Fashion Against AIDs: Slipshod

People who dress ‘hip‘ don’t catch AIDs.

Thanks Thomas. You can see the original here. If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our marked up red image.

They’re called ‘Pants’, they cover your legs and protect them from the elements, all the kids are wearing them nowadays.  By Fred

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  • martin gruening

    Hip? Ehm… don’t need it, so cut it…

    • Morons

      Or, or, and stay with me here this gets a little complicated…  you could just tilt your hip and put your elbow in front of it.  Then, and this is where it gets really exciting, we take a picture from that angle and don’t have to do any photoshop at all !  

      Now we can all get back to how they faked the moon landing.

      • Bargonzo

        Problem is, her elbow isn’t “in front” of the hip, unless her forearm is horribly distorted in real life.

  • Fritters

    Now you’re ‘shopping with portals!

  • Leif Beaver

    It’s Hip to be Square!

    • davidikus

      Sesame Street ( rather than Huey Lewis and the News style, surely?

      • Leif Beaver

        Haha. When I did that quote i was thinking American Psycho…

  • My Name Was Stolen

    Ye Gods what is that cavity that has opened up on the leg at the right? It’s probably supposed to be a shadow of the T Shirt but it looks like it has folds around it.

    • Fred

      They’re called ‘Pants’, they cover your legs and protect them from the elements, all the kids are wearing them nowadays.

      • My Name Was Stolen

        Cool. Do they come with the labial openings or do ‘the kids’ add those themselves? You being an expert on children’s pants and all.

        • Fred

          Yes, it’s called a zipper. You really should get out more, and try not to think of children that way, it’s unhealthy.

  • ZealotZebra

    “You enjoy life… you might be ripped in half any moment”

  • Gowssian Blerr

    AIDS used to be called Slim; now it’s called Trim…

  • Michael

    Her arm is in front of her hip. This is not a disaster. Go to a mirror and try this pose, and notice how much you have to contort yourself before your hip shows beyond your arm.

    I wonder… if some of the contributers and commenters got off the computer and spent a little time in reality, how long would it take before they stopped pointing out things saying “That’s a PSD,” and instead realized that sometimes, REALITY can look a little odd too.

    • Synthprax

      Yeaaahhhhh. Tsk. Print it out and draw where you believe her body is contorted behind her right arm. And remember, those legs are nearly vertical.
      Now… stop buying second hand mirrors from defunct carnivals.

      • Holabgeorge

        Don’t try to use big words like ‘vertical’ if you don’t know what they mean.

        • Synthprax

          “Vertical” as in “not foreshortened”. And outlines or no, she’s still bad built.

          • Holabgeorge

            I think she’s good built, you just have to imagine in 3-d. You and Bargonzo need to step away from the computer and into the sunshine once in a while, then you could see that real people are 3 dimensional and know that you can place an elbow in front of a hip.  

            Go outside.

        • Bargonzo

          Nope, sorry. Her elbow is deep inside her hip bone. Only possible if your reality lives inside Poser…

        • RichardWagner

          My girlfriend does this kind of drawings, too… all the time…

    • Waldobaby

      “sometimes, REALITY can look a little odd too”. If it looks awkward, deformed, or odd, whether it lives in the reality zone or not, then the shopper has failed. Reality is overrated, and that concept is at the core of the Photoshop ethos.

      • Mangrove

        No more art school for you.

    • Anan

      Dude… just look at those arms… if you can do that in a mirror, you need a new mirror. Her right hand would need to be many feet in front of her left hand to look THAT much bigger.

  • Bob

    AIDs? With a little s? Really?

  • Leisa Huston

    argh, man-hands!

  • JoMomma

    Impossible to tell if it was a “good” image or not when it was first made since the back and forth of the process that starts with pixels in a camera and and ends with images on a printing plate has turned into a bad joke.

  • Andrew A. Gill

    You know, this is so common, perhaps we should have a new category for it: hip displacement?

  • Spoilsport

    I see no need for Photoshop here, just a baggy T-shirt. Her elbow is pressed against the front of her hip and she’s pulling the T-shirt out from under it so it covers part of her forearm. 

    In case anyone hadn’t noticed, camera lenses don’t work like mirrors – they increase the foreshortening effect (at short focal lengths), hence her right hand looks much bigger than the left.

    Any reasonably skinny girl with a baggy T-shirt and a friend with a wide-angle lens could recreate this picture right now.

    • ZealotZebra

      If you follow the line from her hip and up, you’ll realize that if she actually has a hip on that side, that is hidden by the t-shirt, you can’t actually do that without dislocating something.

  • Jacey

    I don’t know… I really think she’s 1. really skinny, 2. leaning forward, 3. has her elbow tucked in front of her hip. Lanky, skinny people can get into positions like that. 

  • Meedz

    She IS wearing pants, Fred!!!

  • Aubrey

    I do this pose all the time. Oops for being skinny!