Target: Epicurean Encephalitis!

Not only are you the most beautiful woman on the face of the Earth, but your cooking knows no rival! Your voice is angelic, you smell like jasmine, and you… uh… oh, dear!

Thanks Chris for taking a photo and sending this into us. The original was found in a local Target and the picture was for the Giada-De-Laurentiis cookware. Be sure to check out the label for the post as a clue to what is wrong.

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  • JStass

    Uh… how?…

  • rickterp

    You’re a really good cook, but don’t let it go to your head…

  • NeilH

    And here it is with the perspective corrected.  Still pretty weird.

    • NeilH

      Sorry, this one’s a bit closer.  Still weird, though.

      • LtPowers

        Still looks a bit stretched top-to-bottom.  Any way you slice it, though, I don’t think this is a PSD.

      • Vernon

        Thanks guys for posting these!

      • Waldobaby

        You got the vertical lines better, but you forgot there’s two different distortions here.

        Photos taken of a poster using a rinky dink cell phone camera lens are lies. They will NEVER show the poster art correctly. This, and its kith, make determining a PSD impossible since what we have is an un-fixable photographic lie.

        Not a PSD. This is a submitter disaster.

        • Taylor

          boo, everyone knows giada has perky tats and a giant head (southpark). let us enjoy this…

          • Waldobaby

            Is this an actual real bona-fide celebrity? Is she famous for something other than being famous? All I can guess is that she has a cooking show somewhere and thus is obliged to sell crap with her name on it.  I gotta get me a television some day.

            She has one wicked grimace.

          • Bryan “bytehead” Price

             Yes, she has a cooking show.  She was a caterer before she started the show.  So I think that counts as being famous for something other than being famous.  Famous for being somebody famous would be if she were using her name only.  She’s a De Laurentiis.  Yes, part of the family of the famous film maker.  So it is a little more than that.

    • Waldobaby

      Ouch! Disqus is acting up again. Just look at the stick figure pic below.

      So, here’s three snapshots of my sister. The 3 skirt heights are all the same. The first is a flat shot at skirt height; the second is shot high and the third is shot low. The oval-ness is the second distortion I mentioned and that’s why this cooking celeb has a fat face even when the keystoning is ‘fixed”. All snapshots make it impossible to rate the original art. By the time one fixes the camera screw-ups, one does not know whether the original has been recreated.

  • MiquelFire

    I think the label only start to describe what’s wrong with this image.

  • CragAntler

    She forgot to add a pinch of Benadryl.

  • jdm8

    She looks like a character in a Dreamworks 3D animated movie.

  • Roger

    If you’ve ever seen any of her cooking shows, you’d know that this isn’t a PSD — her head really is that big. We call her the Bobblehead.

    • Conni Spellman

      We call her a Lolliop….big head, stick body…LOL

  • Le_Bob

    Call Ralph L, he’s always looking for new ways for a girl’s head to be bigger than her pelvis.

  • Sami Roy Photography

    I always thought she was vertically challenged and was standing on a box during her shows… I love her but she has t-rex arms


    She is like that, I call her the cooking Bratz!!!

  • kleenex

    I thought inhaling some helium only made your voice sound funny, not make y0ur head super-sized as well..  

  • Junk

    Yep, that’s what she always looks like. Scary but true

  • Mongo

    Mongo Like!

  • Vernon

    Not so sure her head is as bad in real life.

    • Skizz

      If I ever met someone like the image on the right in the collage, I’d run away, fast, really fast.

  • Mikko Olavi Järvinen

    I suppose she’s one of the Thunderbirds, no problem.

    • Vernon

      Now that is funny!

  • Bryan “bytehead” Price

    Her head is a little big for her body IRL, but not that big, and where did her boobs go?  Those look like B’s and she’s a D.

  • JustSayin

    I don’t think it’s a PSD. It’s probably the lens the photographer used coupled with the fact she really does have a small framed body.

  • Bev

    Sure, she’s a bobble head in real life too, but seriously?  This is a PS motherlovin’ D.  Period.  :)

  • Toast!

    I want to know what went on inside the client’s mind that made this happen.
    “Make her head POP out more,” might be  one of those thoughts.

  • Taylor

    it’s like that commercial for the smart car, BIG BIG BIGGG BIIIIG BIGIGIGIGIGGG! 

  • JD Liddil

    Seen her in real life. Very short and petite. Certainly less than 5 feet. No real breasts to speak of. Would like to see the actual poster as a jpg or pdf. 

    • Fuckwad

      Whatever… But did she have a fucking HUGE head???

    • canaduck

      Great story.  Be sure to keep us updated on totally irrelevant topics like the size of her breasts.

  • Yo_momma

    No one can ever claim they got a little head from Giada after this.

    • Vernon

      Yo momma is back! I missed you!

  • Jean

    She has about 3 times as many teeth as a human being ought to.

  • Geno Boggiatto

    If you’ve ever watched her show you’ll know she has a big head. It seems to me the angle the picture was taken it provides the distortion that makes it look even more disproportionate. 

  • Youcansmellit

    The last of the missing Easter Island heads.

  • martin gruening


  • Vincent

    I’d be willing to bet money that this is a perspective issue.

    • Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin

      yes… even the cheese in the plate is a perspective issue. XDD

      • Vincent

        What cheese in the plate? Those are pictures on pieces on paper on the bottom of the dishes. You can see cooking instructions written next to them.

        • JStass

          I think that’s the point Ariel was making…

  • Cezinha Galhardo

    OMG!! The Thunderbirds are back!!

  •!/haversam [A]

    All this cooking went right to her head.

  • Wenceslau

    F***K, Looks like an alien…

  • sauron

    Her head IS kind of big tho…

    • Vincent

      And she does naturally have little T-Rex arms. Whoever took that photo knew this, and was deliberately taking advantage of perspective distortion to create this effect. 


    Bubbleheads is one of the things that I just do not understand. WHY do photoshoppers even touch the head, and go enlarge it?? WHY?

  • anonima

    it’s not a PSD. They really want to screw the ad, and ruined this woman. It’s entirely intentional.