Ryan Homes: Flimsy Façade

The real estate crisis and cheaper homes have led to some lazy construction practices of late. Dubbed the ‘thin client’ technique by real estate agents, and an ‘outright swindle’ by would-be buyers, the controversy continues.

Thanks Mike. The original can be found in the latest Ryan Homes newsletter. If you can’t see the PSD, please see our red circled image.
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  • guest

    A lot of model homes are set up like this. After the home is done modeling, and is put up for sale, they remove the planter and add a driveway. Now, is it a dumb idea to take a picture like that? Sure… probably should have ‘shopped a driveway in; however, the planter is legit.

    • Waldobaby

      Ye be absolutely right. This is a real un-shopped picture of the anchor house in a new subdivision. It’s the sales office. Period.

      Inside that garage you will find a fully insulated, walled, wired, heated, air conditioned, and painted room. Even the garage door is insulated. The sales office is in the garage because the house proper is a model of a home, and no buyer wants to see it as a working office. When this house sells at the end of the development of the subdivision, nobody is going to change it into a real garage. Nobody. It becomes a mother-in-law room. The builder will pull the plants and run a driveway to the curb like you said.

      This is no PSD as indicated by the big red circle of death. This is an unfortunate photograph that looks like a cardboard facade. This planting is done everywhere IRL. This theme has appeared here before.

      EDIT: this photo has never been within a mile of Photoshop. If it had, there would be green grass, mature trees and shrubbery here. And at least one other wall…

      • Guest

        Agreed, I was just at a Ryan model home, and the landscaping was exactly like this.

      • Marcy

        Where I live, most models homes don’t have a driveway until they are done selling and people are ready to move in (and the first model always has an office in the garage).  The reason for no driveway is to make the front yards look bigger.  Same rational for leaving the doors off the bedrooms – it makes the rooms look bigger when wall space isn’t being covered by an open door.   Also, the beds are not usually real sizes (twins are shorten up a bit) or not the size someone would usually use in the room (you’d never see a king-size bed in a master bedroom).  If you really want a good idea of the size of a room, look at the ceiling.

    • http://profiles.google.com/funstraw Louis Melledy

      I agree plus alot of these images aren’t even photos, just well done computer graphics.

  • http://jautero.livejournal.com/ jautero

    Here is how this showed up on my Google Reader. I wouldn’t call the ad PSD because they are not even trying.

  • http://jautero.livejournal.com/ jautero

    Didn’t notice that the image was missing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=619586555 Leif Beaver

    Interesting thing to do. In Australis / Perth we do not do this. Usually there is a Donga next to the house with the office in it instead.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Leandro-Fiori/100000595992168 Leandro Fiori

    Why this is surely a Photografy Disaster (PGD?), there is something truly wrong with the picture that goes beyond the bad idea. At least they must have use the clone to increase the house size, and a bulldozer on the facede. And i realy miss the right side wall. (come on, perspective doesnt look like that, u lazy buiders!!!)

  • Guest

    Shrubbery Disaster

    • Ni


  • Synthprax

    I’m beginning to believe that photos like this are being posted simply to get ya’ll wound up.

    • Waldobaby

      Thank God.

      • http://twitter.com/farlakes God

        ur welcome Waldobaby

  • Sacke

    Isn’t this a candidate for There I Fixed It?

  • http://www.bytehead.org/blog/ Bryan “bytehead” Price

    The garage might not be a disaster, but the missing right wall certainly is, especially the way the front of the house is tilted away from the camera, although where it went, I don’t know.

  • Beth

    The problem here is that they circled the wrong thing.  I was baffled by the comments about the landscaping until I went and followed the circle-the-disaster link.  I hadn’t noticed the shrubs, totally overshadowed by the true disaster of the shifting perspective on the house.  Given the perspective on the left side of the image, we should definitely be able to see the right side of the house.  But as you move toward that end, the perspective twists.  It’s like trying to reconcile an M.C. Escher drawing, makes my head hurt.

    • Bargonzo

      The house stands in a model village called “Potemkin”.

  • Heinzsz

    this is a wide angle camera shot. no photoshop work in this 

  • Cropper

    Weird! wasn’t there a 6 fingered tot and a full figured model with strange looking legs?

    • http://www.www.psdisasters.com Vernon

      Those actually turned out to not be PSDs

  • MarkDuane

    I’ll bet that used to be an Indian burial ground.

  • Ann

    I’d say “not a PSD, unsubscribering,” but that’s dorky. Still, it’s not. It’s a model home. No PSD, no fail, no sale.

    • Pardonmefrench

      “Model” as in “two-dimensional 1:100 scale model”? NOW I understand…

  • Guest

    The photo is correct.  Yes, a) it’s a model home, and b) if you look at the roof line, the perspective falls just about where the tree is, so you wouldn’t see the right wall.  The slight twist, and what most people sense is off about the pic, is due to the lens distortion.  To accurately take a picture like this, you would need a large format camera with keystone ability; typical slrs will distort around the edges.

  • Rob

    All of them have the driveshrubbery: http://www.ryanhomes.com/community/ohio/lexington-farms

  • Nefertiti

    Waldobaby is right, no PSD here. This photo doesn’t even know what Photoshop is. This is common practice for selling new residential areas in the US; I guess they do it for curb appeal. First time I saw this a few years ago I thought it was weird, but when you’ve seen it often enough, you realize this is just common practice. Perhaps you should be removing this post, afterall there’s nothing close to a PSD here.

    • Bargonzo

      So, you live in a house with only a crooked facade and no lateral walls, too?

  • Guest

    Great repost of a Cosmo post… very original work!

    • RichardWagner

      Who fecking cares!

  • Mimi

    Architecture fail.