Top 10 Photoshop Failures

 Original PSD
Original PSD

Original PSD

Original PSD

Original PSD

Original PSD

Original PSD

Original PSD

 Original PSD

Original PSD

Original PSD
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  • Mordecai

    Oldies but goodies

  • Lee

    That last one… oh gosh what am i looking at

  • just_em

    Re: the last one, as someone said in the original thread: “It’s intentional. The joke is that children under 7 get 100% reimbursement for medical services so they are pretending that the injured leg is hers by hiding their other legs under their coats.”

  • Greg Norris

    My BIG smile :)~

  • Darkzealot

    The last is not a fail. it’s intentional…

  • Beto Mrc

    my eyes!! my eyes!!!

  • andy

    the first one is not a photoshop disaster.  its a photography disaster – bad choice of composition.  the last one is intentional.  

  • Ty

    Top 10 by what criteria? I can think of some that are way better than most of these. Remember Kung-fu pads Franken-boy? Or severed torso in toy fire engine?

  • La Loba

    I love this lady on rocks. She has VERY VERY long leg

  • Debndale

    creeepy! disembodied legs and that hand holding hand without an arm… oooerrhh!

  • clipping path

    Unbelievable how can it possible?????????? 

  • Amit Tripathi

    Last one is not photoshop failure. It is taken from an angle where it seems that girl has two different types of leg but the bigger one is of that man.

  • Eric Paulsen

    Everyone keeps saying the last picture is intentional/shot at an awkward angle but I see two legs and two people. Even if we allow that the little girls leg has been occluded by the “fathers” one must still wonder where HIS right leg has gone off to. Or am I missing something?