AIGLE: Thigh-master… not!

In spite of her lifelong dream to one day take over the family farm, Amy could no longer ignore the lucrative offers coming her way from the WNBA.

Thanks Popoche. You can see the original on the Aigle site. If you can’t see the PSD, you can always check out our red circle gallery for the answer.

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  • Nope

    The model is not wearing underwear, hence the shirt covering her crotch (which you can see a defining shadow of where the shirt parts). She’s also likely very tall and has long legs (I’m 5’10” and I have very long legs myself). The fact that she doesn’t have any underwear on to break up the bare skin gives an illusion that her thighs are much longer than they are.

    • Murgatroyd

      So how do you explain her right hand hanging down almost to her knee?

      • LtPowers

        Or that her left patella is lower than her right, even though it’s her right leg that’s straightened?

        • Bargonzo

          Maybe her hip is skewed or broken???

      • Kelly M.

        She could be leaning over at the top. Totally just pulled this off in the mirror. Same with her bent knee being lower – slightly bending at the hips.

    • Kgona

      no one’s legs are that long. Underwear wouldn’t have made any difference since the shirt could have covered a thong. Bending to the side to achieve that arm length and position would require a very weird twist

  • Jonathan Irons

    Aaaagh, it’s horrible. I saw it recently in Paris and kept staring at it trying to see what was wrong. Even the “grass” is so unnaturally distributed it’s weird. 

    I hope the operation to put her knees back to the same level is a success! 

  • Guest

    Maybe that is the aftereffect of her romp in the grass.

  • ZealotZebra

    The grass was a stupid idea. My brain can’t stop interpret them as leg hair, which in turn tells my brain those are male legs. Very thin, male legs.

  • OurJames

    I tried my “Try it in front of as mirror” protocol for judging PSDs, but I couldn’t find enough leeches.

  • Bev

    Her romp in the hay must have been interrupted by a tumble into the stretching machine!

  • kleenex

    I see nothing wrong in hiring a 7 foot super model for a photo shoot.

    BUUTTT  I guess the idea of cutting some green hair for the photo was a no no

  • CSwatch

    I know exactly what happened here. They took a normal photo of a model, and used the new “Content Aware” scale in CS5 to try to make her look taller. All it did was stretch anything on the vertical super long, and leave the more horizontal items alone, hence making her look like some sort of Frankensteinien experiment gone wayy wrong. 

  • teleromeo

    Is it the moiré in the background ?

  • Windspear

    The real disaster is shopping female hands over male thighs.

  • CragAntler

    I betcha this girl was the one who always got to place the star atop the Christmas tree.

  • Synthprax

    Goodgotomotty!! I cannot explain the terror with which I would run screaming from that if I saw it walking down the street!