HM: Are We Having Fun Yet?

What can you say about a guy with a little head? *embarrassed shuffling*

Thanks goes to Anonymous. You can see the original here.  How many defects can you spot in this image?

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  • Nic Small

    Oh good grief. Most of the other photos on that page simply have heads and clothes Photoshopped onto the same body and arms. Why couldn’t they just photograph people wearing the shirts?

    • Rundesnettes

      I understand why the clothes are photoshopped – it’s so that they can be changed, paper-doll-like, on another part of the site. As to why they are so badly photoshopped, well . . .

    • kleenex

      Even at H&M we have to be frugal. So we photoshoped a bunch of images, the whole universe is not going to know what we did.

    • Maria

      because its part of a virtual wardrobe. The idea is you mix and match clothes to make different outfits.

  • AngryBroomstick

    KEN DOLL COMES ALIVE… and he’s never looked so creepy. *shudder*

  • David Vonrelem

    Stop reusing Cosmo’s titles.

    • Mordecai

      I thought it was Bill Griffith’s. (Author of Zippy the Pinhead – in case you didn’t get the reference)

    • Rick J

      Stop feverishly clinging to the past.

  • Geoffrey Palomino

    Wow, a male model for a change. O_O

    • Rick J


  • Gabriela Garcez

    Ughh… Gross!!!

  • Dances With Lasagna

    Why did they ‘Shop a woman’s head on to a possibly male body?

  • Sage1781

    Same arms….same legs….different heads….different clothes….same webstie….

  • Nícia Cruz

    It doesn’t seem natural, remembers me a robot with too many flaws.

  • Synthprax

    The forearms, the head, the hands, the torso, the legs all come from different people. And whoever/whatever created this monster has no idea what humans look like or their proportions.

  • M.H. Campbell

    The truly scary thing is you don’t notice how truly inhuman it is right away . . it look sa little odd, but you think maybe it’s the lighting or something.
    Then you see the head size, and that left arm . . and what are his legs attached to? Wholy Lord, does he only have three fingers on his right hand?!?!

    Please, pass the mental Clorox.

  • sb

    This is not really a PSD… the image is from a clothing site, part of an interactive catalog, this is only one of hundreds of possible combinations of clothing. You can click on the guys head and even choose another head. Check out the link for the original image.

    It really doesn’t look too bad for its intended purpose… to see what pants look good with which shorts.
    They don’t have a blockbuster movie budget for ‘perfect’ photoshopping.