Ferrari: Reflection Redux Required

Not a PSD.  This model Ferrari sports state-of-the-art paint technology that is actually able to bend light in order to achieve the most eye-pleasing reflection possible!

Thanks Jos. It’s nice to see Ferrari being innovative and I can’t wait until we see this standard in all cars. If you can’t see the PSD, you can check out our red image gallery.

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  • Sunjo

    Brilliant .. god I love this site 😀 

    • God

      I know u do

  • Ixache

    FWD Ferrarri? This is not a PSD, it’s a total fabrication!

    And I wonder how one would fit so much luggage in…

  • JohnArmstrong-Millar

    I’m more interested in the 2 headed dog

    • Fido

      That’s simply the reflection of a second dog, hiding behind the one we can see.

    • Stella

      It’s Fido – the two faced dog!  Belongs to a politician.

  • teleromeo

    Is it the window that turns blue lakes into green grass ?

    • Io

       That is what I was bothered with at the 1st place.

  • gemma

    Perhaps they’ve just painted a picture of their dog on the side of the car?

    You know how crazy some dog owners are!

  • Sam Judson

    That reflection is obviously the stunt double dog off to the side.

    • Bev

      Haha!  Either that or it’s the first dog’s conscience!

      • Mccallionp

        Its neither. The dog in the reflection is actually the same dog in a parallel universe.

  • Guest

    That IS a good one!

  • ganmerlad

    This is why I like cats better…dogs are two-faced.

    • Spadedrenegade

      Cats are no good they walk on your stuff and can’t fight off anyone…

      • Leif Beaver

        They will, if you step on their tail.

  • Bev

    This is classic PsD — totally brilliant find!  That dog has such a sweet face they just wanted us to see it twice!

  • kleenex

    That is a just a special sticker on the door, NO psd…

  • Stella

    The luggage in the, um, rear is rather, um, phallic-looking.  Subliminal advertizing?

    • vix

      Proof that having a fancy car means you have a big cock

      • Waldobaby

        Have? *want*

    • Bev

      Wow, now that you mention it… now it’s all I can look at!  Ha!!

    • Waldobaby

      Subliminal? Where else but here would that toy car maker be accused of being subliminal, or even subtle? Ferrrrrari is all about sex imagery. The tall upthrust golf clubs with the two identical sacks at the base ain’t nothing but a come-on to buy this ridiculously tiny balding-crisis car. The emergency back-up dog actually give the marque some heart.

      …and in no way did the shopper build a realistic golf green.

  • Informativos.Net

    That´s what happens when you shoot at very looooow speeds with your camera ;))

  • Stephen Macklin

    I’m sorry but the 14 foot tall person who owns those golf clubs isn’t going to fit in that car

  • Synthprax

    Dumbasses and reflections.

    • Waldobaby

      Technically it IS a valid reflection.

  • JD Liddil

    A $400,000 car and they can’t get a decent photoshop person???? What a hoot

  • Bargonzo

    First thought: Aw, COME ON!!!!

  • Windspear

    For $400,000 I better get a extra dimension dog that follows me on every reflacted surface. No feeding no cleaning no walking.

  • CragAntler

    Not a PSD.  This is actually a relativistic anomaly caused by the vehicle being parked directly on the border between two parallel universes.