Fashion Model Directory: Slippage

Lara Stone’s thighs are melting..but OMG! Great Leaping Pools of Napalm! What has happened to the BEER????

Thanks goes to Mario. The following photo has been floating around the internet for the last while and is from the set called ocean blue from Vogue UK 2009. If you can’t see the PSD, you can check out our red circle image.

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  •!/haversam [A]

    It’s a space/time continuum…..thing

    • Anon

      No, it’s definitely perspective. Her hand is closer to us than the beer, thus causing part of it to appear shifted to the left…

      •!/haversam [A]


  • Robin Naundorf

    here is the original i think×480/k_n/lara_stone_V_4nov09_320.jpg

    • Vernon

      This seems to be the one that didn’t get edited.

      • Leif Beaver

        Well it still looks like a disaster, there is no definition in her boob.
        Or she actaully flat as a tac / tube boob?

        • Ed_W

          Strange indeed since Lara Stone is one of the current crop of fashion models with large breasts. There are plenty of pictures available but most are NSFW.

  • Ruud van Doorn

    This ain’t a PSD, it is a default of the scanner, the image probably moved while scanning it. 

    • JStass

      Actually… that makes a lot of sense…

    • Julchab

      There is a skip line from the left side over both of her legs , her wrist and the can.

  • Cropper

    They did that on purpose. She is supposed to be a drunken fantasy chick.

  • Waldobaby

    It’s good to see they’re starting to use ugly adenoidal people to better represent the hoi polloi instead of the usual birdish 88-pounders (6 stone 4).

  • KJ Abbott

    Are they serious?? I have to wonder if “they” honestly did NOT notice that before “they” sent it to print….?

  • Michael Grube

    Ahhh, them skinny model beasts. They live on beer and beer cans…

  • Amalapa2000-00

    There is something weird about the wrist too! Not only the can…

  • Anonny

    “Great Leaping Pools of Napalm”?!?! ROTFL.  That’s just as good as “Billions of Blistering Blue Barnacles” from the old Tintin books. :)