BikeTart: Disaster At Hand

The design of Pugsley’s new bike didn’t allow for placement of a kickstand, so Fester suggested he take Thing along as a workaround.

Thanks John. You can see the original on the BikeTart Facebook page. It’s amazing how often Thing has showed up on PSD this year or maybe this photo would have looked more ridiculous if the hand wasn’t Photoshopped out?

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  • Stella

     It looks like the bike might have actually been in that road when the picture was taken.  No twin or triplet trees.  The shadows are correct.  Proporations are accurate.  Considering how much bad and/or useless photoshoppign we’ve seen, I think we can forgive a small hand. 

    • Leisa Huston

      srsly? LOL

    • Bev

      Nope, can’t forgive it…. It’s too funny.  😀

    • CragAntler

      Um… yeah, it “looks” as if the bike was “actually” there… BECAUSE IT WAS!!  It’s being held up by someone on the right who was PS’d out of the pic — all except for his hand which the artist forgot to go back and remove before publishing.  Love how you are so impressed with Nature Itself for giving this disaster such a ‘natural’ look, LOL!

    • Stella

      Apparantly, I need to be a bit more obvious when I am being sarcastic…..

  • Randal L. Schwartz

    That small owl looks just like a hand!

  • Windspear

    ” A little more cloning but my hand cramp up”

  • Felix Atagong

    These are the new Zipp tires, they come in handy…

  • Image Maskimg

    Nicely done thanks  for sharing !!

    • Yo_momma

      Blog Whore.

  • Yo_momma

    Let’s give the little lady a big hand.

  • Guest

    That’s not a satisfying hand job.

  • Bev

    Hand me that tire pump, will you?

    • Sacke

      I need to do a bl** j** =)

  • Jshook

    “Hurry up and shoot this, my hand is getting tired!”

  • Marcy

    I bet having a hand attached to your tire makes for a pretty bumpy ride.

  • Robgs

    I don’t have a background in engineering or physics but surely a wheel needs more spokes than that to support someone’s weight….

    • Robgs

      apparently not! 😛

  • Hasseencatsbefore

    Lame. They acknowledge the hand in the caption as a joke and have a running joke about it in the comments. Not a PSD.

    • Bev

      Just because they acknowledged the screw-up doesn’t mean it’s not a PsD.  They’re merely calling attention to the error in a humorous way before anyone else can.  Like when you trip and say, “I meant to do that!”  😉

      • Stepan Arkadyevich Oblonsky

        There are a few ‘disembodied hand’ photos which they say are a joke. Seems unlikely they are just covering their tracks as you suggest.

  • CragAntler

    Taliban wheel-boot for cycling scofflaws.

  • AnnS

    The only way I’d buy this is if the hand came with it.

    Anyway, doesn’t this thing have a kickstand to hold it up for photos? 

  • ZealotZebra

    Now I feel like designing a bike lock that looks like a hand

    • Lesleylw

      Do it! We’ll sell them at the shop….

  • Stepan Arkadyevich Oblonsky

    According to the Facebook page, not only is this supposedly intentional, but the hand features in more than one photo.

    • Harvey

      They don’t know how to remove the hand from the photo, so the leave it in on purpose.  Turn it into their Hitchcock-esque cameo (or Shamalan-esque cameo for you young’ns) – can you spot the hand in each photo?  I have to say, I like their style.  But I still think it is a PsD.

      • Oblonsky

        yeah how dare a small business not shell out on totally pointless things like hand removal

  • Lobo

    Is it possible, that people abuse this site for advertising? If you want to sell something, then manipulate an image in your catalog and send this “find” to PSD. And you will have many clicks…

  • Sackese

    Having a bike that fast, you need Thing to stop it on a dime. Too bad the rider flies off …

  • jones19876

    Oh wow, this one made me LOL out loud, it’s so bad it’s awesome!

    • Soundslikeanotplan

      >LOL out loud
      >laugh out loud out loud

  • Gabriel Vargas

    More errors: the stem is upright (ugly), the tube valves are not aligned with tire logos, this is not a good gearing for taking a pic, cranckset is not completely horizontal…