Calvin Klein: Red Out

Boss: “Models genitalia too bulgy – smooth it out.”
GA: “..?”
Boss: “I don’t know – just do it!”
GA: “How about this, sir?
Boss: “More. There’s still a bit dangling down.”
GA: “Now?”
Boss: “Oh for Gods sake I’ll do it myself!” (grabs stylus and scribbles furiously)

Thanks Bogdan for the submission. You can see the original here.

We shop IN fake cleavage on the women and shop OUT real men’s junk…and that is what is wrong with our society today.  By Eloahj

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  • Waldobaby

    Party apron.

  • Bird

    It’s just the red and blue ones of this style. Plenty of bulging going on there otherwise. Not that I checked, or anything.

    • Waldobaby

      You wanted to know. You wanted to know fairly badly. Were you checking the pixels to see if it was shopped?

      Well, IT WASN”T. Not a PSD. This is a MacPaint disaster.

      • Anon

        You beat me to it. I was going to say Microsoft Paint disaster…

      • Stubaker

        Wow. You know MacPaint?

        I wonder if I should envy or pity you…

  • Joe Barasa

    calvin klein miniskirts for men?

  • Commie

    It’s like, how much more red could this be? and the answer is none. None more red.

  • SirCannonFodder

     I guess you could say that the underwear…
    Is a bit of a stretch.

    • videoflyer


  • Nieheltz

    Well, actually this is a photo of the actual box the trunks come in. The trunk area is punched-out and lets you see in the box, to see what color is in it. :-)

    • Byteme

       actually you are wrong. if you go to the Amazon page and scroll over the pic it zooms in and you can see the horrible choppy edge they used to mask out the red and then the blue. It is NOT a cut out. See for yourself.
      Anyone who has even been in the same room as someone that knows Photoshop can see it is a poor Masking job.

  • Rendra Soeria Atmadja

    joke :)

  • Henke37

    I see the problem here, the price is ludicrous.

  • Leandro Fiori

    Thought it was one of those censored bars, but in red

  • dingbat

    poor amazon seller… ‘OMG I only have a picture of the white trunks and I need blue and red! what can I do?’ …then shouts out for five year old kid to help…

  • Saurio

    My cat can do that.

    Correction: My cat can do it better.

    (I mean, the photoshopping job)

  • Deniss Kurjakov

    I think its a COTTON STRETCH

  • CurrentResident

    I had a friend who worked at a print house in Boston, and when they worked on underwear catalogs, it was her job to use Photoshop to erase any hint of male genitalia beneath the fabric.

    • eloahj

      we shop IN fake cleavage on the women and shop OUT real men’s junk…and that is what is wrong with our society today.

    • Bargonzo

      Strange enough, the white boxers still have the tell-all contours…

  • Guest

    Gotta change the colours, hmm… let me look up a tutorial on how to do that. Oh, you just colour over it? That’s easy! Wait, “set the layer to multiply”? What does that mean? What’s a layer?? Oh well it looks good enough the way it is now! 

  • God

    it looks like a red man-skirt now…

  • Guest

    lmao that’s horrible….wtf kids don’t go searching for mens underwear on Amazon…. 

  • Fapperboy

    The chest could be Anthony Weiner, but not the undies!

  • Mordecai

    Comment whoring – ouch!

  • Jennifer Ludicke

    The most upsetting part is the link below it that says “share your own customer images”… Amazon UK, you’ve opened the door for homemade porn!