Wellness Cafe: Gross Anatomy

Susan’s modeling career had taken a noticeable downturn ever since the National Twister Tournament and the three fateful words forever burned into her brain: “Right foot red.”

Thanks Ciemat. What I expect now is a riot in the comments that goes a little like “My girlfriend can do that” and to be followed up with some crazy looking red lines that forces me to take down this post. You can see the original on the Wellness Cafe site.

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  • oldtaku

    Good lord, I don’t even know what’s going on there. It might as well be those quiznos mutant teeth bezoars.

    • Synthprax

      You get a “Like” for using “bezoars” in a sentence.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=619586555 Leif Beaver

        bezoar is a type of boar?

  • Silverbleed

    Appearantly those aliens got floaing limbs as well, these times!

  • Stella

    Funniest caption ever, Vernon. 

    • http://www.www.psdisasters.com Vernon

      You have Scooter to thank for that one. It was very funny though.

  • Cestsilya

    Asides from the very obvious, what about that very sparkly arm of hers?

  • Robgs

    Makes a change from getting a horses head in your bed….

  • Synthprax

    I was looking at the pic and thinking, there’s nothing wrong with her; her My Little Pony universe is unfinished, ‘though.

    Then I scrolled.

    • http://rodatradar.blogspot.com/ ZealotZebra

      I did exactly that. I was like “I don’t see it, is it the armpit?” and then I scrolled down and suddenly there was an unexpected leg.

  • Jshook

    Usually you can tell what it’s supposed to be. I can’t even tell what this is supposed to be. One person? Really?

    And what’s that flat area of color with the odd shape that’s sort of under her armpit or above her knee or…?

    • Bev

      That’s what I was thinking — I don’t even know how that leg was SUPPOSED to look!  haha!  A total disaster.

  • Zaydon

    My girlfriend can do that. My lawyer will soon add some crazy looking red lines that will force you to take down this post. This very one.

  • Bev

    Well, I don’t even have a girlfriend, but if I did I’m sure she could do that too.  I’d say something about how this PsD kicks butt but that would be rude to this model, whose butt-kicking days are definitely over.  (hard to kick butt with only one leg, don’tcha know).

  • Cropper

    I figured it out. It is a lesbian tableau.

    • Guest

      Oh yea… bezoars!

  • http://twitter.com/farlakes God

    I spy several ninjas in this picture..also a small owl between the sheets…
    [ bezoars ]

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YLREO5SQDTMCWXE62YE5AVTGNI Bird

    There is very little in this picture that is RIGHT

  • Sacke

    My girlfriend can  do that

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5A22OJ3VYJGAM7TT4IP62CUEMU melissa

    OMG! I could only see the top 1/2 of this and I thought it was awful – then I scrolled down and THERE’s A FOOT! What the hell?!?

  • carlosdc3

    Let the girl pose. She is just working…