Triodos Bank: She Got Legs

long legs

Help grow your investment legs with sustainable banking.

Thanks Stijn! The original can be found in the De Standaard newspaper. If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our red image gallery.

That’s just the laws of evolution. In the Netherlands, where most of the country is below sea level, you have to be tall in order to be able to spot incoming tsunamis early. By Micheal

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  • Joe Barasa


    • God

      And I thought this was THE woman for you Joe…Custom-build

      • Joe Barasa

        nay, am allergic to feathers :) long legs, yes!

  • Leif Beaver

    She’s got legs, she knows how to use them
    She never begs, she knows how to choose them
    She only lets you wonder how to feel them
    Would you get behind them if you could only find them
    She’s my baby, she’s my baby
    Yeah, it’s all right

    Oh yeah ZZ Top!

  • Michael Grube

    That’s just the laws of evolution. In the Netherlands, where most of the country is below sea level, you have to be tall in order to be able to spot incoming tsunamis early.

    • teleromeo

      De Standaard is a Belgian newspaper.

  • Pokepoke

    Also, the text says that now with the bank of her choice “She can sleep on both ears again”

    I dont know if you ever tried sleeping on both ears, its hard.

    • TrollAlert

      Surely you know that’s just a figure of speech.

    • Onno

      That’s a saying in Flemish, and actually nobody laughs when they say it, They mean to say they don’t have to worry anymore… but I don’t understand it either.

  • teleromeo

    This is NO PSD, it is intentional, there are similar illustrations on the Triodos site.

    • Bird

      Or they use the same Jughead to do all of their PS work.

  • kirviinci

    The tiny head and random peacock tail are the real disasters here. If her head was it’s actual size, it would make the rest of her look proportioned. Also, people, such as myself and my sis-in-law, are quite capable of having very long legs and short torsos, so I really don’t understand how anyone could think that is a disaster.

    • Bird

      I don’t doubt you. I know some very leggy people who have average torsos, but the arms are usually proportionately long also. The average peacock tail feathers are about 3 feet long. So she is well over 6 feet tall with arms that are 3 feet long.

  • kleenex

    NO PSD… She is on some special platform shoes that gives her more height.

  • ABP53

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  • David

    Quite apart from all the other horrible things going on here, wasn’t there SOMEONE in their creative dept with enough basic education to point out that it’s the MALES that have the display tails. This is like shopping a set of udders onto a middle aged bloke.

  • Shrunkhead

    No PSD … her head is really that small! Shrunk! There are people who have hands bigger than their whole head. It’s just s matter of lack of hydrogenes in your body

  • Guest

    c’est simplement une pub, suffit de traduire le text !

  • Achilles Hartsteen

    its done on purpose lol

  • Scarabus

    As the peacock feathers reveal, this isn’t a mortal woman. The peacock is an attribute of the goddess Hera/Juno, who can assume any shape she wants. The real question is why a classical goddess would want to look like this.

  • Onno

    For those still reading:
    This is a series that runs in several media, with several different long legged/feathered characters.
    The tag line is “proud as a peacock” to have savings at this bank (in Dutch), so… it’s actually meant that way.
    And yes, it’s exactly the reason why it is getting so much attention. Ergo: it works