Brora: So One Dimensional

Children’s collage or magazine mishap? A child would have taken more care around the edges. And flies? What?

 Thanks Marc. You can see the original here.

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  • Lars

    Ha, ha, ha…this one made my day :) The Winter Sale on cardboard cut-outs continues.

  • Spiffulus

    You cannot possibly think that they intended that to look real. Surely…

    • Morgan Harris

      Even if it’s supposed to be “stylised”, it’s still a shocker.

      • Spiffulus


        • Anellia Stefcheva

          Because the scaling is off.

          • Zaladmander

            and because they colored outside the lines on bottom of the middle one.

  • Leif Beaver

    I think Grandma made the patchwork blankets and also did the photoshopping. I love Grandma she is so talented. :)

  • Commie

    Too much starch.

  • davidikus

    This is so poor, it almost becomes a work of art (don’t Matisse & Vuillard paint clothes in a similar manner?)

  • Linda Degenhardt

    *lol* Thats great XD

  • Andrew A. Gill

    I almost wonder if the designer herself said, “This is a disaster. Wellp, if that’s what my boss wants…”

  • creepcakebakery

    somehow I think this was not meant to be realistic (at least I hope not)

    • Jshook

      I fear it was – look at the feeble attempts to provide shadowing, and the little straps (or whatever they are) at the front of the horse on the right. The horse on the left is particularly unconvincing – it appears to be wearing an enormous turtle shell. It would have helped if they had chosen photos of the blankets that were in something like the proper scale. But it is probably an impossible task to try to create a convincing illusion that these blankets are actually being worn by the horse. I was once asked to paint naval uniforms on some stock photos of your basic business people shaking hands, conferring and the like. I cannot claim that this was a success. I wish I had those graphics now to post for a good laugh.

      They could have gone for a more stylised collage effect, and it might have worked. But the whole “No flies…” concept should have been spiked when they realised they couldn’t put real blankets on real horse.

  • Kelseigh Nieforth

    You don’t seem to recognize the old saying “no flies on you”, meaning someone who’s sharp and a real go-getter, although it’s largely used ironically these days (i.e., flies don’t land on you if you’re constantly moving). So at least the caption makes sense here.

    The photo looks awful, though. If it’s supposed to be realistic it’s total fail, and if it’s supposed to look stylized it’s not stylized enough, so it’s still fail.

    • jdm8

      I haven’t heard of the phrase either. I’d say the bad comp job totally contradicts the meaning of the idiom.

      • Zaladmander

        I could be wrong, but I think the phrase is mostly out of use except in the UK. There is a story by John Lennon that used the saying and every other time I have heard it was from someone in Britain (the website that made this mess has a UK url).

        • Kelseigh Nieforth

          It still pops up in advertising and movies now and again, although as I said often ironic. You don’t hear people on the street using it anymore.

  • kirviinci

    I am wondering if these were supposed to be placeholders, or comps, for the actual ad and somehow this got sent to print instead of the real one.

  • Leandro Fiori

    I just wonder how it would look as a 3d clothing, since the image is awfull anyway (No one can serius like that patern)

  • Joe Barasa

    where is this? now i really wanna see their flies…

  • FoksPhur

    “No flies on us” refers to the fly sheets that are supposedly being advertised here (lightweight nylon-mesh sheets put on horses out at pasture to keep the flies off). I doubt this was meant to be used in any serious manner and probably was meant to be a dummy copy, or placeholder until a true picture was taken. Must have been some kind of mix-up.

  • Molly

    Lol this is just fucking funny.

  • iplaywow

    Was this actually on their home page? Their whole site looks very well done.

  • Bob

    I think the one on the right was done first. The designer was keen. He put a little tie-strap on the front, added some shadows and even put a little crinkled bit over the horse’s back. It’s almost half-passable if you squint a bit and own a labrador with a hi-vis jacket.

    Then the designer moved on to the middle horse. This one was a bit trickier because it had its neck in a funny position and was slightly hidden by the right-hand horse. Still, he persevered and even crafted a little tail-flap. He liked that, although he was starting to get a bit hungry. He decided it was time for lunch and wondered if the picture-desk guy wanted to go for a quick pint.

    Some time later he got back to the office. It was getting a bit late and it was Friday afternoon and the sun was shining. Oh bother, he still had that third horse to do. This one had its head down and was eating grass. Maybe he shouldn’t have had that third beer. What shape do horse blankets go when a head has its horse down? I mean, er…


    Will this do?

    • Mordecai

      Best comment Bob, I saw the whole scene played out. Brilliant. Maybe PSD the TV series in the style of “The Office”?