Game of Thrones: Night Soil Design

A cut-back in marketing spend has publicity shots with cut-outs that would shame a two-clawed badger. Such dishonor has the fans crying ‘foul’.

Thanks Lauren. You can see the original here.

Editor to graphic newbie: Just pop this LSD trip and you’ll be fine… By Evolution

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  • evolution

    Editor to graphic newbie: Just pop this LSD trip and you’ll be fine…

  • Geoffrey Palomino

    This has to be intentional, it has to be.

    But I just can’t accept that.

  • shoop shoop

    This definitely looks intentional. Looks somewhat like colorised B&W. How retro.

  • Guest

    EW does this strangely colorized/cut-out image every week in their “Hot List” at the front of the magazine. It’s completely intentional.

  • Waldobaby

    I saw this show for a bit and I have read some of book 1 before deleting it, and I have now seen the art, and I have closure: all three are not just merely crap, they’re really most sincerely crap. All three.

    I mean the “anguished mother” movie of the week with the miscellaneous washed up actors following a script adapted from a graphic novel (I.E. any comic book over thirty two pages) with a promo department still using Mac Paint (“It’s like, CLASSIC, man…”) is eleventy times better than this whole freaking genre aimed at drunken greasy zit-butted fat-boys living in their mama’s garage. Putting this scurrilous stupidity of a picture up on that sloppy EWWW.COM site fits things just perfectly and proves that God is dead and we are forever alone!

    Sheesh! OK. I’m better now.

    • Nope

      ‘I mean the “anguished mother” movie of the week’ LOL.

      ~*Someone hasn’t read even one of the books*~

      Also, the book series isn’t really considered ~*fantasy*~, and hey. 23 year old lady living alone speaking, who very much enjoys the books and was gotten into them by my mother. The ASoIaF series has a huge fanbase between fans of fantasy and non-fans alike, no matter their age group or gender.

      There is nothing more ridiculous that someone making gross generalizations about something that they barely gave a shot, judging by your extremely inaccurate and rather insulting summations of the series. Hell, I actually read the Twilight books, entirely to justify why I don’t like them.

      • Haterbaiter

        “was gotten into them by my mother” That collection of words makes no logical sense. Also, you might try actually reading someone’s post before you flame the hell out of them, since she never, not once, said it was an anguished mother movie of the week. She said that that kind of movie was better than Game of Thrones. There is nothing more ridiculous than someone slamming someone when they clearly can’t even read or speak properly and actually just back up WB’s comments about the type of person who would watch GoT.

  • Grégory Millasseau

    On purpose or not, my eye are bleeding.

    • Commie

      The guy down the left’s eyes are about to EXPLODE LIKE A MILLION SUNS

  • Mordecai

    I’m sure all the stupid PsD’s on this site are all intentional! Nobody accidentally bumps into a desk and does a bad cut-out…ooops just dropped the computer on my foot and this artwork has gone futz! etc etc blah blah blah. This ‘intentional’ crap is as bad as the small owl, home schooled girlfiriends – but with one exception, it’s not very funny. Come up with a better meme people.

    • Bird

      What’s with this ‘small owl’? I keep seeing references to it and even went back to the beginning trying to find it’s birth. I couldn’t find it’s origins. Hmmmmm…… a conspiracy? Was the owl born elsewhere, not at PsD? I’m calling Donald Trump!

      • No

        I believe it was a tabloid image where someone had had their handbag cloned out, but they’d forgotten to remove the handle. The small owl reference came from the caption. Correct me if I’m misremembering.

        It was from years back and it looks like a lot of the older Cosmo-era submissions have been purged.

    • No

      ‘Intentional’ isn’t a meme. You just see it a lot lately because most of the submissions aren’t any good.

      • Commie

        * Shit.
        * Intentionally shit.

        both taste the same.

        • No

          I wouldn’t know, I can afford food.

        • Ariela B.

          I think a more appropriate analogy would be to compare a real pile of shit with a plastic pile of shit. Both may look and even smell the same way, but if you’re making a specific survey or collection of things that are real shit, you gotta call the fake one for what it is.

    • Ariela B.

      While I agree with you that “intentional” is thrown around a lot here, in this case every single EW issue has a collage in the same exact style as this. It’s how they punctuate their “Must List.” So in this instance, there actually was someone intending that look – as horrible as it may look to people with taste.

  • LouisM

    I also think it is intentional but I think that bad Art direction with cheap Photoshop does have it’s place here. Some times these ads are disasters even if intentional and there may not be a bad retoucher involved.

  • Bruno Reis Vila Nova

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I laughed so hard with this one

  • Maria

    GLUEKIT did this. They do this sort of thing. For money. I’m old.

  • kleenex

    That is what you get when you spend all the money on the TV show and have no money left over for an ad budget…

  • Chris

    It is intentional. They do graphic spreads like this in Entertainment Weekly all the time.

  • KJ Abbott

    Whats with the transparent play button looking thingy, in the upper right hand corner???

    • Commie

      You click that and the horse farts. Try it.

      • KJ Abbott

        Oh, well heck! That makes the whole thing worthwhile! Thanks!!

  • Andro Soleil

    First off, this was not concocted by the graphics team at Game of Thrones or the network. This was made BY Entertainment Weekly and they have a graphic like this in EVERY issue as it describes whatever is at the top of the “must list”. Find some back issues if you must. It’s meant to be a pop art throwback. I know it’s not to everyone’s taste, but this is NOT a PSD.

    • Commie

      You mean pop art throw up. Am I right?

  • Anne

    I thought it was funny that it came from EW, as that’s what I thought when I saw it. “Ew.”

  • Gurst

    Hardly a PSD if the effect was intentional.

    BTW, what’s with linking the word ‘fans’ to a wholly unrelated PSD? That legitimate disaster has nothing to do with this article…

    • arachnophilia

      oh, i don’t think it matters if they meant to do it. it’s still a disaster. that’s like saying a car crash isn’t a car crash because you did it on purpose.

      • No

        No, it’d be like saying that a car crash wasn’t an accident if you did it on purpose. Which would be true.

        If I designed a poster and everyone thought it was ugly, it wouldn’t automatically qualify for this site. The site’s purpose was originally to point out obvious errors and mistakes left in finished projects (eg. missing limbs), or when the artist had unintentionally left evidence of the fact that they’d used photoshop in it (eg. poor cloning, bad cut outs). If, like this one, they’ve intended the finished product to look like it’s been comped together, then it’s not a PSD, it’s just a crap picture.

        Has this site turned into a blog that just critiques bad art choices? It seems that way based on this and also the many other submissions that some commenters justify their inclusion by saying “it’s a disaster because they should have fixed a poor photo with photoshop and didn’t”.

        The computer screen one from a few days ago was a proper PSD, this one that’s obviously intended to look like a weird photo collage is not.

        • Ariela B.

          Finally, some sensibility. Thank you, No.

          Anyone who’s read a few EW issues can recognize the “style” of their Must List images. I remember one of the Dexter collages was particularly horrible. Yes, they’re disasters in the sense of an affront to the eyes, but they’re not PSDs.

        • Tor

          Good God, man, you are spending *way* too much time analyzing this site. Is the job hunt really going that poorly?

          • No

            I like that you chose someone’s worklife as your focal point for insults when you’re calling yourself a ‘doctor’ of alternative medicine.

          • arachnophilia

            yes, well, that’s what happened when you learn a legitimate skill like photo retouching instead of how to scam people by selling them overpriced water.

        • arachnophilia

          “Has this site turned into a blog that just critiques bad art choices?”

          …perhaps? why not? no, i know exactly what you mean. i looked at this and immediately went “bad art choice”. but really, it’s still a disaster, made in photoshop. it sort of technically qualifies. i agree that we should be looking at the technical errors, and not the bad-but-intentional choices. i’m just playing devil’s advocate here.

  • Swell_swell

    Even if the bad cut-out comping is intentional, what is a magazine doing with a play button? I pressed it and pressed it but the *&(*&( magazine didn’t do anything!

    • No

      Try pressing it on the actual site rather than the screenshot…

      • Swell_swell

        I was suggesting I was pressing on it in the magazine. Some people just don’t get it.


    It’s not like Entertainment Weekly is some tiny magazine, this is still a definite disaster because it looks like shit.

  • Mordecai

    So bad cut outs are a design choice? The stupid retro colour wash-over effect is a design choice and if the cut outs hadn’t been so bad and downright amateurish it wouldn’t be a disaster. Bad publishing this sort of crud is a very bad look.

  • andrew123456789

    Gads…who gives a crap if they qualify as PSDs. It’s UGLY, which makes it FUNNY, which means it belongs here. Y’all are PSD fundamentalists or something.

    • No

      Some people find LOLcats funny as well, I guess it’s only a matter of time before they start finding their way here too then.

  • Synthprax

    Her face says it all.

  • Mordecai

    Oh please YES LOLcats yes

  • James Anderson

    This blog has gone to the dogs since the buy out…

    It used to be about “quality” not quantity – there’s no need to post 8 nearly there PsDs if 6 of them aren’t actually disasters…

  • Joe

    They all look disgusted/terrified by the results. Except for the horse. The horse couldn’t care less.

  • Alexis Goff

    disaster (dɪˈzɑːstə)
    2. a thing, project, etc, that fails or has been ruined

    So THIS qualifies as a disaster because it is obviously an EPIC FAIL. And this disaster was created with Photoshop. So, what exactly is the argument over?

  • Bargonzo

    People who claim this is a “design choice” are those people who keep on saying stuff like “ugly is the new beautiful” and similar nonsense…

  • Allaiyah Weyn

    Is this an advertisement for Lord of the Rings?

  • Foto_clipping

    Photoshopped!! But Quality is not perfect at all