Victoria’s Secret: Child Bearing Hips

child bearing hips

Eagerly awaiting all the inappropriate comments on this one… VS has done it again – but for the love of god, WHY?

Thanks Daniel for the submission. You can see the original here. If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our red image gallery to see a marked up version. 

That is crystal-nasty! And “Child bearing”!? She’d need a strap to keep the baby in place!  by Synthprax

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  • Bob

    Legs like those open many possibilities.

  • Anellia Stefcheva

    Gotta love the title here!

  • Roo0

    Here’s to swimmin’ with bowlegged women.

  • Buckwheat

    No PSD here, her crotch is simply at the same place her neck should be.

  • Richard Samul

    On windy shoots, the photographer wonders what the whistling noise is.

  • jdm8

    Ideal for horseback riding.

  • Caramelle

    Why is her right armpit melting?

  • Marcy

    Why? I have two theories. If it was done on purpose, then it is because they wanted to show how roomy the shorts are.

    If it was not done on purpose, then I go with this scenario — The model has very large thighs compared to the rest of her body. So they chopped the photo at the hem of the shorts then just moved the top part down until it was on top of her shins. Her ankles are just under the edge of the picture.

    There has to be a better explanation – c’mon people give me some ideas…

  • Leif Beaver

    To post a like a previous poster, I wish my girlfriend could do that.

  • Mordecai

    Oh classic! Commenters you have the floor…

  • Gabriela Garcez

    I’d love to see how she looks like naked.

    • Synthprax

      Oh hell no!

    • Bob

      I’m too worried she’s got side-by-side DP capabilities.

    • Waldobaby

      @Gabriela Garcez: “I’d love to see how she looks like naked.”

      How badly you wanna know?

  • Synthprax

    That is crystal-nasty! And “Child bearing”!? She’d need a strap to keep the baby in place!

    • Andy B

      Occasions like this call for the invention of a new sound effect.


  • Mordecai

    Reminds me of the joke that goes…
    “Honey have you taken precautions?”
    “Sure thing, I’ve tied my feet to the foot of the bed.”

  • Commie

    Legs such as these are very stable in high nautical winds. Hence the sailor suit.
    Not as important but still irritating is the way the bodice lines up with the horizon.

  • teleromeo

    I don’t see it, is it the sunglasses ?

  • Mel Rimmer

    The crotch thing is hideous, but the actual garment is even hideous-er. If a young, pretty, slender professional model (albeit badly photoshopped) looks unattractive in these dunga-shorts or whatever you call them, imagine what a normal person would look like.

  • Andrew

    It looks to me like they’ve PSd out her third leg.

  • Your Name

    I don’t know about this one…

    Pro: It looks awful and something’s fishy with the shorts (very sharp) and the thighs (almost unfocused), as if the garment had been photoshopped in — and then they shited the legs apart to line it with the outer edges of the shorts.
    Con: Maybe the garment has a very long torso, making the model’s waist actually (but realistically only slightly, since she has her hands in pockets) higher than the (then misleading) waistband, and she is spreading her feet to the max? (The shorts would themselves be similar to homeboy attire, with the perceived crotch well below the actual one.) If anyone could draw the model’s body lines below the clothing…

    • Salinesolution

      You’re definitely right about the waist.

    • Mordecai

      “shited her legs apart”? What a hilarious typo – I nearly choked on my coffee.

      • Your Name

        Sorry for your coffee…

        And I was really meaning to write “shifted”, not “shitted”, I swear! And I hope it will not qualify as a Freudian slip, since I wouldn’t dream of doing that in a foreign language. I shit you not!

        But since you liked the unintentional joke and took the pain to point it out, much to my embarassment, I left it there for others to enjoy, and only edited the other, totally unfunny, less embarassing typo I had made in the same sentence.

        • Gaussian Blerr

          Reminds me of a friend’s comment, “I think I just made a Freudian Slit…”

  • David

    She wouldn’t be able to stop a pig in a passage

  • M77

    Imma superman dat ho.

    • Figure.10

      What a brilliant and humorous insight. Thank you, M77, for sharing that with us.

  • RichardWagner

    My girlfriend looks like this since we tried that Kama Sutra position…

  • Gplongwood

    Is it me, or is the ocean reflecting is her glasses too?

    • Your Name

      Could it be… the real PSD?

      Or maybe the glasses are tinted this way… And what about the black shapes one can see in it that look like branches? Did they have to photoshop the reflection of the photographer out, or did they photoshop the glasses in? Since it’s all so small, we need someone from CSI to tell: “Enhance!”

  • Starlitskyy

    [/sarcasm on/] If you look at thie picture of it in white on the VS website, you can see a much less photoshopped version with the model’s horrendously thick thighs. I’m amazed they let someone with that much blubber ever get posted on the website. [/sarcasm off/]

  • designtp

    Its all about the gap baby!!

  • RobNPeggyAttaway

    One leg is larger than the other :-/

  • greennotGreen

    I actually don’t think this is a PSD; it’s a fashion disaster. When I draw in a normally proportioned body, her navel appears to be about two inches below the placket and her crotch would be about three inches below the sack’s “waist”. Then the positions of her legs almost make sense, although they still may have been slimmed a little. The fact that we’re so used to seeing models put through a Barbie doll filter obscures the fact that it’s the “clothing” that’s grossly out of proportion, not so much the model.

  • Leanne

    I don’t think it is photoshopped, or rather it is likely photoshopped, but her body and legs are fine, and the romper just hangs loose. Personally I like it and if I was 10 yrs younger I would totally wear it. It is cute and comfortable. I took the liberty of sketching in her body over the clothes, as someone suggested, at my blog:

    • Figure.10

      You seem to have given her a stomach. Blasphemy.

    • RobNPeggyAttaway

      LeAnne, I downloaded the file from the website, cropped into the circled area and enlarged to 200%. I would suggest you try that, as well. It is very apparent once done that the leg on her left (our right) is more curvy and the one on her right (our left) is about as straight as a pencil. Very odd editing indeed.

  • ReginaF

    How is she anyway?

  • Rp693

    This chick’s just haggard. Hellooooo, she’s a model.

  • Fyou2

    Seriously – she could receive cunnilingus with her knees together!

  • Lindsay Niles

    I simply cannot understand the logic behind trying to argue this isn’t a shopped disaster.

    Even an incredibly slender model whose legs still look exactly as they did when she was eleven years old is not going to look like that.

    Ah, warped senses of reality. They keep things interesting, at the very least.

    • RobNPeggyAttaway

      As I responded to LeAnne, once I downloaded the imaged and took into PS, expanded to 100% and the to 200%, just the area they had circled, it is very, very clear the image is poorly photochopped. One leg has natural curves and the other is simply straight as a pencil and the pixels are simply missing and too odd. I agree with you…

  • Arno Enzo

    She’s got 4 arms… So?
    All apes do 😀

  • BrianP

    Yeah I’m not convinced with this one either. Not saying it isn’t, but she could just as easily be anorexic.

  • Rain

    Oh God, VS has to have the worst photoshopped photos i’ve ever seen. Terrible, their entire website has more PSD than this blog!

  • Lfotmm

    It must be a BIG one.

  • Allaiyah Weyn

    I wish these catalog/magazine companies would stop digging up Lich Queens from the local graveyards.