Victoria’s Secret: Killer Shoulder Fat

shoulder problems

Can YOUR shoulders handle killer fat weight loss workouts? Obviously not.

Thanks Jan. You can see the original here. If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our red image gallery to see the marked up version.

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  • Geoffrey Palomino

    and I’m not lying when I say this…

    I can do that with my shoulders.

    • Eliza Roche

      me too ! LOL.. not a psd.. it just looks weird.. but its not impossible to do that

      • Joe Barasa

        i agree. one of the things i learned when studying anatomy is that some things look weird, but thats how they are. owners of this site should learn anatomy. not a psd

        • Waldobaby

          If it looks bad AFTER being shopped, it’s a PSD. Why does the ocean horizon take a dip? (A: it was hot…)

          • Joe Barasa

            well, maybe you are right. i will find out as soon as i get my magnifying glass. i miss the real disasters. not poor photoshop, odd looking thingy, just disaster, like missing legs, and six digits. thats wat i used to love about this site. not any more.

          • Yo momma

            Everyone was worried about being featured in PSD so they started concentrating and there are no more flagrantly horrible disasters to be found. Everyone has 2 legs, 5 digits per hand and only one head.

          • Joe Barasa

            in other words, PSD ruined PSD :(

    • Heather

      The delts are fine, but filling in her armpit is what has thrown it off. If the armpits had been left naturally, and if the shadow between the tricep/delts hadn’t been messed with, the delts would look fine.

      Part of it is probably that her bottom half has been so trimmed/smoothed down that she looks off balance, too.

      So, yeah, I agree about the shoulder being fine. Often, if isn’t directly ‘shopping the body part, but rather ‘shopping the areas around it, that can make it look wrong.

      • Waldobaby

        “Part of it is probably that her bottom half has been so trimmed/smoothed down”

        You mean with the painted on indent-less bikini bottom?

        • Vernon

          Nice to see you back commenting on the site!

  • fnarf

    She says, “I’m tired of guys just staring at my tits. Now, they can’t take their eyes off my WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?

  • Joe Barasa

    i clicked there and i still dont see the disaster… where is it?

  • Damon Blackheart

    Apart from the ‘my shoulders can do that’ thing which I have trouble buying, the whole body seems out of proportion to me. If it’s not a psd it’s still up for the ugliest photo of the week !

  • cessout

    She again? She’s been previously proven to have a unique anatomy. And the shoulders are ok. Is there anybody on the site staff who is actually paying attention to what’s said and shown in the comments, or each time is like hitting the Reset button?

  • Leif Beaver

    I think she could give Ian Thorpe a run for his money in the Olympic swimming pool.

  • Luuk Platschorre

    The horizon does take a small dip where it meets her shoulder. Which to me looks a bit unnatural, but what do I know about horizons anyway?

    I think she looks fantastic, for a gold medal long-distance breast stroke specialist.

  • Anellia Stefcheva

    I love muscles! Even when they are faked and look weird; still beats the stick figure look /thumbsup

    Still, there should be *some* balance between the shoulder and the arm. The shoulder can’t be twice thicker than the arm, no matter how weird human anatomy looks sometimes, Mr. Barasa 😉

    For reference:

  • Leenie Smith

    There is no way you can look at this thing and not agree that is a disaster. You must be blind or live with some very odd looking women if this pic looks normal to you.

    • cessout

      Take a look at the pics I got. There’s nothing weird here.

    • Bird

      It jumped right out to me. Compare the shoulders…..the right one is big, true, but the left one is grotesque.

  • Vernon

    If you find them we will post them :)

  • kleenex

    What weight loss pills has she been taking. I do not want to take them if a side effect is flabby arms…

  • Zaladmander

    yes, she has big shoulders. however, if you zoom in on this image, you can also see that someone has done something to her shoulder with photoshop in this particular image.

  • Gabriela Garcez

    Candice Swanepoel has been featured so many times here, that I believe she’s a walking photoshop disaster. Bitch is just a freak.

  • greennotGreen

    Let’s just say that this is Photoshopped – that this woman just happens to have a really weird body that fashion photographers find attractive, or something. But this *pose* is a disaster, and the reason for the pose is the bikini top. It has to be tight to stay up since there are no straps and it has to be tight to provide the substantial cleavage. It would be very hard to swim in because I believe when you swim you have to breathe.

  • greennotGreen

    I think I edited my comment out of existence.

    This may not be a Photoshop disaster, but it is a disaster of a *pose.* And the reason for the pose is the bikini top. It has to be tight to stay up because it has no straps, and it has to be tight to provide the rather substantial cleavage. If her arms were down, in addition to hiding a bit of the top, what little flesh she has would bulge out at the edges which would be unattractive. (Can you imagine what this tourniquet of a swim suit would look like on an average American woman!) But I don’t think anyone could swim in it anyway because I’m pretty sure in order to swim one has to breathe.

    • PhotoshopExpert

      The same model is shown in the same pose in several others bikinis in the Victoria’s Secret website (the link is at the end of the post) and has no “deformation of shoulders”.

      Please search better before posting a comment. It is a huge Photoshop Disaster.

      And btw, the VS site is full of Photoshop errors, but since this image was sent to all people who subscribe to Victoria’s Secret daily mail in order to inform clients about their new items, the image got – obviously – huge notoriety. It is an unfortunate accident, but still a Photoshop Disaster.

    • Tor

      Oh, please. If this *isn’t* a PSD, why the hell didn’t somebody photoshop that damn tumor out of the picture???

  • Leif Beaver

    I like Kosha has posted nearly every photo of this chick.

    P.S. Even with her big chicken wing shoulder blades… Shes Hot!

  • No

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned from these comments, it’s that this woman apparently likes putting her arms behind her head.

  • Alexis Goff

    It looks like she has a double-jointed shoulder. And it seems like they tried to blur and clip the edges to make it look normal and then gave up. Either way, the photographer never should have put her in this pose with an awkward shoulder like that! It takes attention away from the bikini (in this case, not a bad thing) and has all of our eyes burning holes in the girl’s mutant shoulder.

    The real disaster in that clevage!

    I don’t understand…the girl already has big boobs. Why does VS have to ALWAYS make real boobs look like comic book boobs? >:-(

  • Lara Ortiz

    Did this actually run?

  • Bird

    If you zoom it out to 200% there are all kinds of squiggly lines around the shoulder, waist and hips. PSD to me — unless she was shivering when the photo was taken.

  • Elnino

    still look like a fake background to me! No more money to send teams on the side of the beach!

  • worried

    I’m starting to think this model is actually a mutant. It’s always her in the VS Disasters. Always!