Schöner Wohnen: Changing Table Tragedy!

There is such a thing as too absorbent.
Thanks Marijana. This photo was found in the german magazine “Schöner Wohnen”.
Reader Captions:

More to the point: who has the cord for a heater hanging that close to a change table? Do they want it pulled off the wall, turned on by mistake, or for the baby to hang itself when the parent is not watching?  By Chrimu

Having David Copperfield as a dad has its downside. By CragAntler

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  • Nutbag

    The baby is laying on his / her front.  Where the PSD?

    • Erik Randolph

      You are joking, I hope?  If the baby was lying on its front its body would have to be inside the wall.

      • Gareth

        Not necessarily – shot from far enough away with a long lens, you’d get this effect.

        • Vernon

          Do you really think that a baby can hold itself up like that? I searched through hundreds of photos and couldn’t see one where a baby could hold that pose.

          • Guest

            See baby on far left.  Then angle similar to the baby on the left in the right photo.  My daughter when she was little could definitely hold that pose long enough for a shot like the above.   But if somebody who can analyze the RAW file sees a lot of alteration around the chest area, then I stand corrected.

          • Guest

            Well, as I’m now seeing them, the photos flipped for some reason shortly after I posted.  So make that pose of black-haired baby in blue diaper shot at the angle of the baby on the left in the twins photo.

          • Guest

            Also, for what it’s worth, that baby is exhibiting a classic Landau reflex position.  And maybe some Moro/startle reflex too, in terms of the arms and facial expression.

          • SheShark

            Sure babies can lay with their arms and head up in that position, my six month old twins do often. 
            given the perspective of the changing table, you should be able to see the curve of the baby’s back, or maybe their feet. but the baby is clearly sitting upright in the original picture and has been chopped in half to appear to be laying on the changing table (because it would be such a no-no to have a baby sitting by itself on a 3 foot high table with no adult in sight). A baby of that size on that changing table would be pushing itself off on to the floor before a picture could be taken.
            Good catch.

          • Guest

            The baby may have been originally lying on its tummy on some other surface and then possible visible legs/feet/bottom PS’d out when comped to the changing table, but it was not sitting upright with that arch of the back and angle of neck and shoulders.  Search ‘Moro reflex c position’ (for the position of the fingers on the left hand). 

          • SheShark

            I disagree with both of you. Maybe somebody held the baby up, but that kiddo’s not laying down. you’d see more of the tops of their shoulders

          • SheShark

            k maybe not shoulder tops. you can see the crease of the elbow in perspective like you’re talking about, but i still think the baby is not laying flat on its stomach by itself. I could see it being held up and achieving the same effect

          • Byteme

             that baby was not sitting up. You can see how his head is forward like he is lifting it up. And you can see where his chest is spreading out where it is laying on the table.

          • Byteme

            @ Vernon:  Babies can totally do that pose. They do it often during tummy time and my 6 month old son can do it. I have also seen other babies do it several times.
            NOT A PSD. Just a poorly composed ad.

          • Byteme

            I looked for “baby laying on belly” in a Google search and found these in less than 20 seconds.
            What pictures were you looking through that you couldn’t find one?

          • Guest

            Ah, good going, “verbing” your search terms.  Which led me to da winnah in the baby core strength department, imo. 

          • Raju

            My 5 months old son spends most of his awake time in this position, lying on stomach with head held high. Of course his hands are mostly on the surface, but occasionally he lifts one hand, and sometimes both hands when he is too excited or happy, and its very possible to click a photo at that moment.

            The PSD here seems to me is they shot the baby somewhere else, and then put that photo on the table’s photo.

          • Guest

            So, in addition to or instead of “inadvertent amputation,” maybe a new tag of “quicksand babies”? (even if really not a PSD, eh)

          • Waldobaby

            “hold that pose” may be the misleading part here.

          • Random Commenter

            Thus the magician pose.

    • Asb

      I agree, no PSD. It’s called perspective. From another angle you would see, that the baby acts like a skydiver. The shot is taken by a bad photograher only.

      I think most people who shout PSD! on this kind of pictures haven’t took a lot of photos in their life. Sometimes you would wonder what you get…

      • evolution

        May I introduce: Titanic the Baby! Just sunk through the pillow. Unfortunately it never came out on the other side…
        Nice Yoga pose though.

    • Viola


    • Waldobaby

      It does appear that the little darlin’ is on a shelf, not a table. The shelf seems just deep enough for a newborn-sized Huggie diaper to fit, the long way. Call it eight inches/20 cm. I see nothing wrong with Johnny Eck being allowed to live a full normal life.

      • Guest

        Not a lot of 8″ wide changing tables being manufactured.  The disposable diapers are pulled to the front of the shelf area below for easy access, with empty space behind them.  The changing pad on top is obviously a deeper width than the folded diapers.

        • Waldobaby

          “Obviously”? Really? In this dump? Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

      • Disastrous

        For the folks who don’t get the Johnny Eck reference…  One of the stars of  Tod Browning’s 1932 cult classic film, Freaks

  • Leif Beaver

    Ok. I think I can see it. My question is; Where is the other part?

  • Jorge Montes

    Wait, this isn’t an advertisement for super absorbent diaper pads? I could’ve sworn it was.

    • Waldobaby

      Maybe it’s an ad for super strength heat lamps?

  • Spectator

    I love reading a healthy is it or is it not a PSD debate.

  • Synthprax

    And there’s the wind up!

    Of course one of two things is going on:
    1) The baby is on his stomach, or
    2) The changing table was bought at a second hand magician’s workshop.

  • Chris Pisarra

    My baby can do that.  Or she could 20 years ago………….

  • kleenex

    This PSD reminds me of this movie…

    We are dealing with a robot model, not a real baby in the photo….

  • Bevtastic7

    Oh my!  If they’re going to ‘shop out the dirty end of the baby, who needs a changing table?  :-p

    • Stella

      And why all the diapers?

  • manolis

    even if there is a perspective issue (which I believe its not) it is still a PSD cause the obvious problem was not corrected… 

  • MaryMitch

    I’ve tried and tried, but sorry, there’s no way this is NOT photoshopped.

  • dbw

    Thinking in portals here.

  • CragAntler

    Having David Copperfield as a dad has its downside.

  • PhotographyTalk

    Pretty funny stuff – thanks for sharing

  • Mordecai

    Sure babies can lie on their stomachs like that – but look at the width of the changing table! Totally a PsD…

  • God


  • SheShark

    Baby fused to changing table: Parents have mixed feelings about wasting money on a changing table for a baby with no bottom.

  • youcansmellit

    The baby is Melting! Oh, What A World

  • Chrimu

    More to the point: who has the cord for a heater hanging that close to a change table? Do they want it pulled off the wall, turned on by mistake, or for the baby to hang itself when the parent is not watching?

  • Bird

    If that isn’t a PsD then that is a severly handicapped half-baby or the widest changing table ever made. Besides, if  the page is blown up no shadow of the rest of the baby is visible.

  • RichardWagner

    It’S not a PSD. It’s a baby grill. For grilling baby halves.

  • SEO Copywriting Services

    I LOL’d @ this!

  • Kbriere

    Is anyone else seeing too many fingers on one hand, or did I get accidentally get drunk again? Just wondering