Fotolia: PsD For Sale!

Due to the popularity of our series on reflections Fotolia have now created a special category of images which include a PsD. Extra credits required.

Big thanks to Stéphanie for sending this in. You can see the original here. If you can’t see the PSD, use our label as a hint :)

Reader Captions:

This is the high end quality you get for a 6 buck job from somebody in  a foreign county….. by Kleenex

It’s so bad, it actually makes sense again. by Thomas

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  •!/haversam [A]

    haha! amazing(ly bad)

  • daemonmonkey

    You can tell some of them are vamires….

  • Bird

    There is very little here that does make sense….I see different clothing, different stances, levitation, some vampires, some who reflect but aren’t in the picture, a leg that doesn’t seem to belong to anyone.  What fun!

  • Suigintou

    But it isn’t just the reflection: the image sucks. Well, maybe the white background is OK…

    Sorry about my bad english.

  • Leif Beaver

    I will now reflect upon you failure, Congratulations Fotolia.

    • God

      can you draw it out for me?

  • Nisp

    The reflection’s obviously unconvincing, but having done that they then crudely inserted six new people into the main image, but not the reflection.  They’re not even lit the same way.  And they’re selling this?  Pah!

  • Nisp


    • ZealotZebra

      Ok, so they had all these happy looking business people but decided that what they really needed was grumpy, plain clothed vampires.

  • Thomas Matthew Alex Harding

    It’s so bad, it actually makes sense again. 

  • Saurio Escritor Polirrubro


    • Marcy

      I was so busy with the reflections I didn’t even notice the guys int the blue shirt in the front row – twice. 

      • Waldobaby

        21 heads, thirty feet.

    • Vernon

      I didn’t see this also. Very good catch!

    • Leif Beaver

      Nice on. Another category!

    • BDan

      What I like is that they didn’t just clone him — they actually used two different shots of the same guy.  That’s some high quality stupidity there.

  • Call Me The Guest

    Hell with reflections. Anyone remembers the “American Petroleum Institute” PSD?

  • Cropper

    copy paste … Ho Hum another fluffed up group shot ….. copy paste copy paste….

  • kleenex

    This is the high end quality you get for a 6 buck job from somebody in  a foreign county….. 

  • Byteme

    This one is loaded with Disasters! whee do you start?
    Are the people in the front row Vampires and cast no reflection?
    Stock photos suck.

  • Sing Sang Sung

    OMG! This is so unprintable. But I must admit that playing with reflections is never easy.Are the people in the front row Vampires and cast no reflection? [2]

  • bladspenat

    I find two twins. The blueshirted guys in the front row (they’ve only changed the color of the ties) and the man with the glasses are appearing ones with and ones without a blue building helmet. 

  • Vernon

    Sorry for the comments being down for most of the day today. We’ve had some issues with the site.

    • Waldobaby

      “We’ve had some issues with the site.”

      All of us?

  • ZealotZebra

    Somehow I want to think that when they added these front row people, someone realized that the picture had already entered the twilight zone and decided not to bother with the reflections. Maybe I’m just an optimist who wants to believe that somewhere in the world, a Photoshop “artist” is crying in shame.

  • Synthprax

    Yet another photo that belongs on the back page of a Highlights magazine: “How many things can you find that are wrong in this picture?”

  • Anon

    How do you guys know there isn’t another group of people hanging from underneath the glass?

  • Golub Golubarnik

    And the guy selling is the best payed photographer:

  • Flávio Raphael Barcellos

    I see six vampires.

    • BDan

      Yup, and the rest of them are ghosts — that’s why they’re floating.  It is October, we can only expect to see Halloween-themed images.