Mr Big: Belly Button-B-Gone

Looking at this I found it pretty amazing to see how odd the whole PSD looks by removing the belly button which is something that could be considered a small detail. I wonder what made them remove it. Could it have been really that bad looking?

Thanks Danish. You can see the original here. Sorry about not having a fun caption today but its pretty late and its been a long week.

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  • Vernon

    Thanks Waldobaby for your comment on the last PSD. I removed the image as I agreed that although a PSD the source wasn’t all that reputable.

    • Waldobaby

      Ironic, were it not…

  • Nysha

    They didn’t just remove the belly button, they also bucket filled her entire torso. Have you ever seen a human with absolutely no contours, colour variations, marks, freckles, or pores anywhere on their skin? How is it that on an image apparently lit from the upper stage right, there are no shadows anywhere, including under the curve of her boob – which is exactly the same colour and shade as the supposedly more brightly lit top of her boob? Why is the patch of abdomen skin visible between the corner of the jacket and the top of her trousers apparently glowing, when her finger, right next to it, is in shadow?

    For that matter, have you ever seen a real human with skin that *colour*? Someone needs to spend more time staring at topless women.

    • gagagalvatron

      Obviously it’s a replicant.

  • Chris Jae

    Is this Gisele Bündchen?
    if it is Gisele, than in fact it is not a psd. Gisele doesn’t have a belly button due to a faild surgery.
    Just for your info

    • Mistah_Big

      You may be thinking of Karolina Kurkova with the missing belly button. Check VS ads from previous years for the Gisele Bundchen-Brady Belly Button.

  • Kimberley

    Am I the only person who find it disturbing what’s going on between her legs?
    I can’t figure it out what it is, but to me it looks like a person who is disappearing at her bottom.
    I don’t think it’s supposed to be there though…

    • Holly Melton

      Pretty sure that’s her foot. Not sure why she’s apparently wearing flip-flops though…

  • NeilH

    I was just about to disagree but then realised that what I thought was her belly button was, in fact, a splodge on my monitor.

  • kleenex

    All I see is a whole lot of extra makeup to cover up the belly button…..

  • OurJames

    It’s Eve, silly.

  • Bev

    “Hey everyone, just stare at the sideboob!  Ignore the lower region of her torso….”   😀

  • PSD

    Must be Karolina Kurkova.

  • Jamo

    Why has no one thought of the possibility that she just has a high belly button and that its behind the gold ring??

    • Vernon

      I’d love to see pics of some women that have belly buttons that height. feel free to attach them to your next comment.

      • Kitty

        As a woman, I can tell you boys that, yes, a lot of women do have belly buttons that high. I’m pretty sure the gold ring is sitting right over her belly button.

        • Vita

          And that explains the SKIN and the lack of bone structure… how?

  • Le_Bob

    She probably has a piercing or tattoo there, which was deemed too distractive by the photographer who needs you to stare at the side-boob.

  • Guest

    That’s what happened to her belly button

    • Vernon

      Now that is sick. Thanks for posting.

  • Constantine

    So Hi everyone.
    The girl is bulgarian so as the magazine. Her name is Lora – a singer. 
    One of the explanation is that the necklace is hiding the belly button 😀

  • Katemadedesigns

    not born but hatched

  • William Alan Robinson

    Send in the clones!

  • Jane’e Taylor

    Is it just be or does it also look like her hips are turned at the wrong angle?

    • Bird

      It’s just you.  She is slightly turned to her right, but with no wrinkles or folds in her skin for reference she looks ‘wrong’ all over.

  • CragAntler

    Am I the only one seeing a sort of “ghost” image of her hoop earring seemingly embedded under her skin at the upper jaw line?