Shell Fuelsave: Disproportionate Savings

New marketing ploy from fuel companies. Decrease the size of the litre but charge the same price more. Or is it REALLY a giant hand?

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  • Czendas

    I don’t think this is really a PSD. Looks like intention to me. The guy is just sticking the fuel right up your face.

  • Eliza Roche

    intentional… not psd

  • Stephen

    The error is not the fact that the hand and jar are bigger than your body (though that’s not well done).

    It’s that, unless that hand belongs to Andre the giant, that container holds about half a litre – at most. A litre container is much bigger than that.

    • Mordecai

      Yes Stephen you are correct. There is no way a hand could fit around a jar that contained a litre of that dimension.

      • Patrick Duriez

        Just holding a 1L beaker in my hand (actually put it back to type this answer), and I am no giant. It looks just like the ad. so PSd here. Transparency of the liquid/beaker is the only unintentional problem I can see here.

  • Guest

    Okay it’s not a spectacular Photoshop, but you can look at this picture in different ways. Some ads are just goofy and try exaggerate things. The message is clear, Save on fuel. Gets it across. Yes, the big hand is weird but it doesn’t bother me as much as seeing several hands or broken bodies in ads…

  • Toto

    1 litre = 1dm2. That fits in one hand.

  • Toto

    1dm3, sorry.

  • Tom Harding

    Hah, the billboards were all over the UK last summer. I took this picture with my iPhone:

    • Leisa Huston

      He’s holding the beaker slightly lower now. His arm must be getting tired

  • dingbat

    oh come on, is anyone actually editing here any more?! This is obviously intentionally comic and not at all a ‘disaster’ Grr…

  • Saurio

    The enormous hand is obviously intentional and it is possible to hold 1 liter container with one hand (although we can discuss if this particular container has 1 l capacity).
    But… but… the liquid is transparent. The container is transparent. Even considering refraction and other optical effects, Shouldn’t we be seeing the palm of the hand?

  • Casmir

    I don’t see a PSD

  • Chris

    Not a PSD–just really bad design

  • kleenex

    NO PSD….  This scientist has spent too much time in the lab, mixed up a bad batch of chemicals and is now the freak you see today in that photo.

  • Byteme

    Intentional !!!!! Lame.
    Take it down.

    • Byteme

      They were doing so well for a while with real Psd disasters.

      • Barfmat

        And now your happy world is shattered again… poor boy! Goochiegoochiegoochie…

  • Jshook

    I vote not a PSD. The exaggerated hand is clearly intentional. As for the non-appearance of the palm of the hand through liquid, this is arguably an editorial choice, since the emphasis is on the liquid, not adherence to realism (which they’ve already thrown out the window.) If the point were how clear this liquid is, the yes, you would want to see the rest of the hand. Here it would be just a confusing distraction. As to the size container that would really be required to hold that mount of liquid, I think it’s another editorial decision.

    We may not like this design or editorial decisions that were made, but I think they knew what they were doing.

  • CurrentResident

    I kinda like the way this one looks. I think it’s funny!

  • Nina

    No, that’s never a litre. 500 mL, 800 at MOST. Workin with beakers like that every day. So yes, this IS a PSD.

  • Jonathan Dos Santos

    even if its a 500ml beaker, its not a psd  , do you think the designer goes around studing each object he puts on a ad… its not like the guy cropped something wrong or put someone that wasn’t there in a silly way…

    if this is a psd , then all the ads with a magnifer on it are psd, because well i’m pretty sure those magnifiers wont magnify that much…

  • Alison Griffiths

    Here is a picture I took of me holding a half litre jug – quite clearly if you double that volume without increasing the height of the container by much there is no way a hand can go round it.  A litre is about 38 fluid ounces or a quarter of a gallon for all the folks who don’t use the metric system. Admittedly my hand is smallish and the jug is a slightly different shape – but no way is that a litre.

  • Bukax42

    It’s just Mr. Fantastic without his Fantastic Four outfit.

  • Mimi

    I can clearly see how the scientists “developed” this fuel-  chugging down a six-pack and pissing into a beaker. No wonder it’s so “economical.” The government is keeping out on us!