Elle: Adjustable Body Parts

Could you move your head up a little..to the right..no your right…oh never mind we’ll fix it up in post production.
adjustable neck

Thanks Anonymous. You can see the original here. If you can’t see the PSD, you can check out our red circled image for more help.

Reader Captions:

Pish! She’s just doing what Tyra says and elooooooooooooongating her neck so she looks more high fashion. by Jeneria

I think I’m too busy being creeped out by the triplets to see what the problem is. Is it the one in white with the giraffe neckby Allaiyah

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  • Olivierm

    ha ha great….
    Neck plus ultra …

  • http://twitter.com/gruenima martin gruening

    Deep throat.. hahaha…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=619586555 Leif Beaver

      Bit rude… She could be a sword swallower?

  • http://profiles.google.com/imroykun Ian Tester

    The long-necked woman also has two left hands.

    • Me

      The second left hand belongs to the girl in the middle.

    • internette

      the hand you refer to belongs to the central woman.

      • http://profiles.google.com/imroykun Ian Tester

        Oh yeah… damn.

  • Nette_mc

    are you people for real?! do you not realise that the prerequisite for being accepted into the modelling industry is that you don’t conform to the norm; you don’t look like a normal person, you don’t have the normal body proportions, your head is smaller than the normal person, your neck is longer than the normal person, your limbs are longer than the normal person. how hard is that to comprehend? why on earth would you imagine that some sop sitting at a computer would think: “hmmm, i think i’ll just extend this neck, twist this arm, merge these two images…”

    these women are the ideal, like athletes. we admire them because they are different.

    so stop fooling yourselves into thinking that someone would seriously lengthen the neck of a model in an image, purely for aesthetic appeal. THEY ARE MODELS. THEY ARE ALREADY AESTHICALLY APPEALLING. THAT’S WHY THEY ARE MODELS!!!

    i wish you wingers would just @*$$ off from this site, and people who can appreciate ACTUAL errors in photoshopping can comment on GENUINE mistakes in photoshopping, not this crap about: “well i can’t move MY body like that, so it CAN’T be physically possible”. YOU are not a model, so stop comparing yourself to one.

    • iplaywow

      And to add to that, fashion “photography” especially in high end glossy magazines is FANTASY. Everyone knows it’s a fantasy, everyone knows it’s manipulated to some extent, everyone knows you have to suspend your disbelief just like you do when reading a novel.

      Everyone with a brain knows that “reality” in ALL photos in fashion magazines are manipulated pre-shoot (make up etc), during the shoot (creating illusion of elongated necks etc) and post-shoot (in photoshop). It’s not documentary style photorealism. Most of these “psd” posts from fashion magazines are BORING… okay so they don’t look like you, so? okay there’s some minor photomanipulation here… so? how is this different from all the other images in the fashion magazines? zzzzzz

      It’s only interesting if it reaches the levels of absurdity so profound as to bend time and space.

      • internette

        no, iplaywow. you’re missing the point.

        i quote you: “everyone knows they create the illusion of elongated necks”. tell me, why would the photo editor go to the trouble? seriously.

        some models have long necks, longer than the average joe schmick. why in heck would someone stretch one tiny segment of a photo (the neck in your example), then spend the requisite time manipulating the hair and peripheral elements to accommodate that initial manipulation? why??

        answer: they wouldn’t waste the time. it serves no purpose, and it’s costly.

        some models have long necks. simple.

        have you every utilised photo editing software more involved than m/o picture manager? it takes time to fiddle with an image. time you can afford to expend on softening skin pores & wrinkles, & erasing errant hairs, to produce an image suitable for a magazine spread, but these guys aren’t going to be bothered with (or be paid for) dicking around with “elongating a neck”. why would they?

        • http://twitter.com/deverill deverill

          Why fiddle? It’s the image of beauty, for whatever reason. It is what people expect a model to look like. I seriously doubt if the model on the left has a neck as long as her entire hand is. Have you seen the Dove video about the work done on the face of a girl put on a bilboard for a makeup company – the end product is almost nothing like the original and their point is to young women that they don’t have to try to look like the models because not even the models look that way! (google Dove Evolution or search You Tube for “The Photoshop Effect” – very enlightening)

          The graphics manipulators are paid to do this kind of edit and thus are expected to do it quickly which is why there are so many PSD’s – they get in a hurry and “good enough” is not good at all.

          If you think there is not photo manipulation on almost every publicized photo then I’m afraid you are not in touch with the reality of advertising/publicity/glamor shots/etc.

          • internette

            i didn’t say that i think there is not photo manipulation on almost every publicised photo, deverill.

          • Aksu Is

            You must be joking, right? That neck is undouptedly photoshopped, and badly done. It really is weird to see something like that in the cover of a magazine. That is the most important picture in the whole review. When it looks like this, I wouldn’t read further.

          • Mrrude

            It’S probaby because internette is totally deformed and wants to become a fashion model. Fat chance!

          • internette

            deverill, i stand corrected. i just watched the dove evolution clip for the first time – enlightening, & disappointing.

        • Luuuukee

          You’re really blind or an idiot if you can’t see the photoshopping of the neck, or that her neck is really really really too long. They probably stretched it to get the three models heads on a different plane. Yes, models have elongated necks. But not that elongated. Have you ever SEEN people???

        • Yo momma

          You are quite emphatic about all of this.

          Suck it, honey

    • Rainy

      You must be a photoshop employee. Watch the Dover Commercial Beauty Evolution, it is common for them to make models necks longer, as with mixing and matching body parts from other people. Damn, if models with serious deformities such as missing limbs or broken pelvic bones are being hired I might just maim myself to get a job!

  • Andrew A. Gill

    We really need a separate category for necking.

    • RickRussellTX

      There is, it’s called “giraffic-design”. Not sure why it wasn’t used here. Although this particular case is both giraffic and baroque.

  • http://twitter.com/_jako_ jacson_pereira

    CABEÇAS VÃO ROLAR!!!!!!!!! (sobre o pescoço comprido) #FAIL

    • internette

      translation in english please?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1667096332 Flavio Freitas

        Literally, “Heads will roll (off)”. It was used during the time of civil war, when people were beheaded. Now, it’s used mostly to express angry or when a company decides to downsize and lay off employees.

        • internette

          thanks flavio. portuguese? i really must expand my horizons & learn a new language.

          i like the phrase, i think i’ll start incorporating it in my everyday vernacular.

    • http://twitter.com/farlakes God

      and two blue ones with a straw..and fast!
      no no! No salt!
      Ok, in het nederlands reageren lijkt ook nergens op…

  • Guest

    Also, the woman on the left appears to have an insanely long right leg.

  • http://www.immofuchs-fotografie.de Immo

    wow, this is really great! My first thought was “nice cover”…. damn…

  • jeneria

    Pish! She’s just doing what Tyra says and elooooooooooooongating her neck so she looks more high fashion.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YLREO5SQDTMCWXE62YE5AVTGNI Bird
  • http://profiles.google.com/likalaruku Allaiyah Weyn

    I think I’m too busy being creeped out by the triplets to see what the problem is. Is it the one in white with the giraffe neck?

  • Jacey

    She honestly just has a long neck. You can see it in other pics from that shoot and her other shoots. You guys should research this stuff a little more before you post it as a PSD.