Friseursalon: Cover Your Assets

cover your bum

We really don’t like seeing bare bottoms do we. Hands up all who don’t like seeing bare… oh never mind.

Thanks Thorsten. If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our marked up image in our red image gallery.

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  • Eliza Roche

    i dont see the psd.. am i blind?

    • Misshap

      Yes, you are.

  • CC

    I want to see the original…

    • Vernon

      It was a picture taken of the banner.

  • Nickele

    I think it’s intentional, which means it’s not a real psd.

    • Zaladmander

      I don’t think any picture is ‘shopped by accident, so I don’t see how “it’s intentional” trumps “it’s bad”

  • Joe Barasa

    psd? this is the kinda psd i wish i cud do. i suck at painting/shopping hair!

    • Waldobaby

      Well, this one’s creator sucks at typography. The hair must be meant to be “cute”, so it fails both in concept (shoulda made ‘em some hip-hop shorts or something to push the humor just a bit past its current level of “wtf”) and execution.

      Sideboob would work, even just a little.

      • Joe Barasa

        yeah, no doubt it looks awful, not to mention that the head is the same size as both thighs combined… but i still want to know how the hair was shopped.

        • God

          Joe…it wasn’t shopped. I know it is not ur cuppa-tea…but this gal has a hairy bum ;-)

      • Leif Beaver

        There is a suggestion of ‘Math’ in the text maybe it was designed by a mathematician? Boring and Drab.

  • Mario Burkhardt

    no disaster here, move along

  • Saurio

    I was going to write that I didn’t see any PSD here, till I saw it. It’s a little subtle: the hair falls down straight to the waist and then curves to cover the buttocks.
    Maybe intentional, maybe not, who cares, it is ugly and poorly done. Specially if you claim to be junior world champion of hairdressing.

  • Kerry

    Purely intentional and artistic – no PSD.

  • Ferdia O’Brien

    Purely intentional.

  • ShinjiPG

    It looks like a penis.

  • Shirenomad

    I see the problem: hair does not cut off in a perfectly straight line.

  • kleenex

    THIS IS NO PSD…. What we have here is the latest in European fashion. Hair long enough to also act as a short skirt…..

  • Andrew

    You can see her crack through the hair…obviously painted on…

  • Misshap

    That’s actually Cousin Itt.

  • Saurio

    “Intentional” is not a free pass. A PsD can be totally intentional and not a lesser PsD for that.

    • Nickele

      Ok, I agree, intentional does not necessarly trump bad job. But I don’t find this picture to be so bad. There is some unreal part in the picture, but that’s not due to poor mastering of photoshop. That’s why some of us would not call it a disaster. It might be an artistic disaster (if you don’t like it), but not a psd.

  • Elanima

    hmmm… her left hand? it looks like she has inverted hand…. or not?