Metro Town: Shoulder Slip

Leilani was the most determined girl on Molokai, and not about to let a mild case of leprosy destroy her dreams of being a supermodel.

Thanks Robert. You can see the original on the Metro Town website. If you can’t see the PSD, you can check out the red image gallery for the marked up version.

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  • Leif Beaver

    Wrong, wrong wrong… You have got this one wrong….

     The advert is of a one-armed model. That ‘extra’ arm is of another person hugging her and hiding behind (standing on their side) her.

    Screw this site. Unsubscriberinging.

  • Leif Beaver

    On second thought, maybe this is a true representation of what someone sees when they are on LCD?

    • martin gruening

      Nope… not LCD but LSD!

      • Leif Beaver

        LSD, LCD you don’t normally know what your doing. Haha. Thanks for picking up my typo.

    • Vernon

      We won’t give you too much of a hard time for the LCD :)

  • martin gruening

    Ouch… and once again I suppose somebody must have seen and approved that…

  • Damon Blackheart

    Not a PSD, Liu Bolin’s girlfriend can do that.

  • Claudio Corvino


  • Guest

    Bad trip man. Her arm is falling off

  • kleenex

    That is what happens to an arm after too much dancing.  Oh the Horror!!! 

  • Bev

    I wonder who her doctor is.  I’ve been thinking of having a chunk of my upper arm removed too, you know, for fashion.

  • Synthprax

    Leprosy? More like lawnmowersy.

  • OurJames

    Magic Wand Malfunction

    • Bev

      Right?  Nothing magic about that….  haha

  • Bargonzo

    Nah, this is clearly not a PSD. Her hair is hiding her shoulder, and her position makes it look like her arm wasn’t attached to her body. I just troed that position and it looks exactly like in the photo. Let me draw you a sketch explaining everything. Really, next time choose some picture where you can see the disaster without an explanation. Now back to my amputee porn… 😛

  • AnnS

    Just FYI, leprosy (which isn’t called that now) doesn’t do what everyone likes to joke that it does. But who’s to fight what’s gone on for centuries, I guess. It has to be the oldest bigotry and misunderstanding in history now…2000+ years?

    Ha ha ha, people with illnesses are funny.

    • RichardWagner

      So, a disease is called differently and does something different? Like, maybe a DIFFERENT disease altogether?

      We are talking here about leprosis commediantis non-analis, and it does exactly what everyone  likes to joke that it does.

      People with illnesses aren’t funny. Militant politically correct people, on the other hand, are very funny. And die earlier.

  • BreakfastTreats

    Hair…Hair hungry! Hair eat host human being! Ohm nom nom nom nom!
    I have no idea why she’s gray though.

  • CragAntler

    It may be time for this girl to rethink the sleeveless dresses.

  • ahouseormaybeaboat

    Metrotown is one word.

    Good PSD though. Saw the posters from this campaign up in the Skytrain station but I must’ve missed this one. Hah!

  • L3p3r

    Oooh, a learned reference to a Jack London story about a leper colony. Nice.