction: “Wrist… what, nothing wrong with her left wrist. So, as for her right wristGAAAAAAH SNAKE ARM!!!”


    This is totally unrealistic… a woman with a kid that young would not A. look like that, B. be wearing that cute lingerie or C. be doing laundry wearing only said lingerie. Oh yeah, and her arm looks funny, too.

  • bob

    personally the weirdest thing about the image is the baby’s head scarf is being in the same pattern as the lingerie

    • Siomigadjura

      obviously you have never carried basket

      • Junrey Sarahina

        babies as small as that is light to carry… really