Quiz: Photoshop Disaster?

Over two hundred of you have sent in the following image and the internet has been a buzz with this particular image. I’d like for you to cast your vote below as to whether or not this is a PSD.

Note: solutions and comments are all welcome but just vote before reading the comments.   

The spanish minister of defense photo is?

Update: The image above is actually not a disaster and photo below shows how this shot can be reproduced. You can see the original photo here and the steps to reproduce the pose.

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  • Fishmonger

    I can’t place what but it looks off in some places…

  • Guest

    Spanish women normally look frightfully alike a Picasso portrait, therefore, I think this pic hasn’t been meddled with. Ok, maybe a bit with brightness, contrast and levels,

  • Nettrillian

    For those missing it, the legs. Compare to the toe direction.

  • mudkumpf

    She looks to have rather large hands and feet, but she may just have rather large hands and feet….

  • Christie S

    Definitely the feet. They are reversed. It took me a while to see that.

    • 4thStar

      She looked normal to me, until I saw your comment… and then I realized. Oh god.

  • Guest

    It’s not the scary man’s face in the glass behind her?

    • McEz

       It looks like a whole scary scene.  At least two faces in the glass.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=593344288 Ben Ash

    It’s PS’d. Look at the shadow at the top of the front most leg, where it overlaps the other leg. Blurred too much to hide the seams. Likely two shots of her merged.

  • Pizca

    Those legs just don’t look normal to me, specially the first foot

  • Scott

    The foot in front (I hesitate to use “right” and “left” distinctions) also appears to have two big toes. PS Disaster or birth defect? Wikipedia is of little help here.

  • Erik

    So, 55% of the people voting think it’s totally normal to have reversed feet, interesting.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=619586555 Leif Beaver

      Well we voted before reading th comments. It was very hard to see.

  • Exposures

    This is just an unflattering pose!  The feet being reversed just makes it worse!  It’s just awkward…!

  • rfkw

    definitely a disaster. look at her LEFT HIP to the legs. can definitely see it broken.

  • Grzegorz Drozd

    It seems to me it is possible to do. In Polish TV we have a reporter and she sits just like that on air. For example: http://i.wp.pl/a/f/jpeg/24674/jwas.jpeg or http://www.demoty.pl/elzbieta-jaworowicz-12387 

    • zimbosmurf

      MANY women sit with crossed legs, but still: huuuuuge PSD!

      The Spanish minister’s legs are crossed twice: First cross is above the knees, the “upper” knee, covered by her left hand, is her right knee. The second cross is below the knees.

      So if you follow from the right knee (the covered one) down her tibia, considering my knowledge of anatomy, you should end at a right foot. But a right foot should have it’s big toe on the left.

  • David King

    Her feet are on the wrong way round

  • Nicolas Lalevée

    either her left leg is completely broken, either her toes are reserved. Definitively a PSD.

  • Annie

    The feet are not reversed, people.  They only look that way because her legs are crossed.  Try crossing your own legs like that: your toes will be on the outside too.

    • Blauhier

      You try it.

    • OurJames

      The feet are definitely reversed. If she uncrossed her lags (assuming they are crossed) it would result in her big toes being on the outside of her feet. This is one you can recreate in the mirror. It’s just backwards. Look at just her left leg – ignore the right leg crossing it. If she stood up her big to is would be the outside of her foot.

      I think they “fixed” this because… uh, I don’t know why they changed it.

      • kelseigh

        Her legs aren’t crossed.

    • Ironsjon

      Look again please.

    • Waldobaby

      “Try crossing your own legs like that: your toes [bones] will be on the outside too.”

  • Knut-Sverre Horn

    Horrible mistake, yet a bit difficult to spot at first glance – that makes this one of the finest PSDs I’ve seen.

  • RickRussellTX

    Her right leg is fine — knee and thigh are pointed at the camera, but it’s sitting in the right place with respect to the right side of her pelvis. As many women do when posing, she’s pointed her right leg off to the side.

    The left leg was badly shopped. I believe in the original, her left knee was below her left hand (that would bring the lengths of both forelegs into the same range) and connected to her thigh, but somebody didn’t like the pose so they “shopped” her knee out of the picture, and dropped in some shadows to make it look like her knee is resting behind her hand. But that also makes her left foreleg look 5 inches longer than her right foreleg, and disconnects it from her thigh. You can see bad blend work all around the area under her left hand.

    Is her name Eileen?

  • SST

    I always thought the viewers of PsD to be an intelligent bunch. I have now re-evaluated that perception.

    • kelseigh

      There will always be people here defending optical illusions as actual PSD’s, regardless of evidence.  Remember the sinkhole pic?

  • Galileo

    I actually thought it looked normal, finally a real live picture without any PS fuss in it. That is until I noticed her crazy feets :)  Beats me why they changed that in PS after taking the picture?

  • Taitai4life

    There is no way her left leg can be attached to her left hip…

  • Des Hanrahan

    It’s an optical illusion caused by her left hand and the sleeve of her dress.That is her left thigh that is visible . She has simply crossed her ankles.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1224859879 Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

      That’s what I think that happened. The tigh we see belongs to the front leg, not the back leg.

  • Chris Freeman

    Look at that terrible comping job on the back of the sofa!!!1  OMG, they left out like half of it!  And an entire arm!  FAIL!!  OMGWTFLOLZ!

  • Fry

    Her legs d’on look normal to me… And how can she even touch the floor with both her feet ? I believe this is a PSD.

    • Fry


  • OurJames

    Also, Malaysia is mislabeled on the globe in the back.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cwiseman89 Christa Wiseman

    wow…  yeah her legs are messed up.  her right leg, which is ‘crossed over’ her left leg… has a left foot..? and the left leg has the right foot…  wtf?  lol  total PSD

  • Lucie Van Hove

    I thought it was completely normal, untill I saw that her right leg goes to her left feet and her left leg goes to her right feet.  Photoshop!

  • RichT

    It’s certainly an upholstery disaster.

  • Fanuidhol

    Astonishing that so many people (almost half when I voted) cannot see the problem with legs and feet.

  • http://twitter.com/JamSession Jose Millares
    • Disastrous

      Damn, and I thought the hands in the original picture here were scary.

  • Gagnab

    It seems to be PS’d, but its not: Why? You may ask. She (Carme Chacón) nearly became professional basketballer when younger (she’s just 40, young for a well known politician). She has quite larger thighs/quadriceps than you’d expect. Also, shadows and a short black dress make it.

  • kriscruser

    The frightful composition makes it difficult to tell…

  • gfxchick

    A great explanation over at Mighty Optical Illusions (moillusions.com). Even used Photoshop to explain it. http://www.moillusions.com/2011/09/photoshop-fail-or-optical-illusion.html

  • asd

    Well, not sure if that’s really shopped. It is possible to sit like that, though horribly uncomfortable.

  • http://ottodestruct.com Otto

    Shadows. Not a Photoshop. Yes, really. Her left hand is obscuring the place showing how her knee is connected to the left leg. Her legs aren’t crossed at the top, only at the ankle area.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=729884112 Theresa Wallace Matthews

      A “lady” would never lift her left butt cheek/hip that high to sit & the skirt would be different.  Even in those heels

      • kelseigh

        She’s not a lady, she’s a politician.

    • Murgatroyd

      Shadows. It is a PSD. Look at the upper part of her left calf — at the right side it’s darkened by the shadow of her right hand. Now look at the exposed section of her left thigh. There’s no shadow from her hand! If her left thigh actually connected to her left knee, you’d see the shadow of her hand on it. Instead, her left thigh seems to angle off to her right

      • Murgatroyd

        … Instead, her left thigh
        seems to veer off to her right, still resting on the cushion.  I think that what happened was that the upper part of her body, down to
        the exposed patch of thigh, is from a photo in which she had her legs
        crossed. But someone said “That doesn’t look dignified — fix it!” and
        so her two legs (and all of the lower half of the picture, including
        floor and furniture) are from a second photograph in which she had her
        legs together but not crossed.

  • Dom

    A team reproduced the pic and could actually get the same effect from their model with a natural pose… so I would say no Photoshop:

    • http://twitter.com/wadilson naomesiga,i’m lostoo
    • pethr

      Bloody hell, that looks even worse. Not a psd though.

    • Knut-Sverre Horn

      Sorry, but they do not get the same effect at all – the line from the bottom of her thigh is much higher in the reproduced picture.

    • Synthprax

      Quick! Somebody get that girl a hamburger, stat!

    • http://gplus.to/divinoag DivinoAG

      Thanks for posting that link, that actually seems like better evidence of why it IS a disaster. I’m posting the image with some annotations.

      The top line on the original image is the highest I thought I could make that line without making her leg freakishly large (it seems weird nonetheless). When you put that together with the vertical line of the lower leg, you see how there’s just not enough space for the knee to fold. When you take the position of her calves on the image, you should be able to see the fold behind her knee. (compare to the remake).

      Also, by looking at the angle of her lower thigh, you notice how there’s also not enough angle for the thigh to connect to the knee she has her hand on, the angle there makes it only possible to connect to the opposite knee. The length of visible thigh would also make it not possible to connect.

      On the remade pose, all looks natural (except for how skinny the girl is). Her lower thigh has the necessary angle to make the leg connect with the knee position, and you can see the end of the lower leg where it connects to the knee, even as her hand hides most of the knee. It just works.

  • jdm8

    I don’t know if the people denying reversed feet are trolling or just stupid.  It took me a hint to know that’s what was wrong, but wow.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=729884112 Theresa Wallace Matthews

      Yikes I need to change my vote — it is amazing what the brain will overlook & compensate for.  Definitely a PSD

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sebastien-Paquet/631956976 Sebastien Paquet

        look here : it s not a PSD !!!! http://smoda.elpais.com/articulos/aprende-a-cruzar-las-piernas-como-carme-chacon/106

        they asked the photographer. IT’s an illusion!! 

    • Matteo

      Neither stupid or trolling… we just can see beyond opticals effetcs… this is not a psd.

      • jdm8

        Not with that fuzz beyond the knee, no.

        • kelseigh

          I’m not sure, but I’m beginning to think that’s a shine that the camera didn’t handle properly.  Although it might have been an attempt to smooth something.  Either way, I’d expect that major a PS job to leave more than that, but leave the shadow on her thigh untouched.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sebastien-Paquet/631956976 Sebastien Paquet

      they re not trolling, look at the proof. there s a link to an article in Spanish where they show the illusion. goddamn it.people !wake up! ITS NOT A PSD!!

      • jdm8

        OK, I see what you people mean.

        The image at the spanish site didn’t look convincing though.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L5DQFVHHBFI4PF2NWAP3RBJAHA kleenex

    The whole room is a disaster….  Fire the architectural designers for it..

  • http://www.caribbeancowboy.net Caribbean Chuck Powers

    is this the answer?…..Caribbean…..photoshop needed

    • http://www.caribbeancowboy.net Caribbean Chuck Powers


    • http://www.caribbeancowboy.net Caribbean Chuck Powers


  • http://www.amchan.fr/ Amchan

    I voted everything was perfectly normal. then I saw her legs.

  • LaWil

    Her hands are outright spooky. She’s not human.

  • Fabio

    The whole room is perfect, her legs are inhuman!

  • Cezinha Galhardo

    !Fantástico! One of the best PSD!!

  • Matteo

    This is not a psd, her legs are not crossed, there is only a problem of optical illusion due to the shodows on her left hip

    • kelseigh

      Took me a while to figure out why it’s so hard to see, but I finally caught it.  There’s what’s known in art as a “tangent”, which is where the edge of a closer object appears to continue the edge of a more distant object, flattening out the depth of the image.  If you look closely, you can see where the hem of her skirt creates a tangent with the cuff of her sleeve, making it look like the skirt is continuing in that direction, away from us.  It doesn’t help that the cuff is the same shade as the skirt.

      • Synthprax

        clap clap clap! You are right! I thought she put her legs on wrong when she got dressed that morning.
        Now… really… *she’s* the minister of defense!? ¡Me gusta!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1215575498 Dave Thompson

    The US needs a Secretary of Defense with legs like that….

  • http://twitter.com/wadilson naomesiga,i’m lostoo

    a horrible PSD..

  • Abbeycakes

    Her feet are on the wrong legs.

    • kelseigh

      Whose legs should they be on?

  • Bdc-bigdaddycool

    isn’t it the ghostly face staring creepily in the reflection of the window?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TGHJN3LH6EG5SD4DANZX5PI6GM Someone

      No, that’s  photo of Iron Mike Tyson on the other end.  It’s the removal of her third eye.  if you look closely you can see where they took it out.  I’m really good at finding this stuff.

  • Keir Heath

    If one has to vote on it , then it’s hardly a “disaster”

  • Spillage66

    This has been a good excercise in what the readers of this site are like. It seems the majority of them, are ignorant of visual, or artistic components. They shout “PSD!” like spiritual nutters shout “ORB!”, and they will not accept the facts when pointed out to them. (Just like religious and UFO nutters!)
    I agree with SST to a degree, but I always enjoy the comments of the realistic few. :)

    • Spillage66

      … By the way: It isn’t a PSD, it’s been shown to be an illusion.

      • Synthprax

        OK. Spill it! Give us a link to the reveal of the illusion.

        • kelseigh

          It’s been given twice already, if you’d bothered to look.  But here it is again: http://smoda.elpais.com/articulos/aprende-a-cruzar-las-piernas-como-carme-chacon/106

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6RS6NLL44AED3E4QWIYTDQGU6I Psy_Chick

            And yet, the knee in the original picture is entirely too high to be connected to the thigh as shown in the re-creation. Nice try, but unless she has a really weirdly shaped thigh, your proof simply isn’t correct.

          • kelseigh

            Not enough facepalm in the world…

  • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.hindefjord Christopher Hindefjord

    It looks Photoshopped to me.

    I did a quick & dirty test in Photoshop (see attached image): Red line: How the bottom of her thigh should go, Green lines: the angle of her “front knee” should be (approx.)

  • Synthprax

    Mija got gams!

  • Lluisrapit

    Did anyone realize her feet are at the wrong leg end??

    • http://www.facebook.com/edwardbass1963 Ed Bass

      No they’re not – feet are normal.  Not a PSD in my mind.

      • None

        Are you serious ? Can’t you see the left foot is on the right leg ? Come on …

  • Angelika (Nyaasu) Kroll

    isn’t her right arm wrong, too? It looks twisted.

  • Ian

    Photoshop? almost certainly. Disaster? not really. There’s got to be a level at which you say “OK, we know what you did but it was a reasonably professional job and 99 percent of people will never know”..My PSD sensors picked up the inconsistency between her leg positions and their shadows, and the shadow density of combined leg shadow and sofa shadow, as a clue. Otherwise the leg positions would be awkward but believable, and the hands? well people do have strange hands sometimes. In other words, flesh can be weird but shadows obey the laws of optics.

  • kelseigh

    For those who are still a bit confused, I did a quick ‘n’ dirty redline of how her left leg and arm are positioned.  It’s hard to see on the original, since it’s easy to mistake the bottom of the thigh for the side, given the lighting.

    Sorry it’s a bit rough, I haven’t used a tablet in forever.

    • Bee

      her thigh is way too short and the thigh and hip are the wrong angle for her to be sitting that way. they’re basically straight and they’d need to be at an angle.

  • Nonagenarian

    the only photoshopping is on the left thigh to extend the depth.I’m pretty sure there’s been an attempt to cover up a possible panty peek. The rest of it is merely optical illusion, in spite of the people in denial’s claims.

  • Shaadie

    I think the problem are the shadows that her arm projects on her leg. They are pretty unreal – though they actually are real. I send it like a PSD but now I´m retracted 😉

  • Ed_W

    The most remarkable thing about the picture isn’t the pose but the identity of the subject–Carme Chacón, the Defense Minister of Spain. Beats the hell out of looking at pictures of Leon Paneta.

  • Mary

    It’s her legs… Her left foot is attached to the right leg that crosses over the actual left leg… Which is attached to her right foot!! So basically, the feet are on the wrong legs.

  • Redsnapper75

    Her legs are swapped… follow them up…she must not have shaved that day.

    • Scozta

      Her right leg is crossed over her leg, (or just closed can’t really tell) and seeing as she’s thin there probably wasn’t much effort placed into this, especially since crossing your legs is formal. As for her legs not being shaven, look at her toes, they look kinda netted, so I’d easily assume she’s wearing stockings (or nylons) There’s nothing wrong with this photo that I see, as crossing your legs is the proper way of sitting.

      (edit) also you can see the shadows of her legs on the floor underneath the seat

      • angela

        her legs are swapped, she is not crossing them fully

  • Murgatroyd

    I too voted that it wasn’t a disaster … and then I noticed that the leg that seems to go to her left hip has her right foot on the end of it. There is no possible way for the leg that has her left foot on it to be attached to her left thigh! It’s almost certainly a collage of two or three of the “best” shots by the photographer, but someone lost track of which leg was which.

    • kelseigh

      What you see as the top of her thigh is actually her sleeve *covering* the top of her thigh.  It’s hard to see at a glance even when you know it’s there.  Her legs,  in fact, only cross at the ankle.

  • bmxgrl

    if you unravel her leg and look at her feet, her big toe would be facing out

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sebastien-Paquet/631956976 Sebastien Paquet

    there it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vern

    The floor in the mirror is going the wrong way. It goes straight out in the mirror and across on the floor.

    • CatnipTARDIS

      Except that that’s not a mirror; it’s a break in the flooring at the threshold between the two rooms.

  • Terry Forsdyke

    I voated psd because her feet and legs do not look natural, it was pure instinct, however to me her feet do look on the correct legs, her legs are crossed.

  • bla bla

    a disaster! haha glad I voted ..her leg is a MESS!!! lol

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6336Q77Q7X6ZX6HYZVC4DEIG34 Choobs

    Her legs are very MC Escher. 

  • Ded

    legs, shadows, shoulders

  • http://www.caribbeancowboy.net Caribbean Chuck Powers

    just add her skirt color black on the bare thigh and you have it………….legs are not crossed only the ankels.

  • Joshuamb

    Her legs are crossed twice, and not only that, the top leg that crosses the other at the knee and again at the ankle, still reaches the floor….

  • Waldobaby

    Okay, I call this a waste; this thing is most likely only a straight-forward photograph but there will NEVER be a way to tell.

    There are two ways to look at this:
    1) The legs are normal, and her black velour sleeve obscures the transition from hip to thigh enough so there can be no certainty, or
    2) The legs are backasswards, and these legs in that case are not hers but her black velour sleeve obscures the transition from hip to thigh enough so there can be no certainty.

    This picture hasn’t been anywhere near Photoshop and it is, in the confusion it generates, a lack-of-Photoshop disaster. All the other “mistakes” people have “found” are fantasy bullshit. Mine too.

    EDIT: I meant to call “bullshit” twice. There.

  • ABcde

    Drats! I voted “normal”, but when I read the comments, it opened my eyes: Yes, follow the legs from her feet up to her hips: Her left foot with her left big toe is on her right leg and vice versa.

  • Kelisalem

    Her legs are backwards …my kids just sat here and watched like I’m an idiot as I tried to mimic her pose….

  • http://rocketcheetah.com Chimpanzee

    Disaster. Aside from the feet being the wrong way round, the shadow of her legs on the floor and chair don’t seem to match the position of her legs.

  • Guest

    I voted for PSD because of her legs but It’s just optical illusion as many people here said. But…. I still think it’s a PSD. I think her little finger on left had (on the knee) is too short.

  • http://twitter.com/InformalMrTom Tom Engels

    Giant feet and strange thigh perhaps?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=619586555 Leif Beaver

    Wow. I could see. It that was hard.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TGHJN3LH6EG5SD4DANZX5PI6GM Someone

    I don’t think it’s as much the funny leg as the third eye.  The legs were easier to find than seeing that someone took her middle eye out.  I don’t understand why editors take the third eye out.  If you look closely, you can see that she had the third eye removed from her forehead.

  • Vix24

    Either that is one strange camera angle, or her feet was very odd. 

  • Gecko

    Well I guess when your right foot is on your left leg  and your left foot on the right one, I guess it’s either a PsD or you have a serious medical condition that should prevent you from walking straight.

  • http://profiles.google.com/marchino.64 marcantonio severgnini

    Dr. Frankenstein has made a mistake assembling the legs to the feet

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robbie-Hoen/100001943857448 Robbie Hoen

    No photoshop. its just an optical illusion. The pinky on her right hand casts a sharp shadow on her left leg making it look like its the side of her leg.If you look closely,the shadow starts where her calve ends. and that in combination with the left sleeve obscuring the upper part of her left leg makes it look like the legs are crossed. I only photoshopped away the shadow and everything looks fine.

    You can also ask yourself: if this was photoshopped, why would you switch the feet?

  • http://www.bermione.be Auric

    It’s a hard one, but based on the very thin arm, legs in an awful angle and feet.. feet!
    I think its a PSD.

    If it’s not a PSD, I think she has really small thigh and she can bend in a strange angle. I would suggest not to next time.

  • Byteme

    WHoa! after looking at her legs I got a headache trying to figure out what could have happened to her.
    and what happened to her ankles?
    Were they removed after they switched her legs around?
     Total PSDisaster.

  • Nizar GHRIBI

    Her left and right legs are switched !!!

  • Kongjirra

    I think the legs have been shunted to her right, stretching that left thigh (making it look like a weird angle), pulling the left hand with it (check out her suddenly very black left-hand cuff on her dress). It displaces her dress behind her, making her look like she has an enormous buttocks: compare the left and right sides of where her butt touches the seat.
    Also notice how the blue stripe of couch material underneath that stretched-out thigh isn’t bending with her weight like the rest of the cushion.

  • SaucyJack

    I’m guessing the bit of bare thigh that’s causing the confusion was shopped in. Perhaps it was a longer dress before it was shopped. Two things lead me to this conclusion, the first is the strange line of shadow where her thigh meets her knee. This line of shadow is what causes her legs to appear to be crossed twice, giving her reversed feet. The more telling error is the fact that her right hand casts NO SHADOW on that same thigh. If you cover that bit of thigh with your thumb, her legs look perfectly normal.

  • Guest

    no one else has noticed the freaky large left eye?

    • Guest

      no cause most people have asymmetric faces and make asymmetric facial expressions, fool

  • Jared Simons

    Her legs are crossed twice (once at the thigh, once at the calf. Her arms are crossed once. Her thumbs and big toes should NOT be matching (and her big toes should be on the inside), and yet somehow, by some magic they are. That’s the magic of Photoshop. But dang, that certainly looked natural.

  • http://twitter.com/nevon Dan Browder

    Why are Dracula and the Wolfman staring in through the window behind her?

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/E6B5U6FTMFXFTNA747IA2BQGLI Mark B

    right foot on left leg, and vice versa

    • Jeanie

      Holy crap! It’s like an Escher drawing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Diyosa-Julian/1053750854 Diyosa Julian

    Is that Mike Tyson reflected in the door frame?

  • smileoftdecade

    as well as the leg swap – which is bizarre – the back edge of the chaise longue does not look right against the white wall – can’t see any reason for that but the legs imply total cheating for hidden reasons…

  • Andre

    It’s not a photoshop error, it’s an optical illusion, her legs are not crossed, she has her knees side by side, the left foot in front, the right foot to the back, the softbox seems to be set rather low, wich casts the long shadows that are seen, that low set up makes it so that there is almost no shadows on her left leg, plus because her left arm is on top of the left leg, you can’t see it all and that adds up to the illusion, also her left hand casts a small shadow on the top part of her left calf, that makes it look like it was “cut”, and another thing, the space around her has lots of white surfaces, which causes light to bounce around and that can also cause some confusion because it lits up areas that could have harder shadows.

    • smileoftdecade

      I can just about see that as possible – its a very unfortunate leg look though…
      (ladies usually like to cross their legs in photos from  this sort of position :-)

  • Listercat

    Toes, feet, ankles, legs, knees, thighs, hands, wrists, eyes etc. etc.  The thing that worries me most is what did the poor woman look like before she was ‘adjusted’.

  • Miss Appropriate

    Besides her legs being wrong, the photographs shadows tell the story. A light source casts a shadow on the globe somewhere slightly from the right (and above its table), while there is no similarly expected shadow angle on the lounge chairs legs nor a shadow from above on the far side leg. The shadow stops/greatly-minimizes under the lounge chair when it meets her legs – towards the globe table.

  • The Nix

    This blog is now redundant: after that horror-show, frankly where is there to go? Our Everest has been surmounted, our Marianas plumbed. After a moment of awed silence, we should pack up quietly, and go home.

  • Timtsoup

    I adjust images in photoshop for a living. This photo is untouched. The weird knee thing is a result of her calf muscle being pushed out by the other leg and the shadow of her hand. The light source on the globe is coming from the back room. Besides, if it were photoshopped they would have covered some of the crappy wall surfaces, removed the blemishes from the bridge of her nose, etc.

  • Bargonzo

    OH sh*t, I honestly didn’t notice the switched feet until after some minutes…!

    • Bargonzo

      Um, oh no, her feet are correct… they are literally “double crossed”!

      I’m going mad…

  • theart

    It’s a lighting disaster.  The leg cross would make perfect sense if it didn’t look like her right foot was touching the floor.  There are some fill lights coming in at odd angles that are making the shadows look all wrong.  There’s also a random dark patch on the floor right between the right foot and its shadow.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3ZIIJ2BWOVFJUD3EBF75M6LKPY Topher

    No matter how I cross my less, my big toe is always on the left side of my right foot.  My other big toe is always on the right side of my left foot.  I guess I’m just different from her.

    • cb

      The argument is that her ankles are crossed but not her legs.

  • Montoto_sk

    It’s not a PSD, actually it’s an optical illusion. Her legs are not crossed but the shadows casting on her tight and her arm hiding the rest of it make look like they were crossed.  Here’s the explanation with another example: http://www.moillusions.com/2011/09/photoshop-fail-or-optical-illusion.html