BASF: Band-Aid Boo-boo

Although the huge scar from Wesley’s polio vaccination was much larger than expected, nothing could keep Aquaman from his appointed duties.

Thanks Gemma for scanning and sending this into us. You can find the original in the New Scientist (UK) magazine. If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our red circle image

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  • Cropper

    Glub Glub Giggle Giggle!

  • Eheran

    What kind of hair spray is that kid using?

  • God

    what else do you expect from a chemical company?

  • Stella

    My challenge this thanksgiving is to work the phrase “Sticky loves wet” into the conversation at our big family dinner. 

  • Stella

    Why are the whites of the kid’s eyes pink?  How long did they keep him under water?

  • Le_Bob

    Another illustration of the PSD page-hit problem: 5 comments for this obvious POS vs 50 comments for a massive no-PSD debate about a wide-angle-leg-in-an-owled-girlfriend, complete with drawings of potential ribcages.
    No wonder we get so many “is a small mistake really a disaster” posts.

    • ZealotZebra

      My wide-angled-legged owl girlfriend always say that

      • Leif Beaver

        Maybe Vernon needs to embrace the concept of the PSD failed posts? He could put all the Non-PSD’s hes taken down, and all the comments and put them in a category by themselves on this site, so the we can bask in the PSD failures? Its fun to read the arguements that and reason why they are non-psd’s

        Edit: *that people make

  • kleenex

    That one did not have any sticky stuff on it so they had to use the one as is…

  • Leif Beaver

    Has the child got red hair too? or is that the chemicals too?

  • Synthprax

    This is less a disaster and more of a misadventure.

  • CragAntler

    There is no PSD here.  That Band-Aid is actually the network logo ‘bug’ for the all-new “First-Aid Channel”!

    Call your local cable or satellite provider for details.

    • Waldobaby

      Exactly. Why is this a PS Disaster? A PSD is a screwup but this logo thingie is too perfect to qualify as an attempt at realism or an attempt to pretend the little darlin’ has a band-aid (plaster) attached in any way. This just is not right. There’s no attempt at reality here. I hope…

  • Pete Farmer

    Wait, haven’t I seen this kid before?

  • Andrew A. Gill

    Isn’t that just the healing brush?

  • Meme

    Just to say hello
    your blog is amamzing

  • Meme

    amaizing (sorry) :)

  • badass jfro

    So, is anyone else squicked out by the tag “sticky loves wet” accompanying the image of a child?

  • Will Nash

    How in hells name does this get past the amount of people it needs to to make it to print?!

  • Inmyshoes

    Why is there a current on one side and not the other?

  • Warren

    BASF doesn’t make bandages; they make adhesives for the bandages. By using any actual, real bandage in this photo, they could be construed as endorsing one brand over another. Imagine explaining that one at the next board meeting.

    I think that’s why they went with this obvious vector bandage, one they made no attempt whatsoever to blend naturally into the scene. It’s meant to stand out as much as their logo.

    The failure isn’t in the composition side this time; it’s in the viewer’s perception of intention.