Fifth Third Bank: Ironic Imagery

hover girls

Get into debt now, kids. After all you have a whole lifetime to pay it back! A StudentMastercard™ can teach you the tenuous pack of cards that credit really is. It’s like sitting on a non-existent seat, waiting for the bubble to burst.

Thanks goes to Anonymous for scanning and sending this into us. If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our red image gallery to see the marked up image.

Missing next picture, (3 seconds later): blonde on top of brunette in the back of the car, guy turned 180 degrees to try to “help”.  by Bob

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  • Bill Rhodes

    I have to wonder about a bank named 5/3 anyway, don’t you?

    • Bird

      The original bank is at the corner of Fifth and Third Streets in Cincinnati.

  • kleenex

    I SEE no PSD folks….. I see two women performing a stunt in a car and a perfectly taken shot.

  • Fosteravillage

    The girl on the left is sitting on air.

  • yo momma

    If you can’t see the PSD, please kill yourself.

  • Acacia

    hey, my submission made it onto PsD! this totally made my day.

    • Vernon

      It totally made our day getting the submission.

  • Bob

    Missing next picture, (3 seconds later): blonde on top of brunette in the back of the car, guy turned 180 degrees to try to “help”.

  • Anon

    Lol, nice caption today. Much more truthful than the gibberish they put in the ad.

  • Gewurz

    Couldn’t there be some hind of rollbar, or something?

  • google is your friend

    she is sitting on a rollbar, older convertibles often have that! See google:

    • JStass

      The problem with the rollbar idea is that it would need to be awfully perfectly aligned with the windshield frame in order to avoid appearing in the space between the blonde’s legs. Perhaps that was the intention of the creator of the image though, that it would appear that she was sitting on a roll bar.

      Actually, she may be sitting on a roll bar. If you take a closer look at the space between the girl’s legs, you’ll notice that the “space” does not quite match up with the rest of the image, and that between the blonde’s legs, there is either a sharp ditch in that hillside, or the white is falsely placed.

      It looks like our culprit here is that they actually cut and paste the image of the car with the people in it and the girls sitting on a roll bar and put it into a picture of a hillside and then did a half assed job of filling the gaps between their legs.

  • Greg Goodale

    If you can’t see the PSD, you must live in a world where its natural to hover in mid-air with no visible means of support. A bit like a student, then.
    Honestly, though – if you could invent a more contemptible piece of male wish-fulfilment to misrepresent student life you should work for Tony Blair. ‘Two chicks in the back of my sports car that I bought on my Mastercard (whattercard??) oh and they say it’s good for my credit rating’,

  • Rcunn87

    If you look between the guys head and the girl’s leg that is behind him, you can see something that looks an awfully lot like a rollbar, or maybe its just her leg.

    • greennotGreen

      I agree, it does look like a rollbar, but since we’re seeing a straight-on shot of the car, shouldn’t we see the other side of the rollbar through the windshield?

      • Acacia

        ok, so i am the proud owner of the original and i see rollbar behind tthe dude’s right shoulder, BUT i do not see said rollbar on the other side. it should at least be visible in the space between blondie’s legs. and it’s not. the rollbar has to connect to the car on the other side, too, no? but it doesn’t. i think it’s photo shopped out. :-p i just don’t see any way that i wouldn’t see a teensy bit of rollbar there. i tried to visualize it and there’s no way her leg would be covering it 100%.

  • Macphile

    “then did a half assed job of filling the gaps between their legs.”


  • Joe

    Our answer here folks is that the left side of the roll bar (right hand side visible above the guys shoulder below his arm) is hidden behind he blonde girl’s leg. The middle of the roll bar is high enough to come in behind the visors and the top of the front windshield, which is why you can’t see the white of the sky there. At least that’s my working theory. We won’t know for sure until we can identify the car.

  • F Brun

    Is it a Alfa Romeo Spider? Then there is no rollbar!

    • davidikus

      Yes, as far as I can remember, there is no rollbar on a Spider (otherwise, it would be a convertible, right?) – it can obviously be added but who on earth would do that? An added rollbar would be fitted inside the car body, thus show on the picture, anyhow.

      Looks like a perfect psd for me.

  • Aleksei

    Yes, they are sitting on a rollbar which lines up behind her left leg. And, believe it or not, there’s not much Photoshop involved. The bank didn’t do it – this is an iStock photo by Lise Gagne. For the non-believers – look up Lise’s portfolio in iStockPhoto and search for “convertible” on the left-hand side to see 23 photos of the same girls with the same car, rollbar and everything.

    • Aleksei
      • Starlitskyy

        Looking closer, I think they photoshopped the rollbar OUT:

        In this picture, it is in front of the “standing” girl. Here, they photoshopped it out and did something whacky with the guy driver’s elbow instead.

        • Your Name

          Actually, I think they did something weird with guy’s right shoulder. Compare istockphoto original, where one can see rollbar, blue sky and hand, with the scanned purpoted PSD, where there is some kind of whitish smear instead. Maybe it was the scanning, but I doubt it.
          Anyway, unlike the other images in the series, the rollbar is kind of elusive in the image they chose, making it quite difficult to decipher correctly. So this may also classify as an ADD. But to give credit where credit is due to the bank, for once they took care of clearing the rights of the stock photo they used…

    • Jason T. Barker

      Thanks for the istock link! This confirmed my idea that there was a rollbar and only the perspective and angle made it difficult to see…

  • God

    dunno..the pics on iStock also look pretty shopped to me! There is no rollbar in a Spider nor is there room to place such a piece of metal there..
    Whatever the reality: it really looks stupid!

    • Rog556

      Not true, small sports cars have the space for those cosmetic roll bars behind the seats. Had a triumph spitfire which had one. Miata’s get them all the time for spec Miata racing and that includes more bars than just a roll hoop

      Seeing the istock photos, I get that the ladies are sitting on the bar and it isn’t visble due to the top of the windshield and some other factors already mentioned. I still wonder about the dip in the landscape between legs of the girl on the left of the photo – the originals are more blue, but show the same dip.

  • James

    That is actually a Triumph Spitfire, one of the all-time, worst-ever English sports cars. Did not come stock with a roll bar since after a very few years, there would be no unrusted metal for it to be attached to. Besides, if you ever owned one of these Brit-boxes you would actually WANT to kill yourself.

  • Bill Rogers

    I always freaked out at the name of the bank. Is it the fifth bank? Is it the third bank? MAKE UP YOUR MIND !!!

  • Sbc

    I don’t see a disaster here. The guy is driving through the field, hits a bump and the poor girls flying out of the car. It’s priceless!

  • Your Name

    Autoreply since the link did not work.
    istockphoto original:

  • Rfd

    You are naive to think if any of those 3 models were even near the car during the photoshoot. Just look at the lighting. It’s a case of layering and pasting different photographs.