Chinese Officials: Vewwy Sowwy

Although the Chinese Government of Huili County have apologised profusely for a few weeks now – it’s still fun to rub it in.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in. You can see the original here. If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our marked up version.

In Communist China, government officials Photoshop YOU!  By JoMomma

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  • ForeverNewb

    The chinese were just the first to develop anti-gravity shoes. Not a PSD at all!

  • Jshook

    In China, levitation is a casual affair.

  • kleenex

    Green Screen photo, NO PSD!!!

  • JoMomma

    In Communist China, government officials Photoshop YOU!

  • Waldobaby
  • Otto

    Mind boggling as to why they did this in the first place…

    • Bargonzo

      Apparently, an editor didn’t like the look of the dirty concrete road they were standing on, and transplanted them onto a nice, clean asphalt road…

  • Zoeperzazke
  • Guest

    HAHAHA it’s killing me

  • Joe

    Racism is hilarious!!!

    • Andro Soleil

      I don’t even understand what ‘Vewwy Sowwy’ is supposed to mean. Is PSD suggesting that Chinese officials are somehow connected with Elmer Fudd? Or is the author a culturally-insensitive buffoon? Either way, it makes no sense and is completely devoid of humor.

      Doesn’t matter if it’s ignorant or just plainly racist, this post’s title is utterly stupid.
      Happy 4th yowl! Guh-huh!

      • Jshook

        It’s a mistake. To be a culturally-sensitive buffoon, the author should have written “Velly Solly.” Oh wait – that’s Japan. Never mind.

      • Mike Glicksman

        Perhaps the author was having difficulty typing while pulling back his eyelids.

      • Keir Heath

        It’s an allusion to the WWII cartoons attacking the Japanese.

      • Mordecai

        But they are Elmer Fudd – three Elmer Fudds..

  • gregi71

    jesus, thats marvelous

  • Stella

    They did a great job on the hair – they must have watched the tutorial.

  • Asaliah

    chinese people are shadowless

  • BrianM

    The racism is more of a fail than the photoshop.

    • LouisM

      Yes, and I don’t understand why pointing out the fact that they pronounce words differently is supposed to be funny.  English is a foreign language to them.  I know several chinese people who pronounce english just fine.  When they don’t speak chinese primarily, yes they will have dialect issues.  Anyone who makes fun of this is really showing what an idiot they themselves are.

    • ChingChongChing

      Quit being such a PC douchebag.  Just because you have low self esteem (rightfully so), doesn’t mean the rest of us need to give up our freedom of speech.  Maybe you should move to China where the government tells you what you can and can’t say.  I think you’d like it there.  So solly.

  • Keir Heath

    Having lived in China for 8 years, this is all grist to the mill. All the news that is allowed by the Central Government has been photoshopped in this way. Anything that adds more shame and embarrassment can only help.
    I’ve been following PSD for some time now and only this month have I ever actually used photoshop. If anyone’s interested to see disasters (but good-natured, amateurish ones that aren’t designed to mislead or bring in money) check out my attempts to pay homage to Sergey Larenkov by melding then-and-now pictures of Nazi sites with how they appear today. I’m just proud that I know how to use layers…

  • mauricio

    I just know. Photo use photoshop.

  • DelwarHossain

    Nice Photoshop


  • JerryG

    Me so phony.

  • Bargonzo

    And a new meme is born…

  • Swamykant

    Ha ha ha