Abercrombie & Fitch: Toe-tally Messed Up

Stealing the spotlight at this year’s Home and Garden Expo was the newest innovation in flooring.  Tiny sensors and microprocessors within the black, glossy tile instantly compare footwear with the latest fashion trends and filter out anything unacceptable from the reflection, as it has correctly done here with these very retro and out-of-date flip-flops.

Had the camera line with this photo been close to or at floor level, I might have said no PSD. Toes that are slightly set back from the edge of a sandal would reflect enough light to be visible from a low enough angle, but no way from this height.  The GA needs to bone up a bit in that area.  It still, however, does not explain why the thong portions of the sandals were left out of the effect.

Thanks Caroline. You can see the original on the Abercombie & Fitch homepage.

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  • Rasmus

    If this is a PSD it’s as petty as they get. Come on, there should be a little margin before going to the frontpage.

  • Daggers62

    The only PSD disaster is PSD Disasters itself for posting this one.

  • Repton

    What does that girl’s pelvis look like?

  • Pradders

    Very, very desperate post. 

    • CragAntler

      The kid wants his snake back, and will clearly do whatever it takes to make that happen.

  • JMS

    There is no PSD problem here, it’s about light travelling in straight lines, the toes cannot be seen by the viewer in the reflection because of the sandals, she is 3D you see.

  • armadillo_in_furs

    you were wondering for TWO WEEKS whether the previous post is a PSD and then post this?? hahaha good one

  • Cropper

    THIS is a disaster

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lightstriker-Stormyhahaha/1046633734 Lightstriker Stormyhahaha




  • Ademarphotography

    This is no PSD…. You have refused my photos that I have sent to you that were much more of PSD than this one.  I mean it is a mistake but not a disaster.  Get better with these… seriously. 

    • http://www.www.psdisasters.com Vernon

      Give me an example of one of your photos that you sent us in?

      • Ademarphotography

        I had one with a floating dog in the photos and all the others had the shadow underneath….. and you said it was not a PSD.  

  • Bev

    I hate feet.  That’s all I’ve got.  😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Claudio-Corvino/1654466267 Claudio Corvino

    Maybe photoshpped, but not a disaster at all…

  • Stella

    Is there a way you could show an enlargement of the “disaster”  in cases like this one where the thing that is wrong is a very small part of the picture?  My monitor is a decent size but I can’t tell if the strap and/or the toes are visible.

    • http://www.www.psdisasters.com Vernon

      I will look into it. I tried something before but it increased the loading time on the site to a point where implementing it wasn’t a good idea.

      I can have another look around.

      • Stella

        It doesn’t have to be a part of the main site – it could be a “click here to the see an enlarged image of the disaster” – like what is done with the red circle images.  It also doesn’t need to be an enlarged view of the whole thing, just the part that is disasterous.  Like just the feet, in this case. 

        Thanks for looking into it, Vernon.

  • Yo_momma

    I don’t get it. But I am stupid that way.

    • Stella

      Now, now, don’t call yourself names.  If you read the comments, you’ll notice that most people don’t get this one (myself included) and the majority of us are geniuses.  So there is no reason to be so hard on yourself.  Just keep repeating the words of the great Stuart Smiley – “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and, doggone it, people like me.” 

      • CragAntler

        Well, I do get it, so I must be an even greater genius than the majority of you.  Please genuflect at your convenience.

  • eve

    I think that this is a PSD or this girl has a real problem with her hips

  • Sjunk

    The only disaster I see is in using average models to push below average clothing. That girls knees look disgusting! They should have put censor mosaics over those ugly things!

    • Waldobaby

       The nerve of those jerks using normal people! They’ll pay!

  • Waldobaby

    The coolness-challenged dude wearing a so carefully disheveled dress shirt under his hoodie and low-rise jeans half way down his buttocks does not make for a desirable role model in any but the most recent A&F tradition.  AD disaster.

    Also, neither “MENS” nor “WOMENS” is a word.

  • Nico

    meh… the only disaster here is the dude wearing a shirt+sweater+jacket and sandals. What kind of idiot dresses like that?

    • http://twitter.com/farlakes God

      ur right..he forgot his helmet!