Cote Maison: Digital Dyslexia

After the government closed down the secret program which trained chimpanzees to fly military missions, Dr. Michel Coupe was tasked with finding new and profitable ways to exploit the enhanced intelligence of his ‘uber-monkeys.’

Even Forrest Gump could have figured out how this was supposed to look by simply writing ‘2012’ on a sheet of paper and holding it against a mirror!  How is it that someone this incompetent at Photoshop can land a decent-paying job in France, yet I’m forced to write sarcastic captions ridiculing that very same incompetence for practically nothing?!  It’s a mad house!  A MAD HOUSE!!  Soylent Green is people!  Climb, baby, climb!

Sorry.  I guess I just miss Chuck Heston today.  Finding my happy place now…

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  • Leif Beaver

    I wonder what it will be like in 2102.
    I wonder if I am still alive? I would be exactly 120yrs old!

    • Bev

      I’m sure you won’t look a day over 119!

      • Leif Beaver

        Ahhhhh. Thanks you are so kind.

    • Stella

      I bet it will be in fashion to write the number 2 backwards and upside down.

  • Waldobaby

    Are you SURE that artiste landed a decent paying job?  A whole ‘nuther question could be why a reflection was ordered up in the first place.

    You also assume too much, like, say, the French (my people, people) know anything about art or that Heston could act. Remember, he was out-acted by Kim Hunter as a monkey.

    • Marcy

      And they do admire the acting skills of Jerry Lewis…

      • Waldobaby

         As do we all!

    • Scooter

      I assume nothing.  Analyzing my low-rent silliness is the equivalent of trying to see the image of Jesus in a sweat stain.  Agree with you re Hunter/Heston, though.  :^P

  • Trevegan

    Rotating at 180 degrees, then pasting beneath, does not a reflection make!

  • teleromeo

    Never try to do a French Kiss like that …

  • Synthprax

    Some things are too stupid to comment on. Whoops.

  • kleenex

    This is the super high quality you expect from a drunk person.

  • Bev

    I’m sure the ape who made this disaster is having poo flung at him by his fellow “designers” as we speak.

  • Cropper

    Ya but it does not have that special something… that Disasterness Flair!

  • Jshook

    I tried my “Try this in front of a mirror” test to validate if this was a PSD or not, and it was the damnedest thing  – when I stood on my head, my whole face and body were STILL RIGHT SIDE UP. Then I got back on my feet again and IT WAS THE SAME THING!


  • armstrongmillar

    YEAH BUT NO  Why do I get the feeling that this WAS done right but someone in “management” came along as had it changed because the 2012 looked like 2102.. betya!

  • CragAntler

    This is what happens when you hire GA’s straight out of solitary on a work-release program.

  • Guest

    You people all wrong. This is how French mirrors work! Like everything else French, it’s backwards!