SADIA: Very One Dimensional

Intern: Darn. Does that head look funny to you?
Designer: Nah, looks just fine to me.
Intern: I’m not so sure…
Designer: I’ve done far worse and nobody visits the site anyway.

Thanks Elson for the catch. You can see the original on the Sadia site. I don’t really understand why or how they ever thought that this looked good enough to publish. If you can’t see the PSD, you can check out our red image gallery. 

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  • God

    scary hat, but the dude behind the “S” has a very scary arm…

    • Waldobaby

      Dear God there’s a LOT of scary arms here, and even one hand that’s bigger than most heads. That one woman must be a plain-clothes nun (one of yours?) and that’s her way of showing nostalgia for her wimple.

    • Marcy

      Oh God, haven’t You ever heard of a dislocated shoulder?

  • Random

    So many disasters, needs more red circles, many many more.

    • God

      hats-up for the next PsD

  • teleromeo

    Rudolf the reindeer with the red antlers …

  • kleenex

    is it just me or is one hand just cut off the women in red and shifted over one inch???

    And that guy in pink looks like his arm is shifted down like a half inch.

    Is it also just me or does that man in red have an arm going around the back of him that just should not be their???

    The photoshop people must lay off the EGGNOGG!!!

  • God

    What bothers me most is that Masturbear in his groin..

  • Bev

    Having a neck is SO overrated!

    • Guest

      At first I thought the woman with the necklace had a weird head for her pose. But she doesn’t really throw up both arms, so it just looks weird. But the guy on the right has an elongated neck, doesn’t he? You can even see the “tan line” where the replacement was done.

  • Guest

    What a sloppy mess!

  • Synthprax

    Why someone felt the need to take a picture of an Asian family and replace the heads/faces of half of them to make it multi-culti, I’ll never guess.
    “Add some salt, pepper, and scotch to this picture. We’ve got a demographic to target.”
    “What!? And what?!”

  • Synthprax

    And what is going on underneath that ‘S’?

  • Windspear

    Forget the heads. The whole page is a compositional disaster. The whites and the gold “S” is constantly competing for attention. The idiots are moved to the background like they are not suppose to be there.

  • ClrExp

    really look funny to me :)

  • Sergio Almeida

    Check original