HTC Windows Phone: Business Casualty

Hey, Princess, check this out – watch what happens to Daddy’s hand when I stick my arm outside the airlock!

Thanks goes to Elmer. The original can be found on a bus shelter outside the main hall of Schiphol Airport, Holland. I don’t really know what HTC and Microsoft were thinking when they put this advert together. 

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  • Taco

    They were probably thinking: let’s get the maximum amount of attention possible by getting this thing on PSDisasters. That would be the only sensible thought behind this mess.

    • Stella

      Hmm, I think you may have discovered Victoria Secret’s marketing strategy.

    • Bev

      Aha!  I think you’re on to something….

  • Rasmus

    I don’t think Windows Phone OS counts as a photoshop disaster… Oh, now I get it.

  • Nieheltz Brüchert

    Okay, the idea itself is somewhat poor. But why the hell is the elongated arm in a business suit while the guy only wears a shirt?!

  • Yo Momma

    Guy is wearing a blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up and no jacket but his arm shows a white shirt cuff and the sleeve of a jacket.

  • Steven de Jong

    Ah well, Microsoft may indeed need to follow in Apple’s footsteps and (poorly) use Photoshop to make their product more appealing. Or in Apple’s case, to manipulate images of competitors’ products so they look more like Apple products. Anyway, Windows Phone is late and quite probably lame.

  • Byano

    Fantastic Four called, they want Mr. Fantastic back.

    • Psd Graphics

      555+ Fantastic!!!

  • Guest

    Holland huh? Somebody must have had a lively giggle making that after stopping at the ” coffee ” shop!

    • Bev

      Maybe there’s a method to their madness… it takes a lot to get a stoner’s attention!  hehe

  • Chris

    It’s obviously intended to show that the phone is good for business use (arm in a business suit) and personal use (cool daddy with child).

  • kleenex

    NO PSD!!!  That man has a second fake arm.

  • Stella

    It looks like the dad model had both arms out to the sides, like the daughter model.  You would think Microsoft would have enough money to take a second picture with his arm reaching up intead, and maybe even enough money to take a picture of a bare arm holding the phone to photshop on.

  • Bev

    This guy must be holding one of those cool “suit jacket sleeves with giant hand holding giant phone” balloons that the kids are always talking about these days.  I can’t think of any other excuse!

  • Synthprax

    Tsk. Just stop. My eyes are so offended right now.

  • pethr

    wow, never mind the implanted hand wears a suit and the rest of the man does not.

  • CragAntler

    A new twist on the reversible sleeve!

  • Windspear

    What the HELL? 2 multi billion international companies can’t fund an proper Dutch(?) marketing division? Is it any wonder that phone is dead last in sales!?

  • NM

    Windows® Phone OS 7.5