PSD: Windows Sidebar Gadget

You can now download the Windows 7 & Windows Vista PSD gadget by clicking here.

The gadget is free to download and includes the following features:

  1.  Pulls the latest PSD each day
  2.  Allows you to browse 10 previous PSD posts
  3.  Updates the comments every 10 minutes to tell you how many comments a post has


Don’t forget to leave a review :)

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  • Gabriela Garcez

    I hate orange and it is too small to see more detailed PSDs, even when it’s enlarged. Boo!

    Nah, I’m just bitching because I think it is quite fashionable. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, maybe it’s a good idea(?)

    But I do hate orange.

    • Vernon

      it will be used more for seeing when the latest post is and knowing when new comments have been posted.

      • Gabriela Garcez

        Seems good. For that, I think an iPod/iPhone app would be more useful.

        • Vernon

          The iPhone app is coming.

          • Leif Beaver

            Nice Job making it available to everyone and however they like to surf the web. Congratulations.

      • Arno Enzo

        There’s this thing called RSS feed…

  • Shell

    I like it!

  • Deus

    Hmm, let me guess… The disaster here is using Windows, right? …right?!

    • Richard Samul


  • Roo0

    Meh. Might be useful for an iPhone but this site is not very active so I don’t need updates every 10 minutes. I tend to just check PSD every day or two to see if there’s a new picture.

  • yo momma

    Instead of being a high quality humor site with sometimes hilariously bitchy comments that occupies a small niche you have decided to make PsD available on more platforms, potentially reaching a wider audience with a mediocre site.

    Makes sense–humor is really difficult to do every day. The last guy missed badly on about 10% of his posts although his comments were almost always worth reading. He created a large enough audience for the current owners to pay money for it.

    The current guys don’t do comedy well–which isn’t an attack or even a criticism. Not being able to produce funny stuff on demand is like not being able to run the 100 meter dash in under ten seconds–you can work very hard at it but if the basic gene/socialization/whatever isn’t there it isn’t gonna happen.

    While this gadget as such doesn’t make much sense as such for the reasons already mentioned–a site updated once a day or so is made for an RSS feed not for a desktop app–as the beginning of a move to every possible platform for PsD beyond the social networking sites it makes sense.

    Good luck–I will continue to clickity-click on my google RSS feed as new posts show up.

  • Bri1959

    Ummm…a Mac Widget perhaps?

    • Sergey Zakatov

      Remember, we can make our own widgets from Safari: File -> open in Dashboard. Like this:

  • RichardWagner

    My girlfriend wants this.

  • mareksy

    but, in the name of Hezus: are you sure?!… that color?! ;)

  • Nick Cuccaro

    mac please